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YourEyesLikeStars chapter 1 . 2/8/2011
Zomg. awesome as awesomeness
RoseScor90 chapter 1 . 2/8/2011
Before I say anything else, CONGRATS Mad! You did it!

I always knew you'd reach the 10k, so don't sound so surprised at yourself. You know, you remind me of Molly sometimes, I almost typed Molly instead of Mad over there!

About the story, do I even have to say it was perfect? perfect characterisation, wonderful plot and your descriptions and how the novel just grew with Molly, it was just fantastic!

I think you've given a new face to Molly/Lysander, Mad!

As for the Lucy/Ed bit, I was totally saying, "take that Lorcan!"

Over all, you're an awesome writer, Mad and this is just one of the many things that proves it!

Keep writing!

Romance and Musicals chapter 1 . 2/8/2011
This was brilliant! I absolutely loved it. I understand where Molly's coming from. When I was younger I was an actress, so I was always in the spotlight and always being praised. I gave that up to be a writer and now a lot of times it feels like I don't shine anymore. But I know that someday I'll get my chance. But seriously, you did such an excellent job. You went very in-depth with all of the characters. Nobody was two-dimensional.
Unspeakable53Not logged in chapter 1 . 2/8/2011



This was sososo beautiful, Mad! Definitely one of your best EVER. My favourite line? 'She meets Lysander when she's six, but writing will always be her first love.' That was so cute!

Your emotions of Molly was captured so amazingly (a word?)! I could feel her pain, and how she thinks Lucy is more famous than she actually is just aids in her pain. This story is exactly what I needed right now. So great!

The fact that authors don't get enough attention was very well-spun into the story, and the fact that Lucy really isn't as famous as Molly thinks was fantastic, too. I love how Molly plays herself down alot, and doesn't realize how much she's actually loved and admired. She's a very relatable character. Lysander is cute and I fell in love with him right away. I love how he sees Molly. It's adorable. And I loved how, in the end, she embraced both her and sister's flaws and strengths, and that was when she was truly happy, not when she was comparing and being jealous. That was really well done.

I could go on and on, but I won't! I'll just give you one more comment, and then I'll leave.




Oh, and I heart DCB and tobyMac. Sneaking in Christians artists? Heck yuss! LOL.

Okay, I'm done now :D

Beautiful, fantastic, amazing.

BlueEyes444 chapter 1 . 2/8/2011
This has inspired me fully (All your MollyLy) to write my own. It was just too perfect. :D Loved it. :D
renzhie chapter 1 . 2/8/2011
*standing ovation*

amazing, you are. I believe the last time we talked, you were still in 700 words or something and that was two or three days ago. D

1. She already shone at four, but of course she didn't realise it! XD If I remember correctly, I still played with my doll at that age. lol XD

2. Lysander and Molly's banter is amusing. ;)

3. They have Language class now? Interesting. D Sometimes, I wonder why English speaker can't uh. write properly, but the question will be a backfire to me because I have problems with my own language. XD

4. Coach Wood? Are we thinking the same thought? XD Well duh, of course we are. XD

5. Quote: 'And for the first time, he extends an arm and places it around her back, drawing her close to him.'

AWWWW. so sweet. X)

6. I see, you are channeling Lucy with something. XD Molly is jealous of her for no reason. She didn't have to be rude to Lorcan..haha. It was a good thing Lysander was there. XD

7. If I were Dominique, I would punch Scorpius! like /siriusly/ XD. Not that I have anything against Scorpius, but sometimes boys can get really really really *thick*

8. quote: 'At the same time, Lysander and Scorpius rush to it.'It was a simple sentence, but somehow I inhaled a sharp breath as I read it. It was as if I were watching it. XD

9. THE KISS! SO SWEEET. yes, I am such a girl, but whatever. XD

10 Quote: "This is so front page news. Quidditch star and writing ace getting together. Merlin, I reckon we'll sell hundreds of copies this week.'

LOL, poor poor Mollysander. XD


I was like 'SQUEEE' because I saw the picture that you put in tumblr. he is *handsome*. XD

12. Quote: 'Scorpius is in the middle of Rose and Dominique; they're both holding his hands.'

What is this? XD XD XD XD ROFLMAO. Lucky Scorpius.

13. I'm happy that Lucy and Molly are finally in good term. XD

14. YAY! Happy ending! XD

15. what was the AN about? XD Sure, I am just another Mollysander supporter. *sighing over-dramatically* hahahaa. XD

16. Yay for 10k!

17. Marvelous job.

18. XD

19. I love 19 too much for my own good. haha. Keep writing!
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