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Leki luuucky chapter 60 . 4/16
I've totally neglected this series, but I've just finished rereading your other Sookie & Eric love stories, I'm going to restart this from the beginning! I absolutely love your take on this EPIC, I did read this last chapter of Pretty Kitty, which is awesome, despite their meeting their final least they're together always, in life & in death!
AngelOnSilverLines66 chapter 60 . 4/13
True Blood was very disappointing. While I can't, honestly, see Eric Northman saying/doing a lot of the things that are in this story, I still find it to be a much more satisfactory ending to both the show and the book series. The number of sex scenes was a little unnecessary and got boring after a while. I felt like they detracted from the actual plot, which was super interesting and really creative. The baby thing was a little Twilighty, but you made it work. I liked that Adam's birth served a purpose, and I liked the way you brought the fae and the vampire communities together in the end.

Truthfully, I think you need to stop writing fan fiction and write your own supernatural series. Or any kind of books you want, really. You have talent and a great imagination. I believe you could be very successful as a fiction writer.
Crying chapter 60 . 4/3
Omg. No words. I loved your story and read all 60 chapters in less than 48 hours. My heart is breaking. I wish it could have been only a "happily ever after." I would have been so content just thinking they lived forever together. I understand it had to be dond though, to bring v losure to the story. & I've been looking for a closure that suited me. I haven't reviewed a FF in years. Halfway through, I almost gave up on your story because it took a very sudden Twilight-esque turn, but somehow it remained mostly consistent with the True Blood expectations. I would have to say, I very much preffered your story to Stephanie Meyer's. Of course, I think there are very few who would pick Edward over Eric ;) It's 5:30am, & now I'm going to try to go to sleep with this empty, yet content, feeling. You're an excellent author. I hope you publish your work, not just post it. You definitely deserve it. Thank you for the juicy, exciting, suspenseful, and romantic ride. I quite enjoyed it!
cela chapter 9 . 3/29
eric and sookie are both so naughty, I love them!
WriteroftheRevolution chapter 60 . 3/26
I have been reading this masterpiece for 24 hours straight, and I am speechless. I have nothing to say but congratulations on writing a SPECTACULAR story, and thank you for sharing it. It truly was a fantastic read that I cannot wait to revisit. In fact, I'll probably restart it tomorrow.

1SouthernBelle chapter 60 . 3/24
Fantastic !

Thank you ️
Nutmeg1985 chapter 60 . 3/15
Great ending to your story
TeaCupHuman chapter 60 . 3/2
I admit I read this final chapter as soon as it posted. I , foolishly, read it at work without realizing the feels it would bring out. So I didn't leave a review and it took me a long while to get up the nerve to re-read the whole story. I loved the ending it was fabulous. The whole story is one of my favorites. Thanks so much for sharing this with us.
TheMiseducationOfB chapter 60 . 2/17
This was the first TB fanfiction I ever read. This was the first time I allowed myself to indulge in Sooric after the mess canon made of it. I started reading almost distractedly but I soon realized this was one hell of a fiction that deserved my full attention. You made me fall in love with Sooric all over again and you made me miss True Blood's universe and the world the books and the show created. I'm late to the party, so late that I never thought that I could enjoy a TB story so much actually, yet I did. This was one epic journey and I'll never be able to thank you enough for sharing it and do justice to these two special characters. I'll take this as canon.
Well done!
kbreon chapter 60 . 2/15
LOVED your story. The ending was so sweet and beautiful! I wish it didn't have to end. Cheers. -K
Guest chapter 60 . 2/10
Just hanging out waiting for you to start another True Blood fic *looks at author with big sad eyes and best pouty face*
Lady Sirona chapter 60 . 2/12
this was an awesome story and ended beautifully I loved it
Lady Sirona chapter 10 . 2/8
these last chapters were so hot I had to go get ice water and smoke a cigarette...
ShaniBlacky chapter 60 . 2/4
Thanks so much for your great story! It was fucking amazing and made me laugh out loud so many times.
I like that you included that they obviously had to die (i'm sick of the crap fluff endings) and you did it in a really good way, but god damn you broke my heart woman! I admit to a few tears and re readings of the end.
All i can say is that i love you for making such a great story and that i hate you for making me think the fiction is real! With people like you i'll never escape my True Blood/SVP obsession-and i can't even say i'm wholeheartedly upset about that.
Let me get on with my life, I'm only 18! Hahaha thanks again
FreemanWrangler chapter 1 . 2/1
Goodness! This has been a sexy, lovely, vibrant story. Thank you for your effort and time writing this piece. Needless to say, I loved it through and through. From start to finish. Thank you!
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