Reviews for Tales of the Kaleidoscope
EMIYA KURO chapter 2 . 8/8/2016
Best fic ever... Oh yeah and that idea is pretty awesome too...
DataGambl94 chapter 3 . 2/28/2016
I wish this entire chapter was it's own story.

Does anyone know of a Fate story with this premise?
JadeKaiser chapter 8 . 11/30/2015
Yeah, Naruto VERY briefly crossed my mind when you mentioned the ramen stand, but as soon as the demons in the alley were described I started thinking Yu Yu Hakusho. A couple lines later and I had confirmation. The mention of the blue glow though...I didn't think Yusuke would waste a reigun on D-ranks like that, so I just figured it was him unleashing his Aura into the visible spectrum and letting them feel the fact that he was an S-class, though when it was implied that one of the demons had died I was a little confused. Remember that Yusuke's reigun was easily a mountain buster -at the very least- by the end of the series; I'm not sure that he would be ABLE to fire one off in a city alleyway at that point without at least vaporizing a building or two.
YuukiAsuna-Chan chapter 7 . 6/27/2015
this is another story that would be amusing
YuukiAsuna-Chan chapter 1 . 6/27/2015
oh gods, i loved this... i would love to see a full story based on this Shirou
FanFicReader712012 chapter 8 . 6/12/2015
Okay, you got me, I completely thought it was Naruto, I gotta give credit for pulling a twist on me.
The Flame of Judgement chapter 8 . 6/9/2015
I thought it was Naruto, but I when I realized it wasn't, I thought he might be working for Kirei in his restaurant in the Llya series.
Shirosaki Kizuro chapter 3 . 6/6/2015
Really make a good story start especially that KS. I wish you write a full story of it
Toaneo07 Ver2.0 chapter 8 . 6/5/2015
wow , cool
Nananma chapter 8 . 6/3/2015
I thought this would be x-over with 'The Strange Relationship Between Oppai Dragon and Ramen Chef' By Death to Original Naming then proceed to dxd etc, but its a-okay.
Server lock chapter 8 . 6/5/2015
Totally thought it was Naruto you jerk.
Raj8 chapter 8 . 6/4/2015
I wonder what it says that I instantly knew it was Yu Yu Hakusho due to how the demons were described as. There isn't anything similar in Naruto so I was expecting Yusuke.
Racke chapter 8 . 6/4/2015
I actually thought "Yusuke or possibly Kuwabara", probably a combination of psychics, demons that eat humans, Kurama not being present to grumble about things immediately, and the blue light. Also, I have a vague recollection of something about a ramen stand (or something similar) appearing in the series, though I might be wrong.

Seriously though, it's always nice to see something as nostalgic as Yusuke being a dick. And now I'm kind of endlessly curious as to how a fusion-type crossover would work between them, considering the Holy Grail War.
I'm. . .An Innocent Bystander chapter 8 . 6/3/2015
I'll be honest and say I didn't even think of Naruto until reading your author's note. I figured it was Yusuke almost as soon as it said ramen stall...
ezok chapter 8 . 6/3/2015
i fell for it
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