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VAVikingGirl chapter 1 . 2/10/2011
Great story. Love the Mainemett, I'll check out more later. I picked this up on the non-Edward/Jasper slash list. Great, hot fun.
justginger chapter 1 . 2/10/2011
I loved it and him and them...

BilliCullen chapter 1 . 2/9/2011
well now. that was a fine story Miss Rie. very fucking fine.

I loved it!

me thinks Winter is a lucky lady.
RosaBella75 chapter 1 . 2/9/2011
My cock jumped at the offsides contact. Niiiice! ;D

Well, how the hell'd he know that was my middle name… just the same way Mom used to say back in my good ol' boy days. Bahahahaaaa!

Bless that snow from above in the tree for the HOT DAMN visual. *shivers*

Fingers... red lips... prey... OH YEAH!

... dipped that pink tinged muscle inside a hot vat of erotic seduction. Hmmmm, yeah. *licks lips*

...made sure the sidearms threw up enough of a rampart to keep my burgeoning boner off-sights. *mwhahaa*

Long, thick, rose colored… cock.[...]Like FUCK I'd seen that before. *knowing giggle* And yeah there was TONS more in there to appreciate, but I seem to get a bit single minded in those parts. ;D

... I didn't so much split as wreck the fuck out of a half cord of logs... Oohhh, the misery we bring on ourselves with that DAMN river in Egyptland! ;)

Soooo many gorgeous images and phrases, love the simplicity of this one too. Up to our hips, naked, and making out. Marking each other.

(paraphrasing) Second ride around. Oh yeah!

Gah, just soooo good! All that hot emotional, hard, OH SO MALE flesh, rubbing, grinding, fucking... And the prose-like presentation *swoon*

Thanks, bb! Happy B-day W-tale indeed! ;D xxooxxoo
Lindz26 chapter 1 . 2/9/2011



Oh, where to begin.

So hot. so much passion...desire...fucking sexiness.

I'm still relatively new to slash, and in the beginning of my fic days I never read it. Then I started dabbling and now it's definitely my thang. But you just made Emmett and Jaspa my new fave.

I loved Em's moments of wonder...hope that Jaspa was like him - his emotions on high alert as J was in close proximity. They had so much appeal...and exploration for each other...and fucking awesome touching, rubbing, fucking.

Gawd...that was hot. Hard core...hard lovin'...and just plain fucking sexy. I felt bad through the 'trying to be friends' bit...dude, sexy men..that can't happen with the shit you've got going on.

Darling...this was the shit for me. Great work...


insanemum chapter 1 . 2/9/2011
This is a beautiful piece of work. You should be very proud :)
winterstale chapter 1 . 2/9/2011
It's MaineMett! Oh be still ma haaaahht.

He just works up theyah.

I do love a damaged Emmett who even when he snarls still can break your heart. This one delivers. Repeatedly.

Intake at inpatient - did that ring so true. I've seen more than one addict drink hairspray - a smell you'll never forget once you catch it coming out of someone's pores.

And here's heartbreak #1.

~ Mom had me.

I had nothin'.~

In my mind, Emmett is so inherently good and giving that when he wants for anything it is just wrong, wrong, wrong. If he takes that left turn instead of the right he's going to numb out. Let-down Mamas will do that to a good boy.

As always you twist those canon markers to your whims - angelic, golden, demonic - and turn them into so much more.

Shout out to the Tri-colleges! That little bit of our Sainted Lady of That made me chortle. ;)

~I'd lived so many lives, I didn't belong in high school.~

I know that guy. Or knew him. I always wanted them to have big hearts underneath the hardened non-candy shell.

You invoked FootballMett here and that's just unfair. Can we take him to prom, too? Bet he can get us in to a few good kegs.

~Thoughts tried to deafen me, and I would take up my hunting knife to whittle something or other.

Ideas flurried and a snowfall of imaginings skied over my mind, and I shoveled them away.

When it came too much, I had me my Jacks and Johns and no more Jills.

Weren't like I was left wanting.

My carving hand got a good workout too.

Nothing ever felt just so or just right, though.~

Ideas flurrying? Snowfalls of imaginings? Shoveling? Nice foreshadowing, lady, and all in the midst of a passage that is so Emmett. A man built for labor, nagged by thought and using his hands, then his body to work it away, but never really slotting it all into place.

This passage from his alone time - so much denial but the words and cadence you use gives us a sardonic Emmett. The humor is still there but so much rougher around the edges.

I see this holey tie-dye LedZep shirt in my mind. Houses of the Holy, indeed, with a little tear...right there. Hey, a girl can look, even if he's off-menu.

