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Vongola Princessa chapter 1 . 9/4/2015
Hi hey hello pls update much love
hitomi65 chapter 1 . 3/7/2015
Nice story
rokudaime09 chapter 1 . 12/27/2014
Ah is there any sequel on this? I want to lnow the emperors reaction as well as suzaku! I hope she's pregnant!
budchick chapter 1 . 11/9/2013
I loved this story and now think that we need more Princess!Lelouch x Knight!Suzaku in this fandom.

I really liked how you kept Lelouch as a Princess and then found a way to introduce Suzaku in a way that was realistic, without losing any of that - good person I knew from long ago connection. The bit where you tell us about Suzaku saving Nunnally without getting any reward - and still would do it again - was utterly perfect. I liked that Lelouch recognised his good character. (I love that Suzaku's finally getting his 'reward' after all those years. He totally deserves it!)

Other really good bits: Lelouch being demanding, and deciding not to use a condom, not knowing what to do and still trying to stay in control anyway, and that last bit where you keep us guessing about WHETHER SHE GOT PREGNANT. If this was true to a fairytale kind of story, I imagine that daddy finds out, Suzaku gets sent after Lelouch, the couple make a stand and since everyone in the royal family (save for Charles) loves Lelouch, Brittania gets overthrown from within!

Thanks for writing this. Really enjoyed the ride.
SignDowny chapter 1 . 12/21/2012
This was quite cool. Too bad it's just a one-shot. I'd loved to see more!
Eien-Kiseki chapter 1 . 1/23/2012
I'm not really into gender switching at all but since reading this fanfic, and Love, Or Maybe War I've sort of fallen in love with Leloucia xD I love how her personality is in part so similar to Lelouch, but at the same time you add female principles and restrictions that make it possible to separate them as two distinct characters. This is so cool . I wish for more Leloucia stories from you :D
Anna H. Caldwell chapter 1 . 12/27/2011
I love it! Is there any chance of a sequel? Plllleeeeeeaaaaaasssse?
RoguefanAM chapter 1 . 12/3/2011
omg, i wanna see the kings reaction and suzaku's to lelouc(ia)'s leaving. and poor euphy...its not too hard to see which guard she had her eyes on. hope to see an update for this sometime, and all the other cool fics you've got!
Frog-kun chapter 1 . 10/23/2011
I'm going to combine my review for this story with that of 'Game, Set' because I saw a lot of similarities between the stories (obviously, them both being fem!Lelouch fics). I felt a lot of my comments were going to cross over and I'm just a lazy so-and-so at heart so what the hey.

Let me start by saying I am usually against genderbending fanfics with a fiery passion. I don't know why, but something of the original character is lost during the gender transformation process. The character becomes TOO much like the opposite gender, making him or her seem like an OC with a vague resemblance to this character from a show I might have seen. That, or they remain essentially the same person, which made me wonder why the author had to mutilate the character's genitals in the first place.

There is no hard and fast formula. There is no single, defining method of doing genderbending where I can just point at and say, "Do this and you'll pull it off." In the end, to me, it comes down to gut feeling.

My gut feeling says you've pulled off Luluko to perfection. For the life of me, I can't quite figure out how you managed it. If I could hazard a wild guess, it would be that if I really sat down and thought about what a female Lelouch would be, it would be what you wrote: Lelouch with a vagina. Stubborn, intelligent, proud, and her femininity is kind of just there. It's not the most defining aspect of her character, but she's not going to totally disregard it either. In Petite Rebellion, Leloucia didn't angst about wanting to be a guy or anything like that - instead, she used her femininity as part of her plans. I found this very satisfying and refreshing to read.

Overall, I preferred to Petite Rebellion to Game, Set. The former just had more depth, backstory and buildup to the sex. That being said, Game, Set introduced me to the kickass Leloucia first and I was captivated by both fics from the first words. It was like a testing ground to me, and I found I liked what I saw. Petite Rebellion improved on those little areas I felt Game, Set could grow on, but I loved the concepts of both.

