Reviews for London Shadow Mage
Guest chapter 27 . 11/13
Great writing and great story I especially love how you got him to grimmuald like that can't wait for the next chapter keep up the good work
Vi-Violence chapter 27 . 10/1
Very nice, I like him running into Sirius.
Guest chapter 27 . 9/23
This story is simply amazing. I really like how original it is, it doesn'the really go by the traditional Yu-Gi-Oh cast goes to Hogwarts, you made it a brilliant storyline of your own. Ryou and Bakura are my favorites, I'm glad that they're the main characters. I also really appreciate that you're not making Shadow Magic way stronger than wizard magic, that's something that I haven't really seen a lot of. In my opinion, everyone is in character, their thoughts, words, and actions are just as I see them. I hope that you can update soon, I plan to keep an eye out for updates on this. Happy Writing!
SpiderQueen Dez chapter 1 . 9/21
Love how the story started off and how Harry met Bakura! Can't wait for them to meet again. :D

I'm a bit sad that there will be no yaoi, I just hope there will be no pairings for Bakura and Harry. I cannot read het pairings. :/
ArtofthePlate chapter 27 . 8/6
Ahh, this is so amazing! I like where this is going. Does Ryou find out about Grimwauld place next? Will he ever tell anyone about the spirit of the ring? I can't wait to find out!
Guest chapter 27 . 7/22
This is awesome !
Pawn'sVictory chapter 27 . 6/12
Fun story
lumutness chapter 27 . 5/31
One of my favourite story concerning Ryou at Hogwarts. :)
Dunno why or how, but you make it believable enough. Ryou Bakura is so sweet and Yami Bakura was just so twisted... in a good way, sometimes. still can't forget that boggart.

Can't say I approve thieving as his way of (somewhat) living, but well... it's part of his character. *shrugs*

You insert Sirius in a perfect moment. Cute moment. Somewhat.
32nd freeze chapter 27 . 5/22
I agree, the story is much more interesting if shadow magic and Hp! magic is around equal, but in different ways.
Hawkcam1996 chapter 27 . 5/19
Great chapter
Guest chapter 27 . 5/17
Ahhhhh, you're so great. I was actually wondering how Ryou would end up at Grimmauld (if he ended up there) and there's the answer!
fanficbrowser chapter 27 . 5/11
Good chapter. Loved the ending. Don't really have anything else to say, other than one little thing about your Author Notes. While you are correct that Shadow Magic does not equal God power, I'm still of the opinion it's superior to Harry Potter magic. Granted, that's completely a personal opinion, and I'm probably a bit biased.
Mysterious Prophetess chapter 27 . 5/10
That's actually a trend that is boring because it's been SOOO overdone (the whole shadow magic pwning regular magic thing).
With exception of parodies, I wish the magics were treated more like equal things like you're doing.
The only advantage a shadow user should have would be the lack of knowledge about their powers, and even that can be remedied if the other side knew where to look.
Nicely done.
Dana Sto Helit chapter 27 . 5/10
Well, that was cool.
Blitza chapter 27 . 5/9
Ok, the ending was just amazing. I never saw that coming.
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