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Myron23 chapter 4 . 9/1
Vasir is such a misunderstood character.
She's an honorable Asari, as she pays her debts. The SB gave her information that turned her into a hero, and now the SB has called in that debt, by ordering her to kill Liara, because hey, he doesn't want her to find him.
Elizabeth.Electrica chapter 105 . 6/22
Is impossible not fall in love with a volus! They are so fuckin cute!

"Fors Luka Spectre" OMG! That sound so good! 3
Elizabeth.Electrica chapter 93 . 6/19
OMG! Es imposible no amar a Fors Luka!
Elizabeth.Electrica chapter 70 . 5/16
Definitely you are insane! And I love that!
Elizabeth.Electrica chapter 38 . 5/1
"How does Shepard stand it, night after night, no more expression than an iguana in a terrarium?"

OMG! I laugh so hard!
dekuton chapter 162 . 4/30
Holy...the entirety of this story took me...2?3? Months to read. And I am not slow at all. I was drawn in and it wouldn't let me that I've finished it I honestly don't know what to do with myself. I shall miss all your original characters as tho they were long time friends. A lot of your canon threatens to overwhelm the established canon by bioware in my head and I don't mind cause yours is simply better. That last chapter...the last page...I felt a piece of me grieve with each internment in the Mausoleum . My big tough manly self cried no less then four times. Probably more. Its been an emotional ride for me personally. I will cherish this story for as long as my memory retains it and I thank you for every written word and chapter
From the bottom of my heart. Thank you so very much for this. Its been an honor to bread it.
Elizabeth.Electrica chapter 2 . 4/23
Wow! This is amazing! A new council more inclusive with the other races, the idea of create new reles, the new place for the council or even the hybrids babies, they are all greats ideas! God I love your imagination!
PNova chapter 1 . 4/11
So, I haven't finished this, but as of chapter 85 it's still amazing and has absolutely believable and likeable characters. But one thing bugs me a lot. The science. The main nagging thing for me is the fact that a lot of the characters decisions and the plot is based upon the physical superiority of the Turians in terms of strength, speed, and endurance. Canonically and in this story, Turians have blue blood due to hemocyanin, which means that they use copper in place of iron to transport oxygen to their cells. This is a perfectly viable method of oxygen transport, and many terrestrial mollusks and arthropods use hemocyanin. If there was a scarcity of iron and an excess of copper in the environment of Palaven, it would make sense for the majority of Palavens land animals to have hemocyanin. However, hemoglobin is far far more efficient. Hemocyanin only outperforms hemoglobin in very cold, low oxygen environments. So while more efficient muscle connection sites and semi-hollow bones would make turians faster and stronger than humans, humans would literally be running circles around the turians in terms of distance running. For example, with genetic modifications for endurance, both Dara and Eli should have finished the 40km runs far before their turian counterparts because they would be able maintain a steady pace without having to rest or stop at all, and should finish only lightly winded due to the fact that humans are literally designed to be incredibly efficient distance runners and hemoglobin performs incredibly well in the high temperature and oxygen rich environment of Palaven, especially after training a mile above sea level on Mindoir. So yeah, humans should blow turians out of the water in all aspects of endurance except in very cold low oxygen environments. (Aside from the whole chafing thing, 16-18 hours of physical exertion should be far easier on a human than a turian in terms of exhaustion, if you know what I'm referring to ;).) Other than the science, this story really is an amazing exploration of a group of absolutely fantastic characters and I praise the author on her ability to create such lifelike characters and relationships that I actually care about and am invested in, which is saying a lot considering that they are entirely made of text and half of them are of a fictional species. (P.S. Elijah is one of my all time favorite male protagonists because of his evident flaws and his growth despite them, plus he's also really likeable for some reason.)
Sleep chapter 132 . 3/28
People need sleep y'know. Second time reading and I still cry about Rellus and Dara, would be cool if Biowa- nevermind, the evil EA should totally adopt the culture because you gave (in my opinion) a better backstory and development than the entire dev team of Bioware. Mass Effect Andromeda is something I hope has some references to the community, especially this fic. You should try posting the sequel or an alternate verse where the first (or second) sims were true. I.E Kella lives, Eli dies, or something like Serana and Eli break up rather than poor ol' Rel. When I re-read it, the transformation for Fleet Rel was more than implied, although I do not say this as a critic, just pointing out that Eli would've been a much more suitable candidate for combat-addiction, since Lantar has to basically beat his head in to get him to split between his life and military life. It does seem odd that while most people realized that Eli had a problem, nobody noticed that Rel had a problem until Tal Mae was screwed all over to hell. Would be nice to see a chapter where instead of Eli, Rel helps Dara through her transition to Rachni Broodmother. #IshipDara/Serana
Aelund chapter 162 . 3/15
So it has come to my attention that apparently I forgot to leave a review after I finished reading this masterpiece.

I read it quite a while ago already, but I must say that this was probably the best story I ever read, since I was literally glued to my kindle reading it every free moment I had for about two months. I do not think anything else has ever managed to capture my imagination like this story did. It is on a whole another level of quality compared to most fan fiction out there, and possibly quite a large amount of published literature(though there are a lot of crappy published works, especially since self-publishing became easy, so this is not really surprising).

I cannot really write out in detail exactly how great this fic is, because it was a while since I read it and it is not fresh in my head, so I will just say that it was a wild ride and everyone who loves Mass Effect should give it a try.
blackwind2254 chapter 91 . 1/13
After rereading this wonderful beast of a story many, many times over, I can only say that it is one helluva sorry that brings tears to my eyes when reading about the Bastion plagues. Speaking as a medical professional too, it hits even harder. Bravo Myetel. Bravo.
Tuc396 chapter 162 . 12/29/2015
How... How does one reflect upon a piece of this magnitude? I've been reading this on and off for over a year now and I can finally sit down and say, "I finished it." I... I'm speechless. How can I possible even attempt to put my thoughts and emotions into words with all that has happened? It was magnificent, beautiful... It gave me a new sense of interpretation of the world around me. Hundreds, if not near thousands of characters introduced that all feel so very much alive. So much has happened in this epic not only in terms of story, but my own life as well. It's amazing to compare the very beginning to the very end, how much I have changed as a person even.

I will forever treasure this because it just shatters so many expectations of what people perceive from fan authors. Thank you.
Unca Bob chapter 162 . 12/17/2015
What do I even say? This story is a monolithic wonder. For all it's faults and imperfections it's drawn me in and captured my imagination for hour after hour after hour. And make no mistake, it isn't perfect. There are sections that are awkward and sections that drag. But I still kept coming back for more.
I've come to love the characters and gotten so invested that I just had to keep reading to follow the story, with more than a few nights extended well past reasons limits under the mantra of 'I'll just finish this chapter.'
The vast intricacies and depth of lore crafted here have lit up my imagination and delighted my mind to such a degree that I now have trouble discerning which details comes from the games' canon and which were explored here. The work put into this story is phenomenal and I could expand upon it in stupefying length. Could.
The simplest and single greatest compliment I can give is the shear emotional reaction that I've had all throughout the story. But that pales in comparison to the final epilog. I knew going in that it would be a sad read. What I didn't know as that I'd spend almost three hours crying my way through it.
All told I must have spent full days worth of time reading this story. Time well spent to the last second.
Pint-sized She-Bear chapter 140 . 10/26/2015
The character development for Rellus and Seheve is fantastic
Pint-sized She-Bear chapter 139 . 10/26/2015
Hell of a chapter
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