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LSinclair chapter 60 . 11/28
LOVED this story. VERY well written, and I like that you consult ALL variables, and don't leave loose ends!

Just a heads up, there are some errors in chapters 58 and 59 "she" instead of her (one in reference to Chloe's robe when she meets the Magister, and the other in reference to Pam's outfit when she arrives at the new compound). Not a biggie but just something that kind of made my eye twitch.


C25 chapter 60 . 10/30
Bertha Bany chapter 26 . 9/23
Great stuff you have here
Guest chapter 60 . 9/20
This was a beautiful story. It is one of the few E/S stories that has a wonderfully original, yet still feasible storyline. I absolutely loved the storyline and the characters. I loved every minute of this. Thank you for sharing it.
MyInnerWorld chapter 60 . 9/15
This was so beautifully written and I cried at the end.
bludhavencitysiren chapter 26 . 8/28
No matter how many times I reread it, I can never get enough of this story. It is the ultimate Sookie/Eric fanfiction. I'm always so impressed with your writing and how perfectly you capture them both.
MarinaAntolini chapter 2 . 8/26
I'm loving it! I miss eric. I couldn't finish the las book. Fuck sookie not choosing him. How dare she. Lol. I have two cats and everytime i read your description of their behavior i smile because it's dead on!. Great story so far.
FanFanatic2 chapter 60 . 8/8
This has to be one of the best Sookie/Eric stories I've ever read. I just couldn't stop reading. Thank you for this amazing story.
Alexx Riott chapter 60 . 8/1
I just wanted to say that it honestly took me forever to read this story - between my job and family, etc. I loved every minute of it, and I was extremely grateful to spend the last two weeks agonizing over what was coming next. You are an amazing writer; I am so happy to have stumbled upon your piece! Never stop writing! I am seriously looking forward to reading more of your works!
Hitsugi's Lover chapter 60 . 7/20
Ok, i admit, you had me sobbing at the end because it was so beautifully written and was an amazingly wonderful way to end this spectacular story. I was so sad that it ended, but it felt perfect for it to end there as well. It took me a whole week to read it, and I'm now officially lost and all other sookie/eric fanfics are so dull compared to this, but shh don't tell anyone that.
Bravo to you, for sticking to this story and never giving up on it, and i give you a bow/handshake/hug for your amazing work.
I sincerely hope that you will continue to write more amazing stories about this pairing, and I'll be anxiously waiting for when you do.
Narasa chapter 60 . 7/20
Amazing story and such a beautiful ending.
Thank you so much for writing this xx
Emily Thomas chapter 1 . 7/9
Oh Ma Gawd. I'm so excited to read this. Your writing allows the reader to bring the story to life. I can literally picture this is my head. Fabulous so excited to read on!
cela chapter 1 . 7/5
this is my favorite story of all time! it's been at least a year, but since there isn't anything new i'll re-read all my favs.
Little1009 chapter 60 . 6/21
SO GOOD! loved this
Punishedangel chapter 60 . 6/13
I have been reading Eric and Sookie fanfiction for approximately 4 years. A very small number of authors have stood out to me based on their abilities to construct highly organized, enchanting and original stories. Yours has gone one step further as I cried not just during the final chapter (ALL THE WAY THROUGH THE FINAL CHAPTER LOL) but at several points along the way. It took me about a week to read and it was far more enjoyable generally AND specifically than CH's last 2 SVM novels and the final 3 seasons of TB. YOUR version of the Fae should have been the leap TB took instead of all the crap with the authority. I understand adding characters or minor plot devices that do not coincide with the books a series is based on. However, the mistake the show made was creating obviously contrived bs that accounted for nothing even close to the original ideas. They created an enormous world (the Authority) to which no viewer could feel attached to or even hate enough to look forward to watching it burn. It just... was.

I would love to see your story made into a novel or a movie. It's beautiful, has plot twists, evokes the spirit of our fave vampire-fairy couple and why we fell so in love with them to begin with. Both CH & TB failed to recognize we read and watched to see Eric and Sookie get their hev. You were able to resurrect the character - assassinations and put the their story, and me(!) to bed with happy tears!
Thank you for sharing your incredible talent with the world!
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