Of couse, fem!Lelouch/Suzaku is only one step away from hard yaoi, but I found these stories very entertaining to read, because the way you wrote it made me forget Leloucia was meant to be male from the beginning. I don't quite know. It didn't just feel like some kink like it does with other fics (even though you were filling writing to the Kink Meme). Anyway, these fics did a lot to prepare me for the yaoi when I eventually read it. I actually prefer this to the yaoi, at least where the sex is concerned. I like how Suzaku and Lelouch's interaction, but I just don't find gay sex appealing. (Not the fault of your writing, of course. I'm not homophobic but I just don't find gay sex hot. I'm not a fan of anal, even in straight sex.) So the het in both fics was very nice.

You write very detailed lemons. It's explicit and very vivid as far as the actions are concerned. It doesn't shake this feeling of being "girly porn", but honestly, I wouldn't want it to. I don't read this to fap to, in other words. Sometimes, I reread your lemons, but I mostly prefer to reread the dialogue that builds up or the awkward post-sex conversation. For some reason, I like how you do the latter in particular. In both fics, I liked how Leloucia wanted to be on top; I found that quite hot. Also, it was neat how you addressed the issue of contraception here. It's not often love scenes mention those, and that gave your stories a sense of realism.

I liked the divide in power between Leloucia and Suzaku. It helped give that blur in dominance which makes the Lelouch/Suzaku kind of interesting. (I once had a debate with my friend on which one of them would be seme and we came up with equally valid points for both. So yeah, I get headaches.) I liked how in Game, Set, they felt more equal due to their being childhood friends. The ending montage was actually really sweet. But yeah, in Petite Rebellion, I liked the connection they had there, too: that moment when Suzaku talks about how he wants to protect Leloucia after they have sex was really well done.

One of the minor issues I had with Game, Set was that I couldn't find myself LIKING your portrayal of Suzaku, even though it felt true to his character. He felt closer to his portrayal in R2 (which... made sense). So I looked the change in premise in Petite Rebellion, because that Suzaku felt more like the Suzaku from R1. I like him better when he's insignificant, it seems. I loved how he was just as stubborn and proud as Leloucia, but in his own way. I really FELT the chemistry. It felt genuine, not forced.

What else...? Oh yeah, Game, Set didn't have any references to other characters besides our mains, but I liked the bigger cast in Petite Rebellion. I found Euphemia adorable - her relationship with Leloucia was very sweet and sisterly. I found it even more adorable than her siblingship with Nunally for some reason. I am a huge sucker for sibling-centric stories, so this little glimpse of what Lelouch and Euphemia could have been made me feel very squishy on the inside. I really liked in particular when Euphemia brushes Leloucia's hair, and that careful mix of detachment and caring you have Leloucia show in response. Leloucia is just as concerned with the big things as Lelouch is, making her fail to appreciate people like Shirley and Euphemia. Anyway, well done with that. I liked C.C. and Charles as well. C.C. is as awesome as ever.

So yeah, I'm being biased toward Petite Rebellion in this review, but you know what? Who cares. XD One more thing I'd like to mention that I enjoyed about it is how you didn't make Leloucia end up with Suzaku. It played out like a straight love story in parts, so having that subversion made the story FIT somehow. It was a more cynical story about what sheltered princesses could have been. I found it strangely appropriate that she would have to rely upon only herself in the end. That last conversation with Nunally was really well done, made me feel for Leloucia (and Lelouch) in a way that made me want to go "B'AWWWWWWWW". Both stories felt like they could have had more in them, a continuation perhaps, but I like where they ended.

As for your most recent fem!Lelouch fic, I'll write a separate review for that. I'm running out of characters in my review again, hahaha. Sorry about these essay reviews I've been writing, I tell you when there's something I love to read, I could ramble on about it forever. But I think it's best I end my reviewing here for now because yeaaaaah it's getting late as I write this. Expect more reviews some other time? :3

DaCarHorn chapter 1 . 9/25/2011
Talk about teenage raging hormones...

Damn, I swear that all you literary magicians here on FFnet are going to be the death of my real life if this goes on. I think that comment says it all.

You guys are awesome and I love you all. Thanks!
Algea chapter 1 . 6/27/2011
That was so sweet! Leloucia's first time was absolutely believable, Suzaku was great - so attentive, so tender and so understanding.

