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I Hate Snatch Steal chapter 18 . 9/23/2020
Chapter 18 was really really funny
Magical MagicianA.E.D chapter 31 . 5/29/2020
I just found this yesterday, stayed up practically all night reading it, at about 3 am realized I was skimming over words in my I hadn't slept for about 43 hours-yea that's how focused I had been on your story-went to sleep so I could actually finish reading it, woke up and immediately started reading it, finished, and then decided to write this review to tell you this story so you understand JUST HOW AWESOME YOU ARE, and to beg you to update, so, please? *Puppy dog eyes.*

I digress.
You're awesome.
Please update.
soruen chapter 31 . 5/14/2020
Whenever I need a good Yu Gi Oh crossover story which focused on my favourite character - Ryou Bakura, this is one of the story which I will definitely re-read, and probably also the only one which I still feel hopeful that will be updated one day. (Plssssss, be it another year or two or three, I'll still wait as long as this story will be completed one day and not abandoned)

Let me also brag that I've added this story to my favourite list since 2011, and have been rereading it for many, many times over the past nine years or so. Super loyal reader here holding on to the hopes that this story will be completed one day~ (though guiltily, I'm not a frequent reviewer) And also, as someone who stalks you on AO3, I am quite sure you are still active online and hence my hope only grows hehe (I hope that didn't sound too creepy).

What keep attracting me to reread is the story, of course, and the characters portrayal. Another main pt being the fact that your last update was the most recent compared to other authors'...what's 2-3 yrs of wait between update compared to 16 yrs right? ):

1) Overall storyline

It's so much more interesting than the usual yami and hikari received a letter and decide to attend Hogwarts plot. Love that your story is focused on Bakura and Ryou (yay), less so on Harry&gang, but they are not totally non-existence at the same time, we do get to see both perspectives. Neither side is suddenly completely evil or pushy, sure they don't come to an understanding right away but at least they try to be friendly first! There's no bashing or over de-powering/over-powering to any of the characters. Somehow most HP-Yugioh crossovers will tend to show either one being de-powered, or over-powered, in this story it's more or less equal, but interestingly in the fact that each magic comes with its own affinity in different aspects.

The bit on Ryou and Sirius interactions is gold too, (I love Sirius, pls don't kill him? T.T) I have a thing for rare interactions between less popular characters I like but are unlikely to come together in normal circumstances.

Ryou giving his life trying to save a dog (or so he thought) must surely have touched some tender parts within Sirius (and clear him of his upcoming death threat?) I would so love to imagine some post happy end moments such as Sirius having his name cleared and visiting Ryou with Harry at some Duel Monster tournament, freaking out the rest of the YGO gang with his exclamations over the magical looking technologies :P

2) The character portrayal

I like how under all the viciousness of Bakura is that Ryou's ultimate safety and life is one line nobody crosses and he will stop at nothing to ensure that. (All in the name of achieving his ultimate revenge of course)

What's best is that he also isn't magically suddenly all friendly and cuddly towards Ryou like some stories made him out to be. Bakura trust nobody, nobody tells him what to do, not even Ryou - especially not Ryou haha. Yet it's clear Bakura is warming up to Ryou, the process may be tediously slow and minimal, but it's great character development process, and delving into their mindset is half the fun too.

Bakura is still cruel, sadistic, ruthless and not afraid to kill, but he's also not a mad crazy bloodthirsty being without reason (I feel that in canon his mind has got to be extremely rational, with all the nefarious plots he's so carefully planned out).

Even better yet is your portrayal of the hikari personality - Ryou. It really matches a lot with my own interpretation of his personality - hence really enjoying to reread again and again.

I sort of detest how some people (obviously not fans of Ryou) would depict him as a timid, plain gutless and no backbone guy, at times even a helpless damsel in distress who can't think for himself... I've always thought of him more of an independent, albeit lonely person who does think for himself and tries to stand up for his beliefs (I mean, try is the keyword yes, but we've also been shown that Ryou doesn't mind risking his life to defy his yami so he could save his friends, and innocents).

Ryou is (in my opinion) probably lacking some self confidence at times and maybe even lack some self worth from all the neglet he gets, but definitely he's not a fragile glass doll.

My favourite part of this story is the way Ryou and Bakura learns more about each other and slowly warms up. Ryou is learning that there may just be more to this evil spirit than just being evil; while Bakura faces the fact that Ryou is more than a convenient tool whose body just exist for him to use.

Part of Ryou's warming up to Bakura here seems like it could be his soft nature or kind heart, there's also the part where he feels resigned to the fact that less damage can be caused by the ring when in his hands, but a teeny part also feels suspiciously like it could be stockholm syndrome he is suffering from? Ryou's been so isolated and craving companionship than just the tiniest bit of nice attention from Bakura is require for him to lower his guard...

Another plus point:
as manga canon once showed, occult was Ryou's own thing - not his yami, you have wonderfully brought this into your story with so much fun. It's hilarious how the Weasley twins try to terrorize Ryou only to be utterly defeated when they find him completely fascinated each time instead of terrified.

