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Mark Meredith chapter 1 . 2/23/2016
You're right. I should delete this story but it's been so long since I've been to this FanFiction site I've forgotten how. Sound off people! How do I delete this story? I would have deleted this old copy if I had known how un-revised it was.
Lolwut chapter 1 . 2/20/2016
This drivel is completely illegible, to mention the glaringly obvious fact that this is in absolutely no way fanfiction.

Please learn how to use basic spelling, grammar, punctuation, syntax... well, just please learn how to use the English language instead of butchering it in this way.
Mark Meredith chapter 1 . 4/25/2014
Private Message Letters Page

Around the early 90’s: I used to wonder why the letters pages of comic magazine alike: would have letters about how the comic sucked. Why do they have a letter page for each series when all they do is give flip answers to complaints? Back in the nineties comic artists were only good when they were fan favorites, rarely, in rare comics novels series. An artist whom drew The Incredible Hulk was detailed named Mr. Keown.
Jim Lee created costumes for X-Men’s cartoon that was a great one (artist). There was the artist who created Spawn Todd McFarlane. There is also the artist/writer who created X-Force from the Levis Spike Lee directed commercial. There was good art for: ‘Uncanny X-Men, X-Factor, Amazing Spider Man, The Incredible Hulk, and: ‘New Mutants.
If you wanted reading graphic series novels you couldn’t depend on great art from Spectacular Spider man: ‘Fantastic 4: The Invincible Iron Man: Captain America: ‘Thor, nor Daredevil._ Most comics were pretty badly drawn and the hip, young new generations of fans wondered why certain comics were made. Why, they would think, would the comic companies make comic books that weren’t hip? This was at a point when Marvel super human heroes were being changed, and this’d caused a controversy. The Savage Hulk had been drained of around half of his Gamma energy and was half Savage Hulk half Banner.
Mighty Thor had his powers given to a replacement Mighty Thor a human named Erik Masterson.
The Mighty Thor Erik Masterson thought that Mighty Thor was being kept in a bag down in Hell with the Devil or transformed into Don Blake, his secret identity working somewhere as a doctor with no memories of being Mighty Thor. The U.S. government had replaced Steve Rogers with Jonathan Walker. People were slowly but surely writing in for Savage Hulk personality to come back. People were wondering where Mighty Thor had been exiled.

Readers were writing in to have Rogers wear a Captain America costume, but not enough readers wrote in by this point: I perhaps thought that the writers didn’t listen to the fans but then: ‘Thor’s letter page did something: ‘Thor’s letters page showed the percentage of letters that wanted the old. Mighty Thor back: the percentage said most persons were more interested in the new Mighty Thor: I realized that. The letters page did read all of the letters. I realized that when the comic books in question printed a negative letter they would print a positive letter as well.
The comic books would pick a well-written letter that represented the negative readers and a letter that represented the positive reviews. There were letters for the newest changes in a comic and against the latest changes. Most of all, Marvel and the Superman company listened to the readers, and did what the majority wants. Just as long as it didn’t mean the comic company having to bribe the-flavor-of-the month popular artist to work on a comic that had a low readership.
Some times, they changed the artist if people complained. When the Canadian division of the X-Men once had an ink artist whom was too sketchy, people wrote in Marvel Entertainment replaced the ink-IST. After the New Mutants X-Men finished, a run of comics, with a crappy artist the New Mutants X-Men had some crappy outfits designed by the crap artist. People wrote in about the outfits and on the letters page the correctors said, OK.
The corrector chief had the new artist draw up some better costumes.
One day there was a The Incredible Hulk cover there he was, Savage Hulk!
Then Savage Hulk personality started breaking out of a door in Banner’s mind and Banner’s skin split down his back. Savage Hulk ripped his way out of Bruce’s skin! That issue went up Hell’a’ bucks and still is worth as much since it was a rarity that Savage Hulk is gone for so long and finally comes back.
Once Petey David wrote a tale of the future where-in Banner has a heart attack while inside of Savage Hulk.
Savage Hulk couldn’t change into Banner any-more.
Banner actually died inside Savage Hulk, and Savage Hulk wasn’t dead!
Banner’s multiple personality was-not in Savage Hulk’s brain any longer, neither. When the writer once explained Gamma Rays brought out what is in your mind he wasn’t kidding around!
Odin, Mighty Thor’s father finally told Mighty Thor that Odin had combined Mighty Thor and Thor Odin-Son into one body so that Mighty Thor had Mighty Thor’s powers and bravery. Mighty Thor was separated from Mighty Thor and became the true Thor Odin-Son once again. Walker gave Rogers his shield and costume; name back after Rogers bested Walker in battle. The new Captain America said that he couldn’t do Steven Rogers Captain America’s job as well as Rogers.
One critic complained that the only reason I post old criticisms of reviewers is that I want people to help me report my reviewers for abuse. Perhaps that critic thinks I am RE-UPLOADING critics as if to say, “Look at what these jerks have said”! but I think it’s important what people say in past reviews. I think it’s important to chronicle how much I have corrected the stories in concurrent re uploads. I believe that people have the right to speak what they want to say.
That is why I RE-upload PRE-UPLOAD criticisms. When I found that I could upload my own comments I thought that it’s a good chance to for me to respond to creative criticism as well as uncreative criticism. I saw a chance to create my own letter-page for my stories. I want to let you all know, I listen to all my criticisms; and I correct all of my stories according to what you guys say.
Now let me declare that this is a letters page for my stories. Let me now formally declare that this is now and forever a letters page! Let’s move on to some P.M.-s letters: So let us continue on: Here is the first one.