Thank you, that was beautiful.
blackwingsgreeneyes chapter 1 . 3/23/2011
Aww I kind of wanted Suzaku and Leloucia to end up together! XD

Great story though!
buttcake chapter 1 . 2/28/2011
Reading this has made me realize just how long it's been since the last time I read a straight M-rated fic. Lol.

'Twas very well written! :) Love it~ Great job!
Guest chapter 1 . 2/23/2011
Is this truly a one shot?

There is a definite air of unfinishedness here.

Like the fact that Lelouchia had a possibility of happiness of Suzaku if she had chosen to kiss him that moment

Also, much want on the flying rage mode of Charles

I'm sure if Lelouchia was actually pregnant then Suzaku would help her take care it because he is that kind of guy

Anyway, fantastic job

This could be canon
touchreceptors chapter 1 . 2/23/2011
All right, I'll be honest. I do still like het very much, BUT I've realized lately that no matter how it is, I'd pick Lelouch over Leloucia any day. (It probably has to do with my whole love for canon thing, or maybe I find it hotter when Lelouch is presented as male and a prick, idek)

HAVING SAID THAT, HOWEVER - your Leloucia now holds the GOD position above every other Leloucia/Luluko I've ever read. There are certain, thoroughly entertaining twists in fanfiction which simply aren't exploitable if they were to involve Lelouch instead of Leloucia, AND this story is one of the best illustrations of this I've seen, ever. (Who'd care as much if the PRINCES slept around as they liked anyway?)

Allow me to elaborate. Characterization is A. I've been waiting a long long time for a Leloucia who is simply LELOUCH WITH A VAGINA (AS IT SHOULD BE) to come along and this, I believe, was it. Seeing how s/he reacts to the complications of being a PRINCESS who remains in Britannia (dealing with political marriages, guards who won't let her step out of the palace grounds) was not only entertaining, but believable, and how sheltered she is is conveyed subtly (and very aptly) in the way she first tries to plan her escape - no elaborate scheming, just out the kitchen's staff-only passage, anxious about it all the same - JUST like a rebellious little princess looking for a little trouble, oho.

And through all this you bring flashes of Lelouch still - I'm still marveling at her attitude that went with the simple answer of "Out." because that entire scene played LIKE A MOVIE for me. And the line she said to Charles that earned her a nice reprimand askjfhakjsghkjdghadkjghkh (EXCELLENTLY WRITTEN, THAT WHOLE PART) And then there was that subtle insult in her phrasing of "You like ranks, don't you?" that also got me going . And then there was "Don't touch me.", and of course I needn't mention the whole awkward but determined/stubborn virgin thing xD (and the furiously wanting to DOMINATE lolol)

And ah, Suzaku. Handsome, charming, infuriatingly self-righteous/stupid and noble Suzaku. I love how you handle his manners, the way he deals with the stubborn princess, and his whole goddamn TECHNICALITY about it ("how far?" LOLOL and his choice of words when responding to her question about whether or not he liked it) - ALL while making it so evident that there's still a real character beneath all that propriety. Much love.

And some things which caught me off guard which I absolutely adored as well:

1. Leloucia hiccupping upon panicking. I think I D'AAAAAAAAAAAWED. Out loud.

2. Suzaku's expression of pride afterwards, and not just this, but the entire way you wrote those few lines. I can't even explain why, but I really do like this. Just know that it leaves a warm glow in my chest like no other het romance has ever done (if there was some other het romance like that I can't remember). The entire scene is 3

3. The uncertainty of pregnancy you left in the air, because after the Luluko thronesex you wrote the last time and how she mentioned the morning-after pill there, I wasn't giving much thought to the consequences here, so that was unexpected. But still eeeeeeeeeeeeeekk 3 at the prospect of BABYZAKU from a one night stand with the princess he loves, and because yes Leloucia you little priss, shit IS going to fly when you insist on having it without birth control lmao.

4. That subtle, naughtier side to Nunnally you brought out in all that joking, teasing and laughing - which really, really helps in making Leloucia's love for her all the more believable. That she accepts her sister's proposition without much protest is also 3 and now I think I want to see more naughty Nunnally.

I also love how you ended it - slightly bittersweet, atypical and just the right amount of resolution for a oneshot request!

But at the same time I'm actually kind of unsatisfied now because I want to know what happens next!

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