Reviews for Things We Don't Tell Humans
GhostGirl chapter 73 . 9/19
This story is phenomenal. I could barely put it down. Congrats for sticking with it for so long! And thank you, truly, for coming up with such a unique, complicated, and thoughtful story.

I hope that life gets easier for you soon.
Ai-2005 chapter 27 . 9/20
iShockwave has Megatron/i
much later you says that Shockwave was a coding expert who worked WITH Megatron and hacked him. How can he be a leader of uprising?
Leafdragon117 chapter 73 . 9/13
Hello! I found this story, or maybe a BOOK!? Like, two days ago, and it IS AWESOME! Seriously, this is like the best story I've ever read that is not by a real author. And it's so FREAKING LONG! After the first chapter, I saw that it had 73 FRAGGING PAGES! AND the chapters were long, too. This is deserving of a party for 48574846 hours. It's hilarious too!

By the way, it took me at least three days to read this. Normal chap sizes would have only taken 2 hours.

You. Are the epitome of a successful writer. But, unfortunately, Transformers is copyrighted. :(. You know the *little spats* that you write? They are the very thing that makes my overly stressful 7th grade day, amazing. They are me. Like, I would do that. It's so hilarious.

I also love your "AU", and yes, I know it means "alternate universe". All of the characters are awesome! It feels like Transformers Prime combined with the movie-verse. The characters are so relatable, like the people I would gladly spend my LIFE with.

Anyways, congrats on reaching 73 chappies, over a thousand reviews, being a recommended fanfic, yadda, yadda, yadda.

This fanfic AND you is/are amazing. No arguments.

It's rather obvious that you live in Boston. I live on the West coast! I would have gladly gone to your meet-up, but, REASONS.

Oh, also, GOOD LUCK IN LIFE, WRITING, AND EVERYTHING ELSE. That goes for your friends that need help, too. I feel so sorry for those you mentioned that need help. Also so sorry for forgetting there names ALREADY!

Oh, yeah, you know what? This AU is so much more livable than the real one. That means I can understand /like it a lot better.

Ok, enough rambling, one LAST question. Are you going to do Transformers Age of Extinction? If so, PARTY TIME! Update soon! Bye!
NotOnTheBox chapter 48 . 9/10
To new readers; 95% of this story can be summarized as such:

A middle-aged woman shrieking "BABIES!"

The remaining 5% consist of angry-female-is-alpha tropes and a boatload of OCs.
Yami-The Lord of Darkness chapter 73 . 8/29
Please update soon
1Timberwolf chapter 73 . 8/25
(loud round of applause) So glad to see another great chapter! Sorry for the very late reply, but I was in the middle of re-reading the whole story and didn't want to interrupt the flow. Even after all this time, there are still chapters that choke me up, once again great job and I can't wait for more.
Passerby chapter 73 . 8/16
I really thought you were dead.
Good to see you're still writing.
LGTracy chapter 68 . 8/12
Really wished you could have found a way to incorporate the "exceedingly Japanese," line. That was funny in the movie.

Enjoying the story!
RaesofBaNaNaColoredSunshine chapter 72 . 8/11
This is the guest reviewer Rae

K sHIT U NOT I DAMN WELL NEAR CRAPPED MY PANTS WHEN I SAW MY FLIPPING NAME IN YOUR A/N! AND I NEARLY DIED OF HAPPINESS WHEN I SAW CHAPTER 73 WAS UP! Sorry, sorry it's just while I haven't been a fan of yours for long, your writing has influenced a lot of my thinking an decisions for the TF OCs I'm currently creating right now.

I love this story, I love how natural it feels, how the characters are given more life and depth and little hidden agendas that make this so fresh and unique. This isn't a Good vs Evil story. It's shows war and suffering and a culture.

And I have taken so many life lessons from this story. It... This story has helped me through some pretty dark times, especially this past year. I really can't thank you enough for crafting this amazing story.

So here's to you, cheers!~

PS here's that hug xD *glomp*
SoulMore chapter 73 . 8/11
Bookworm Gal chapter 73 . 8/10
The dramatic scene from the third film where all hope seems lost... You did quite well with this. Fantastic work. And I'm sorry about your friends dog.
STARSCREAM RULEZ chapter 73 . 8/10
Absolutely wonderful update! -Allsparkchild
Bee4ever chapter 73 . 8/9
Loved this chappie! Can't wait to see what's next!
redsparrow1060 chapter 73 . 8/9
n Poor everyone. I'm really sorry about your friend, I hope she gets help really soon.

Thanks for the chapter and great job!
ennui deMorte chapter 73 . 8/9
Great chapter!
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