Reviews for Things We Don't Tell Humans
Ai-2005 chapter 75 . 8/13
reread fic. Remembered how good it is. Will here be mooooore?
Mr. Chaos chapter 75 . 7/24
So I have, over the last week, marathoned this fic and absolutely love it. While there are some weak bits (I'll get to that in a moment) the great stuff more than makes up for it. You have done very well at creating a very detailed world for these characters and expanding on little details to create amazing revelations and histories.

The negatives are small. I think you don't spend nearly enough time with the villeins. The Fallen gets no screentime at all and neither does Shockwave... which is odd for the latter as he is the reason for Megatron's fall. And yet... nothing. It would have been nice to see how they fit into your world and why they behave how they do and their reasons for doing what they do. I get the sense that you don't like the cons that much and would be happy to just tell stories about good bots and their crazy lives... and I have no problem with that. Just wish we could get more with Shockwave, the Fallen, the Constructicons, so on.

The other issue is the amnesia protocol. It just felt like a cop-out. You could have VERY easily made it that Sam and Carly were working undercover and their interactions and such were them secretly playing their roles. Would have been fun to see their fight (because they know they are being spied on) only to also hear them thought speaking about how much they love each other or even generic stuff... something like Carly is getting frustrated but in her head she thinks to Sam "Remember to tape Big Brother for me, okay?" and Sam is like "Yeah. Who do you think will win" and they are debating that even as they fight.
Taggg chapter 64 . 7/8
And is Wheelie traumatised that she both disfigured him AND then abandoned him?..

Also, in the earlier chapters, i think whwere Elita-1 talks with Riv about genders? Or it was Sarah? Anyway, it was before ROTF arc, but human asked about Wheelie and children-warriors :O (i read those chapter on AO3, so i don't know if it was here too)
Taggg chapter 63 . 7/8
i must say, I agree with Gamoora review. Sam (and some autobots) has so much holier-than-thou attitude towards Mikaela... when they just failed in her protection against one of the most dangerous decepticons and have no ground now to speak, lol. And now they are even justified in not telling her anything in the past - Soundwave would have learned! ugh. Even without her being hacked it must have really sucked being left so much out of the loop \ and it couldn't be compared with Sarah LEnnox situation, for example, i think /

It will be interesting to see how she wound up with Roddy and Co. and what happened with her those 4(?) years after her break up.

I suppose, Faust caught on with Meg's plan in bringing Cybertron to Solar system? And thinks that it can be good. I hope here the plan will look more adequate than just randomly forcing such a large object into stable system (it must cause all kinds of gravitational anomalies not only to the earth surface, lmao.
Taggg chapter 42 . 7/7
eh. you are seriously..kinda bashing mikaela (in favour of sam). ehhh. pity)) i liked her more than Carly!

"The boy was socially awkward in stressful or formal situations, but to the Autobots, they found his mannerisms to be a fresh truthfulness."
Ugh, really now?! \
TripleClubs chapter 1 . 6/23
I just wanted to say thank you for creating this story because not only is it one of my favorite Transformers fics out there but it's what got me interested in Transformers again. I remember finding this story back when it was only about 30 chapters or so but I kinda forgot about it for a while until last year when I found it again. After finishing all of the chapters that were out at the time I was left wanting more Transformers and I remembered that I never did get to finish Prime. So now over a year later I have finished Prime, Animated, G1, RB, RiD15, caught up with MTMTE & exRiD, and working my way through other animated series & comics thanks to this fic. So again thanks for writing this and reawakening my love for the series :D 3
gima2618 chapter 75 . 6/22
Omg omg I have literally spent three days reading this amazing story to the chapter that is now, and wow holy primus I so love this story and can't wait for the next chapter like wow you put the three movies so well together that I had to watched them again so freaking awesome and cool, I just hope starscream gets saves he looks like the one who has suffered the most aside from Megatron plus I would really like to see if he go a mate I so love Sam and how brotherly he is with bumblebee they make me so happy and Optimus as a father so cool and loving so glad he adopted Sam plus they are also brother which is cool too but really love how well to got the 3 movies all blend in
Guest chapter 65 . 3/25
Hey i just thought of something. Would the bots coding for the Primes protecter work in a series of if then else statements?(When Faust relaxed after seeing his primes needs were being met).
1Timberwolf chapter 75 . 3/5
Sooo, so glad to see another chapter. As for what I want to see is that I don't want to see Megatron get killed in this version and I can't wait to see Sam kick Dylan's butt big time for what he's done. Can't wait for the next chapters.
AutobotGuy710 chapter 75 . 2/29
Great chapter! Man this is getting good keep it up!
Guest chapter 75 . 2/27
thanks a ton for the update!
SoulMore chapter 75 . 2/27
kitty254781 chapter 75 . 2/27
I am so totally confused that I'm going to have reread your story from the very beginning, I just completely lost the whole thing, just so you know, but in any case nice chapter.
Bee4ever chapter 75 . 2/26
Awesome chappie!
Galem chapter 75 . 2/26
Wow. That was amazing! I couldn't stop shaking throughout the whole chapter. This is so exciting! But I am concerned about how things are going to end up for them after the war is over.
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