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klandgraf2007 chapter 6 . 2/27/2011
I love this series. Cant wait to see what you do with Season 6
AprilC3604 chapter 6 . 2/24/2011
Another awesome chapter. So well writen. Its like I'm there lol. Loved it. So can't wait for more :)
Asya55 chapter 6 . 2/23/2011
Hello, hello! :D I first wanna say a huge massive thank you, dude, I literally blushed reading the A/N, thanks for the recommendation too, you rock, and also wanna let you know I liked our random convs :D *High5* :D Best of luck with work too, no worries about the story, I guess I can wait, right? Yeah, yeah, I will, maybe lol, I'm just that soft, but I'll tough :D As long as I got the promise for the new season, I can wait as long as it takes, coz I know its gonna be awesome ;) As always.

Now, the review, business here hehe, but first, Tell Pay not to send Channing here please, if he wants to zap someone here, he should zap his pretty ass to Egypt, I'll be waiting for him. If not, then let Chan call me before he comes lol.

I loved that chapter dude, it was like S2E20 I guess, and its a great intro for S6E1, as we know now how the monsters, who have a funny name, got to Sam, then Dean. And its diff than the ep, coz I guess, the nice *Insert Sarcasm* Campbells have found Sam that way and saved him or stg, but I saw that ep once, so I dont remember much, all I know that your idea is a kick ass! And now Chan won't be with Megan, for now, after what Pay said/warned him, and the guy is so cute, Chan this time, he knows ntg about hunting, for a supernatural creature, the guy is so pure. For an alpha too you know! But he is a good guy, he stayed there till Megan got better, but shame, he had to leave, at least he paid his promise to her *Aww look*. I also felt bad for Megan going through the dreams, and to see what she really wanted, just a normal life with Dean, thats hard and man it will be harder when she sees him again, give her a hug for me please.

LOVED the chapter, as I said a kick ass! I'm so looking forward to read the premiere :D But dude, take your time with it, and I'll sure be here once you get it done, I'm sure its gonna be awesome too, duh! :D *THUMPS UP* ;)
Asya55 chapter 5 . 2/20/2011
Well yes, heartbreaks get better, been there, done that, but I don't know about the love of your life one, tell that to Megan, her Megan not you Megan lol. Before I start with the review-long one-I gotta say one thing BREAKING BENJAMIN RILES! And that Asya chick sounds like a genius or stg but we will get to that later lol :P

That chapter was awesome, started with the hint on Dark Angel, dude, my brother was about to kill me for laughing, he said I wnt crazy, laughing to my screen reading at 5am lol. But loved that part, and Payton drooling over the Alba chick, bad boy, and man, he turned to be a real bad boy, the demon, wow, I love that guy even more, he is like the Dean kinda angel, I remember in S5 when Megan asked him if he was ever with a woman or stg, and then-I dont remember much but he said no, he was laying lol, that part was hilarious and poor Megan, she is scared for life. Also loved the flirt, I heart the way he rolls.

But that takes us to the dream part, OMG! She is an Omega, I knew you'd do that, it crossed my mind, I mean its the whole idea of S6, and she was the first woman in her family to turn and all. I'd have done it ;) See, thats the me genius point lol, *High5*, that move, AWESOME. And I like that Megan is having a thing with Channing, I love Dean, but he took his own way, so, he can't complain, I'm not over protective over Dean, not when he is with SlutFace, but I wonder how this will break to, when he comes back, this is gonna be worth to watch, mostly if she got closer to Channing, wow. Dean will be pissed :D

Crowley, well a douche as usual, but I still love him lol, can't hate the guy. The BB medicate, another part made me laugh, I'd shut the songs and read but it was just awesome.

That takes us to the last part, with all the angst and the action, you had to make me heartbroken at the end :( Dean's birthday, poor girl! Dean, I kinda hate him now -in that part. And Megan knew he is over her :( I'm angry, and sad for her. Now she can really move on, and then Dean will bite the dust when he comes back and see she is gone *Evil face* lol.

I'm waiting waiting waiting for the next part, and the last when it comes to this sequel, and seriously, this is rock and roll, and best of luck with the next/upcoming one/ones :D
sam riggs chapter 5 . 2/20/2011
ohhhh poor megan i cant help but feel sad for her . ok now dont get me wrong i love dean and megan but maybe she would be better off with channing both being werewolfs i hope she finds happyness
Asya55 chapter 4 . 2/19/2011
Couldn't sleep till I finish this, and dude, totally worth it! I just want to tell Payton thanks for doing nothing and leaving Megan to all this crap lol, what a helpful angel he is. If it was me not her, when I see him I'll so punch, kick or just yell at him that his ear drums will explode lol.