You mean neither, when you say the word, either. Either: means one or the other. The word, “Neither,” means neither one nor the other. Is this part of the grammatic mistakes your friends you talk of?
Do you your friends get distracted when I don’t follow the misconceptions stupid people use for grammar rules? Do you your trelling pals get mad when I put a comma before the last item in a list, when there is no such rule, as I have learned?

Is it due to the fact how I put the punctuation after the quote?! Do you get mad when I don’t write the word, or, but I do write, nor? The rule’s the same when using nor. On the other hand, or means one thing or the other: the word nor means neither one thing nor the other.
Is it due to how I word my sentences strangely, due to how I try so hard to word my stories the best I could and that in the end I overdo it? Is it the two dashes I place in mid-sentence? I am trying to change that. If you read all of my criticisms you would see some one has all ready commented on that and that is the reason I’m getting completely rid of my dashes.
I’ve started correcting editing this kinda’ stuff before you’ve reviewed me first. Is it too many commas? Once some one said it, but I want to get rid of the dashes and see if my comment-ORS still say anything about that. Is it how some of the undeleted old files have six short dashes in them?
Is it how the ends of the sentences aren’t matching the beginning of each sentence, they end being dependent clauses? I think I forget writing the beginning of each sentence by the end of the sentence. I have corrected all of my tales, but you and your friends depress me so that I don’t want to upload any stories. I should simply not edit my articles out of the Internet and just do something else on the ‘Web.
I think I’ll not delete the files, just do other stuff on the World Wide Web because you and your trolling friends depress me. Is it due to because I call the characters by their name too much?! I’ve changed my stories and my writing accordingly, due to comments before because of that simple fact! Is it how the paragraphs in my tales are too long?
Is it due to me not paragraphing? I’m going ta’ paragraph my essays of the subject of fanfic, now you’ve gave me that idea. People have commented before and I’ve changed some article due to how people have criticized. I have rewritten some of my tales because of that and I can do that again at any time:

Mark Walter MEREDITH

Mark Meredith chapter 1 . 10/14/2013
Does the cat have y’r tongue?! Answer me. Where are your usual quips!? Your reviews are so depressed and sober!
You’re not your gay, usual self. Have you realized the seriousness of what you did!? You’re probably go’n’ta’ lose interest in your grooming next.
Mark Meredith chapter 1 . 7/2/2013
Yuri T. Approx Wrd. Counted 100
Four Cottage Road Two Thousand and-Twelve, Y.T.
CA NI Seven One Two-Eight Disposable Copy
Area Code Two Two Seven



Mark Walt Meredith

To Ua Etal;

Fuck you.
Yours Truly;
Mark Walter Meredith



Mark Meredith chapter 1 . 5/14/2013
Three people talk in this one!
Kukapetal chapter 1 . 1/5/2012
Not a story. Reported it.