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Guest chapter 1 . 7/31/2017
Can you pleeeeease do the next chapter?
Guest chapter 5 . 7/30/2017
Can you pplllleaaaaassse do the next chapter?
HK chapter 1 . 7/29/2016
One day, please return to this lovely fanfiction. I was the biggest Jack x Carly fan until I grew up. Most of the time, there are no happy endings and I would love to see it end for them. Carly can do better!
Guest chapter 5 . 7/15/2016
Updateee pleaseeee
boredddd xD chapter 5 . 6/8/2016
noooooooooooo why is there no chapter 6?!
Guest chapter 5 . 10/20/2015
Please update this! It's great!
LoveGlutton chapter 4 . 8/3/2014
Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawwwwww XD
Guest chapter 5 . 6/29/2014
Aww, Jack is so cute - and him and Carly! "This is so embarrassing" - they are so PERFECT for each other! Please continue updating this fic; I love it! /
KKmorgan101 chapter 1 . 4/11/2014
Haha Love the Story! So freakin adorable! You did great explaining the emotions of the characters and you really stuck with thier main personalities. Like Yussei is still the gentle half-dimwit who can't tell when a woman love him. Jack is still Jack, and Crow is the comic relief; you nailed his (Crow's) personality. Haha it was a good story while it lasted. Just remeber that some stories are for entertainment and I was sure entertained. Bye Now.
WheelerValentine chapter 4 . 3/3/2014
Holy Jesus Christ!, what a time to go on offence, I've been loving tis, hope you get some inspiration soon. Can't wait to read more
JaCarly1 chapter 5 . 1/24/2014
in the next chapter maybe they can talk about carly's inspiration as a reporter and jack's first duel and strategies before becoming king! that would be nice then as the party gets closer more fluff and maybe a peck on the cheek from jack but at the party Jack gets upset with her and as she tries to explain he ignores her so as she gets in her car to leave she says she remembers the dark signer duel and drives off that would be cool, love this story please update!
ZGMFHawke chapter 5 . 10/18/2013
This is a great. Fic
Red Wings chapter 5 . 9/5/2013
Excellent. The emotional turmoil that both Jack and Carly are going through is delicious. Carly is only too aware of the consequences of her actions; once the truth is revealed, Jack is going to want an answer. And it's not on her temporary job as Kaiba Corporation's model (the WRPG press conference should cover those answers well enough). Carly's thoughts on this are sensible, but can she make it sound right when she tells Jack once they have time to themselves?

Huhuhuhu, are you sure that Jack/Carly and Kiryuu/Misty are the only couples in this fic? While it wasn't official in the anime, Yuusei and Aki do seem to lean towards each other. Carly, being as sharp as she is, picks up on this when she calls in on Yuusei, and finds that only Aki is in the garage with him. Hehehe. And Yuusei, being up to his head in repairs and D-Wheel building, doesn't seem to notice that Aki is in love with him. Typical clueless Shounen protagonist. At least Yuusei has Carly in his corner.

The part where Jack sees Carly in her "business" suit made me squeal in fangirlish delight. He's so used to seeing her in her usual casual attire that he's never seen her dress up. And that he's undressing her with his eyes was so...kyaaa! Wait til you see her at the WRGP press conference, Jack. You won't be the only one staring.

Oh yeah, I noticed before, but in the earlier chapters, you have Carly's eyes as being "gray" in one chapter, then "blue-gray" in another. In anime episodes, the color of her eye beneath the glasses are hard to discern. The color of her eyes is hard to see, but in episode 37, her eyes look dark grey to me. Then suddenly, when she becomes a Dark Signer, her eye color changes to a light blue. Then at the end of the duel between her and Jack, her eyes look bluish gray (or greyish blue).

How sweet of Jack to chase after her, but Carly managed to get into her car and drive away. I found it hilarious that once he gets a phone call from Carly, he jumps into hyper-gear, nearly tossing Crow aside in his haste to get to Carly's side. It's so endearing that he'll rush to her the moment he hears she's not well. It goes to show just how devoted Jack is to her.
Red Wings chapter 4 . 9/5/2013
This chapter clearly tops the last one.

Jack's so cute when he's jealous. And I love how Team 5Ds have offered their tips on the whole Jack Atlas scoop. I can totally see a chibi Jack beating up a chibi Yuusei for eating his cup ramen. And Crow taking Carly to see Martha would definitely make Jack beat Crow up later, once they're out of Martha's (and Carly's) presence. I think you should do a chapter where Crow and Carly go see Martha, just for the fact that Crow can one-up Jack.

I don't understand why Carly is so reluctant here in your fic. In the anime, she was all chasing after Jack and earning his love. Why so shy all of a sudden? She never denied being in love in the anime.