Somehow many people in this fandom tend to have the image that all the occult and grosteque parts of his deck is all his yami's idea solely... But Ryou's no angel (despite how much he look like one) and he being so interested in something that doesn't suit his image is part of the moe points which made me love him soooo much more.

The little interactions between yami and hikari version you have here are also superb. Love the way you would have Bakura sneakily trying to sway Ryou to his side, and also trying his attempt at bending Ryou to suit his needs (those attempts to get Ryou to learn shadow magic so Bakura himself can be stronger).

Is it also weird, if I found it really really cute how you had Bakura trying to come up with logical reasons to convince himself why he decided to protect Ryou?

Normal Me to Bakura: it's self-denial at it's best! You are just trying to stomp out the possibility that you are subconsciously starting to care for Ryou as a person instead of just a tool to be toss away once useless!

BL Fangirl Me's inner heart: Omg Bakura is suuuuch a tsundere he's going through the phase of : "you are mine, so only I can bully you, anyone else who touches you without my permission needs to die" - this can also explain why Malik is still alive (he had permission) while Voldemort is going to be destroyed soon.

Voldemort will be destroyed...right? I just can't see Bakura leaving England behind to go back to Japan leaving a huge threat looming over Ryou and himself. Not to mention Voldemort did step on his toes by attacking so many times and he's not somebody who let his enemy go unscathed for long

Maybe Voldemort gets Snape to steal the Millennium Ring, he puts it on and Bakura can just take the chance to burn him to death easy peasy (Harry's adventures can continue in the form of hunting horcruxes but no one needs to die!)

I think you mentioned you dislike people leaving review with 2 of the next few words I'm going to use, but I just have to say it anyway, plssssss update soon T.T

And, I will also take this chance to ask if any of the previously briefly mentioned crossover ideas you had will be coming true in this lifetime? XD I thought both sounds really interesting.

- Ryou Bakura X Danny Phantom
- Ryou Bakura X Inuyasha
sorcerousfang chapter 31 . 1/9/2020
Oh, that's mad. You turned the Millennium Items into true horcruxes, you beautiful genius.
This story has gone absolutely nowhere I expected it to, and I love it. Ryou and the resident thief maintain a believable balance, shadow magic isn't OP, and the item bearers aren't all passed-over wizards? Sign me up for more.
Focusing solely on Ryou really helps keep this uncluttered, and I love the pacing you've maintained throughout the story. Keep up the great work!
Xero the Reaper chapter 31 . 10/24/2019
I live your story. So nicely written, the world bouilding makes things tie together nicely, no one ever acts out of character yet they are also not following a script like a zombie. Such a beautiful lore. Again I love your story.
DJmiso chapter 25 . 8/11/2019
i think i’m running out of chapters to review. that’s not good. i have to let you know how much i love this story every chance i get! or every time i return. YOU MUST KNOW. you won’t stop me! neither will ff!
DJmiso chapter 24 . 8/10/2019
i don’t suppose i could bribe you into making another chapter, huh?
DJmiso chapter 11 . 8/6/2019
yunno, i just realized that’s bakura’s way of saying ‘happy birthday’ to ryou. such a tsun, isn’t he.

and yes, i’m reading this again. fite me.
ghxstking chapter 31 . 6/27/2019
I keep coming back to this story over and over again! I went into this knowing very little about YGO, but your plot and character development kept me reading past any minor confusion I might've had. This is definitely one of my favorite fics, so I thought I should take the time to say thank you for writing it!
Whimsy chapter 31 . 5/4/2019
Hey I just wanted to let you know that I enjoy this story, I found it quite a few years back and was surprised to see it was still slowly updating, so thank you for writing it! Personally I can't wait for the secrets to all out, I think that Yami Bakura interacting with the wizards in truth would be fascinating.
Guest chapter 31 . 3/26/2019
Wow! This story is awesome! I really like your characterization of Bakura and Yami Bakura one of the best I have seen
Neko and Niky chapter 31 . 1/26/2019
The character development I am in tears :')

Yami Bakura is warming up to him (if you can call that warming up) and Ryou is opening up to shadow magic ugh I'm emotional TT

Thank you for updating! Ganbatte on writing your next chapter, I'm cheering for you!
Chip Skylark chapter 31 . 1/21/2019
Yo! I just found your story yesterday, and I just binge read the whole thing! I really really really admire your dedication in continuing to write this for more than 7 (seven!) years, and it's really nice seeing how you've improved as a writer as the chapters progress. Thank you for writing!
NekoShiro22 chapter 1 . 1/17/2019
I like your story! I want to see how this situation develops between Ryou and the spirit ... I hope the conti !
yaoishipsforlife chapter 29 . 11/25/2018
well, great updates! love this story to bits. you don't find many ryou with bakura AND harry potter stories, and even fewer good ones. really hope you update this soon. Hope marik/malik is introduced soon, maybe crashing in on 12 grimmauld place to pester ryou with his usual bubbly, antagonizing 't wait for the order to discover the truth about the millennium ring!(forgot i reviewed chapters 30 & 31)
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