~the frost-heaved road to relationshipville~ FML, Rie, I wish I'd come up with that one! That's how you turn a phrase and tie it back to the story as a whole. visual, emotional, even tactile, and symbolic. Damn.


That's what I did.

And not just in that capacity.

As well as carpentry, and all around repair-man-about-white-clapboard-town.

Ten years was a long time to carry a torch for someone.

Brought my mom to the coast too, set her up proper enough. But even she spun her own theories on me.~ God, this passage feels bleak. You broke my heart for him here. Is Mom nursing a grudge or is she so short sighted she can't love him as he is. Ugh, either way it's so alone.

Here's another one ~Night had worked her way in, disguised on frosty swan's wings.~ I wish I'd written. This *is* snow at twilight. I love to see your inner poet come out to play, baby. Always do.

His gestures are so specific and so evocative of a certain kind of man, the cap slapping on his thigh(Em thigh...ughh) and the sweater coming over his head. Once again, that is so Emmett to me - a man who is completely comfortable with his physical presence, even if his mind runs him ragged.

The snowbound passages felt much more subdued and on a straight course to the inevitable.

~I ducked my head, "I like it fine just here; nobody bothers me."

He raised his beer and one eyebrow, took a long tug and then spoke slowly, even more lowly so his timbre was not all about the pleasantries, "That what you want? No one to bother you, Emmett?"~

Damn, this is quite a punch - break my heart over Emmett gone shy and sad and then knock me over with seducing Jasper. Maybe I can knit up a nice throw for the back of the sofa right quick, deliver it on over to the young man's little house and rub a bit of frost from those big windows so I can peek in and see that Jasper moment play out. *fans self*

~the idea of him in my clothes~ This wrecked me. I've spent time in a couple of special t-shirts. It is such an intimate thing, wearing your lover's clothing. Totally different than borrowing from a friend. Goes from a garment to a mantle of them around you.

~I wanted to run my hands over his face and through his hair.

I was awake all night.

Listening to the ice add layer upon layer of igloo to my house; hearing the snuffles and shuffles in the other room. Where the man I'd always wanted lay.

Safely. In my house.~

Oh, oh, oh...ache...

Just thinking about Jasper in the snowbound section. It's a bit of comeuppance (heh - sorry!), isn't it. He's really just turned the tables on Em, giving what he got back in rehab.

*clutches pearls* Citrus!

~Boiling, I took his legs up and aside and just watched.

My cock. Entering him.

Slow ass fucking.~

I sort of had to go outside for a sec there. *gulp*

Okay, this was almost too much.

~One thing about being all reticent; when you actually talked, people paid attention.

Even when it was just a plain old, self-conscious ignoramus speakin'.~

It's what is assumed about him, he's bought it himself. Some of those old tapes are still playing, Em. Damn, I'm getting not-so-nice reads on dead Daddy McCarty.

~mind completely frigging Dead Zone~ Heh - one of my favorites, actually. I prefer anything pre-It and Tommyknockers.

How are they dealing with being around each other...being 'friends'? I don't know why but this was where I heard Annie Prolux. Not Brokeback, though, but obviously there is a similar dynamic at play here but this entire section at the bar brought The Shipping News screaming back to me. The ocean and seaside imagery is so reminiscent of that book. It's always a surprise to me, as a southerner with all I associate with the ocean, to see it hard and foreboding.

That inside the arm move is nice. *glups again*

~"Love you, Jaspa Whitlock."

"Do you now?"


And I heard it back, "I love you, Emmett Fucking McCarty."

Leave all this misery behind.~


Finally. I hope he has some peace. You always make me care so much for your characters and do it on your own terms. Neither of these men are too perfect, but are good, and they step all over each other on their way to each other. The real flaws of realistic people are so pretty coming from your fingers, sweetie. I love this way you have of showing characters with hard exteriors and grim in their resignation as heroic and soft underneath. Down East or in the holler...poetic and common and exalted in it.

Thank you so much. It's a lovely thing to have you and your beautiful words for my birthday.

Much, much love...

Viola Cornuta chapter 1 . 2/9/2011
sublime anodyne
amandadccullen chapter 1 . 2/9/2011
First of all let me say that you have officially popped my gay cherry in fanfics! I've never read a story like this before, so thanks! I absofuckinlutely 3'ed it! Just something about two guys making out and fuckin' is so damn hawt! This was surely esquisite and something that i'll never forget readin' thats for sure! I thoroughly enjoyed it! HAPPY BDAY WINTERSTALE...GAH! ...and great song..Painkiller! ;)
Anonymous82215 chapter 1 . 2/9/2011
Well if Maine isn't my happy place, good slash sure is. This is fantastic. and the scenery? love, love, love. Just like Sour. :)

Thanks for the story. Lovely and hard and real and rugged. Perfect.

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