Team 5Ds analysis of their teammate Jack Atlas makes for a wonderful picture. Poor Carly who just happens to be a normal girl with a job that doesn't pay all too great and a side-job that is secret just can't seem to get the inside scoop on him. Really, who thinks that just because your love-interest is wearing a bathing suit, everyone whose looking at her is interested in her? Obviously, Jack Atlas does. Getting jealous at Kiryuu because it was Carly that hugged him? I guess Jack didn't murder Kiryuu because right afterwards, Carly jumped on him before Rua could tackle her again. At least in the second chapter, Yuusei and Crow were finished being targets on Jack's hit list for being too closely associated with his woman. Aki seems to be safe, though. And it's so funny that even she can tell that Jack needs to be assured of in his place in Carly's affections.

The shopping scene was pure waff. So sweet, just like the ice cream I imagine Carly must have eaten. I loved the hand-holding and the hug. And the way Jack answered Carly...we would expect that he would deny it, but instead, he makes a bold claim of possession on her. Any doubts about Jack's feelings for Carly have been cleared once he said what he said. Even better than the confession in the anime, Jack has no problems delivering a straightforward answer. He is a passionate man, and combined with his ego and possessive ways, he doesn't take back what he says. He says what he means, and that's what Jack Atlas is about.

That Kiryuu...he just had to go and further complicate things for Jack and Carly. "See you Monday night. Get some rest. You know what happens during the night." Cripes. Even Team 5Ds knows this line to be something equivalent to dropping the bomb. No way Jack would let this go, so naturally he demands an answer from Carly, who gives a good evasive maneuver that isn't a lie (entirely). It surprises me that Jack wasn't able to put two and two together. Kiryuu being a Dark Signer who rode a D-Wheel when facing off with Yuusei two times, who else could have Carly learned it from when she was Dark Signer?

If Kiryuu gets anymore closer to Carly now, I'm sure that Jack will kill him, big brother or no.

Ahh, and now Carly confesses. Will review the next chapter now.
Red Wings chapter 3 . 9/5/2013
Huhuhuhu, this has got to be my favorite chapter as of yet.

I wonder why no one in the fandom has picked up on the fact that only Kiryuu could have taught Carly how to ride a D-Wheel. Good thing that Kiryuu is getting paid on the blueprints he made for Carly's D-Wheel when she was a Dark Signer. He deserves a reward for the good he's done - and will do. I can see Carly making friends with Kiryuu and Misty after she became part of their group as a Dark Signer.

Interesting to learn that Seto is still around. Then again, look at Ushio. Yuugi, Seto and Ushio are in the same age group, so definitely Seto is still around. Will you show Mokuba later? He is the Vice-President of Kaiba Corporation after all.

Finally, we get Carly's thoughts. I like how you've made her regain her memories, but told no one but Misty (and now Kiryuu knows). I find it odd that in the anime, Misty doesn't interact with Carly again - but I surmise that it's like with Jack. They don't want to cause any more harm to her.

Interesting to note, that Carly is their one thing in common. I think it may be so with Kiryuu, and not just for pairing reasons.

I can totally picture Misty, Carly and Kiryuu hanging out. They'd have the best relationship in the whole Dark Signer group, and they do so now. Beautiful friendship.

And the new bond between Kiryuu and Carly is just as wonderful! Seeing as how Kiryuu taught Carly to ride a D-Wheel, I can picture her calling him affectionately "Oniichan", or even the way Mokuba calls Seto "Niisama". I can feel the sudden overwhelming surge of joy and even love here: Her heart soared at the thought of Kiryuu going.

Quite clearly, even if Carly does love Jack and vice versa, she doesn't know what to do around him. Good thing big brother is there to help.

Hehehe, not the members of Team Satisfaction could get through to Jack like Carly did. I like the way you handled Kiryuu there. He knows that Carly is the reason why Jack is a better person than he was before, and he recognizes. Good man.

My, my, my. Jack is one terribly possessive man, isn't he? Even if it's just Rua tackling Carly affectionately like he always does, he doesn't want so much as a hair out of place on Carly's head. He takes protecting her seriously, I'd say. The scene at the twins' penthouse was a riot. Jack seizing on the point that Carly is swearing a revealing bathing suit and her telling him off "You're not my boyfriend so don't tell me what I should and shouldn't do!" was the high point of this chapter. Carly really has channeled some of her Dark Signer traits.

I thought it was really douchy of Kiryuu not to have warned Carly better before this about Jack. Ah well, the other members of former Team Satisfaction will help, right?

I'm a little confused, though. Carly has a Fortune Fairy deck, right? When she is a Dark Signer, the evil energy of Aslla Piscu transforms her deck into Fortune Ladies. How is it that Carly was able to duel Rua with the Fortune Ladies? I know that the Fortune Fairies are different from the Fortune Ladies. Carly isn't a Dark Signer anymore, so why...?
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