And aha, the guy from the dreams is now we know as Channing, cool, thats the part I missed last time, thought he was Sam, but nope, he was the Alpha werewolf, nice add by the way, and the big :O surprise, the god-damned Campbells, Grandpa JerkFace, and Christian, or as my friend call him SlaFace, and the blond useless dude and Gwen, just peachy and quite an entrance, poor werewolf hottie, I really liked him, hope it wont be the last time to see him, after all he could help Megan through her problems. Loved that addition *Thumps up*

BUT oh my, SAM, of all the surprises, we saw Sam, Megan knew he was alive and she did what I'd not take less from her, Sam being dead ruined her life with Dean, and he came back but jerk didn't tell, great job Sam *Glares* but she gave him what he called for, my style, yelling, punching and it was awesome, go Megan go! :D See, that's wrestling's effect lol.

I also loved the smart mouth she had when she was being hit by Slapface, he is such a douche. All of them are, and Samuel is the biggest douche of all times...

Me likey, that chap was juicy/drama/surprise, I cannot wait till the next one. You are rocking this sister *THUMPS UPPPPPPP* ;)
AprilC3604 chapter 4 . 2/19/2011
Awesome chapter as always. I love the name channing (and the actor lol) but I never knew that name meant that but that's so cool. Awesome name choice! I loved this chapter all the way. This story is so great. I can't wait for more :)
Asya55 chapter 3 . 2/17/2011
Again, thank you so much for the mention, dude you're awesome and you so didnt have to do this :) Thank you *HUGS*

I don't know where to start, seriously, wow, I'm SO happy PAYTON is freaking back! I knew you'd bring him back, and I love you for that, true that you can't write a story without him ;P , the dude rocks! Man, I'm so happy he is back, I told you about my crush on this guy, I think its going serious, I might be in love lol.

The dream part was awesome, it was to tense and I loved every line of it, and the part when she saw Sam, or the man who looked like him or whatever, I can't wait to see when she will know about Sam or see him or hear or or or or! Just too many things to look forward to, and man, I like what you did to the season more than the season itself :) And that's no compliment its the truth, and I read few fics that dealt with S6 and they were not good, I won't say sucked but you know what I mean ;P Yeah you're not in the actual season yet, but that rocks *Thumps up*

I liked that cute officer, and the jokes Megan made on the other Universal Solider kind of officer lol, those parts where funny.

I suspected Pay to be the one who did the whole static thing, but I wasn't sure, and I was so happy to know he was back, I won't say I actually said 'Pay is back, yay' while reading, coz I won't admit lol. Its just good to have him back and mostly that Megan has no one with her now, and being away from Dean made her go nuts, he is there for her, a hot funny awesome angel on her shoulder :D

Dude, I LOVED that chap and I SO CAN NOT wait for the next one, you ROCKKKKKKK! *LOVE*

P.S: I guess I can't read your stories now but only listening to BB while reading lol. A little funny fact hehe ;D
sam riggs chapter 3 . 2/16/2011
yay Paytons back i always liked him great chapter cant wait for the next update
AprilC3604 chapter 2 . 2/15/2011
Awesome chapter! I have to say I really want dean with megan but omg I love them together but I so get her wanting what she thinks is best for him. I liked that dean was with lisa for a year because I think he learned a lot from that so maybe in the story he will learn hey don't listen to megan and stay with her all the time lol but I so love it. And I love bobby awww he's the best old man ever! I'm glad megan has him with her so she's not alone.

This story is awesome! You really are so talented. I'm really glad I got caughted up on it. I look forward to the next chapter :)
Asya55 chapter 2 . 2/14/2011
Hello, its me! :D First off, thank you so much for the mentioning and the promoting *Blushing* you rock! :D *HUGS*

Well, did I tell you I wanted to be a therapist, well, I changed to English Literature but I'm regretting now, I could have helped Megan, dude, the girl is messed up. You know its a hoodoo priest of a MD. could help, I take the hoodoo over MD but still. I didnt know if I should be mad at her or feel sorry for her, but I settled to be sorry for her and mad as Dean lol, fair enough. He had a real thing with Lisa huh? I might be mad at you now, not Dean, well he had a bad taste, but man! :( you made them serious. *BIG POUT* not cool Megan, not cool...

But man, the dreams, whew, poor girl, its stg serious, right? I've a feeling it is, she is messed up now and she may give up too, that is not cool, she will get to be a full werewolf? Wow, I can't wait to see, and she is all alone now, so its more dangerous, like that time in Black and White, when she changed and killed a man.. You're an evil writer, I love you :D

And no worries about the chick flick, its good sometimes, drama, me likey! :D

Awesome chapter dude, can't really wait for more soon :D It always makes me happy, ntg can get me happier but killing Lisa, so :D hehe ;D
eva972 chapter 2 . 2/14/2011
I really enjoyed reading the first two chapters,Sounds very promising!
jempa1112 chapter 1 . 2/11/2011
can i just say i dont like this chapter, not because it wasn't good writing cause it was, but because i dont like the fact that she left felt really sad reading the end of it..
Puddin little minx chapter 1 . 2/11/2011
awesome start to it loved it cant believe she left him and now he going to live with lisa i suppose megan is thinking of dean and that why she left him you had me in tears when megan rang lisa omg please let megan and dean get back together hope you can update soon need more of this story you so rock hun update soon:)
sam riggs chapter 1 . 2/11/2011
omg please tell me its a tempery thing between lisa and dean , megan and dean belong together great first chapter
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