Reviews for His Forever, Willing or Not
Hi chapter 16 . 12/8/2015
Nuu! sequel pwease ;(. Ill love you 4ever if you do 3
CatGirl1129 chapter 8 . 7/9/2015
Love it! Loved every beginning and end cuz there funny. P.s My name was in chapter 7, Jillian. LOL!:-)
Bjorn Mektig chapter 16 . 8/27/2014
Pleeeaaaase make a sequel :3
GothicAngel120 chapter 16 . 9/3/2013
MAKE A SEQUEl!MAKE IT!MAKE IT!MAKE! IT! This is awesome! _
Rabenofdarkness27 chapter 7 . 4/27/2012
Lol loved I read it three time cuz I loved it :I
KeriThePigeon chapter 16 . 5/7/2011
OMFG DON'T END IIIIT! ! Actually, I've never made a story on fanfiction. But if you can't find anyone message me at
Brea4458 chapter 16 . 5/7/2011
nooooooooooo, oh well, i guess it was great while it lasted! thanks for the heads up that you were ending it so that i didn't have to keep checking back every two days seeing if you updated yet! thanks for all the work you put into this story :D
Noneofyourbusiness chapter 15 . 5/3/2011
WOW! I love this story so far, I've been reading it non-stop until now. Please update, I'll be checking for it every day until you do.
Brea4458 chapter 15 . 5/2/2011
hmmmm this shall be interesting... i don't believe you would kill robin... but! you never know!
KeriThePigeon chapter 14 . 4/22/2011
Brea4458 chapter 14 . 4/20/2011
LOL very funny! the end at least, that would make a very interesting story if you put all those listed elements into it!
JoshNY chapter 14 . 4/20/2011
Great chapter. Was lmao at the conversation at the end. Keep up the good work
miho takeru chapter 14 . 4/20/2011
I think maybe if Robin save Raven and being abusive is better...
Milanord chapter 14 . 4/19/2011
to short but it was good

i want bb dead no one hits raven
icecoffee18 chapter 14 . 4/19/2011
Awesome! I love your little conversations at the beginning and end, they're so funny. ;) Can't wait for more! D
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