Reviews for Things We Don't Tell Humans
Lauren R chapter 72 . 6/18
Good Primus, please update soon!
Autobot Mech-Ops chapter 72 . 6/1
Acidwing chapter 72 . 5/17
I love your plot, I love your writing style, I love your charecterization, I love everything! It's been a while since I spent a whole day reading non-stop, and it was certainly a time well-spent!
Akahime chapter 72 . 5/13
I think this is probably the third time I've re-read this story, I love it so much! I hope things are going well for you and that you will have the time to update my favorite Transformers fanfic. Keep up the amazing work and don't let what other people say keep you from writing awesome stories!
SoulMore chapter 72 . 4/19
kiwi8fruit chapter 72 . 3/25
Hey we should trade weather! I'll share some Cali balmy drought, and you can give me some snow.

Enjoyed your chapter
Kyrsten Ruk chapter 72 . 2/27
Hi there. :)
I've been following this story for some time now, and have honestly enjoyed the plot twists and the way you flesh out the characters. You have a great way of telling a story, and I hope you write more.
Please don't take what idiots might say to heart. After all, remember that there are rude people out there who take pleasure in being bullies and discouraging others. Please don't let one jerk stop you from completing this wonderfull story.
Take care and stay warm.
KyrstenRook chapter 72 . 2/28
Hello. :)
Just wanted to let you know how much I have enjoyed this story. You are a wonderful storyteller, and have a great way of showing the depth of your characters.
Please ignore the rude person who said they felt you're story had two many shortcuts to happy endings. I think he/she is jealous because they're lacking the creativity to come up with such ideas themselves.
Personally, I think it's really neat how you're showing that there are always chances for redemption if we just accept them.
I hope you don't quit writing, and that you complete this story. I always look forward to your next post with anticipation, and wonder what you're going to do next.
I'm freezing here inPa, and I know it's much colder and nastier in Mass where you are.
Please stay warm and safe.
Take care,
Guest chapter 72 . 2/26
Bro, I for real liked this but it feels like you keep cheating. Megatron is the bad guy-surprise! Hacked. Barricade? Spy! Mikaela? Hacked! Soundwave? Hacked worried daddy! Banachek? Priest of Primus! Mearing? A total canon bitch who is completely counterproductive-surprise! actually a stand-up lady who nobly wants to protect everyone if only ?unknown forces? weren't preventing her! I will bet all my monies Shockwave will turn out to have been blackmailed or hacked or Elita's long-lost twin. Reading chapter by chapter it was ok, but I just reread everything and it's kind of making me NUTS. I'm all for happy endings, but the constant shortcuts to them are making me crazy. Just something to maybe think about...
Kiri Kaitou Clover chapter 72 . 2/26
Do you know how much I want to thank you for writing such an awesome fanfic? Because other than Black Dragon Queen's Cover Me, this has got to be one of the best Transformers movie!verse fanfic I've read yet! And yours covers all of the first three movies, which actually makes me really happy!
Passerby chapter 34 . 2/19
I read the AN, and I'd like to inform you that as a reader of this fic, that I'm Korean.
STARSCREAM RULEZ chapter 72 . 2/13
I'm fascinated by what you're gong to do with Mearing's characterization. So glad you're back! Shabbat shalom! -Allsparkchild
Guest chapter 72 . 2/11
Yay, you're alive! Hallellujah!
HonorGuard Ra chapter 72 . 2/10
This story yet lives. I was starting to worry. *grins* I love that Soundwave is coming back to himself!
BookLovingPersonR.B.L chapter 26 . 2/10
XD LOL! LOVE how halfway through the previous chapter (I already reviewed it, so I'm reviewing on this one), Ratchet hit Optimus over the head with Megs' plating! XD I DIED LAUGHING! Please let there be more funny moments like this in the updates!
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