Reviews for Somewhat of a Pet Problem
Finnish Spring Water chapter 1 . 2/18/2011
:'S *bawling all out* Sniff, this is sooo sad. A great piece. It is really awesome in an angsty way just as it is, BUT... I really wouldn't say no to a multichapter where Sebas-chan ended up liking dogs because he realised he had become like one (loyal to Ciel, not wanting to give him up etc) xD

Ahh the endless possibilities. Sebas-chan would naturally be inbetween two fires in that case- his loyalty to his master versus his need to feed. xD xD xD Aaah the possibilties for angst and hurt/comfort...

Lol, anyway, good job! (And hopefully I managed to infest you with some plotbunnies.)

I also liked the way your writing flows. It was easy to understand and simple enough. I've noticed the Kuroshitsuji fandom has generally many fanfics that confuse the reader. And not in a difficult words kinda way, but more in a "WTF? what happened" kinda way.
Maara Annika chapter 1 . 2/15/2011
Jaa, anime Sebastians ir paraak cilveskots, drosi vien lai vins buutu patikamaaks varonis. Visriesmigakaa ir pedejaa sezona, kuru es izvelos ignoreet. (Kaut gan man patiik Alois un Hanna).

Cik es zinu autore bija velejusies savaa mangaa ieklaut romantiskas attiecibas starp Sebastianu un Sielu, bet taa vietaa tika izlemts atstaat tikai saadus taadus maajienus. Es pati atbalstu Sebastienu/Sielu kaa paari, bet atrast labus staastus ir sarezgiiti. Tapeec man loti patiik, ka Tu esi saglabaajusi Sebastiana butibu pat ja vinam ir fiziski tuvas attiecibas ar Sielu.

It meant that no matter what sweet words Sebastian whispered to him whenever he felt like listening meant nothing. Demons did not love or feel attachment; Ciel lived in an illusion.

Man patiik doma, kapeec Sielam nepatiik minkaani. Un kapeec vins ir tik veess pret apkateejiem.
AyameMaaka chapter 1 . 2/11/2011
lol, well ms. mandolina it happens to us all some time of the day. :)