Reviews for This Isn't An Apology
An Author's Pen chapter 1 . 5/11/2014
I love the confessional tone. Peter's honesty makes him easy to empathize with, even as he doesn't ask for empathy. Some of the lines seem so fresh and poignant, like "They were beautiful people. And I likked them."

Peter also seems very human as he switches between inviting blame and trying to avoid it. His anger and depseration build the power that makes the last line "Don't you understand that that's punishment enough?" really powerful for me. It made Peter come alive to me. Nothing in this excuses him, but his self-torment is undeniable.

I only have two minor quibbles. Giving Peter a backstory of abuse may explain his insecurity, but I also feel that it takes a bit of power from the rest of the story. What really struck me in reading this is how Peter doesn't have an excuse besides cowardice and how he's struggling to deal with that fact. Throwing in abuse cheapened that struggle for a bit to me, especially because it seems very likely in canon that Sirius was abused by his parents.

I enjoyed your use of italics, bolds, underlines, and wonky spacing. In many parts of this fic these were used to good effect, but a few times they did seem unecessary, where the sentence already had enough emphasis without, such as "But I was already b/r/o/k/e/n anyway'".

Overall, I really enjoyed this take on Peter!
Lillith Aurora chapter 1 . 2/15/2011
Wonderful. I love the potency of the emotions.