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camillablue chapter 38 . 5/15

I just wanted to say that I sincerely enjoyed reading this. Your character development was amazing, and the romance was so intimate and adorable, I found myself rooting for Harry and Tonks almost instantly, despite never having read any Harry/Tonks stuff before. I loved how you handled their interactions with their canon pairings - Remus acted exactly how I would have expected, and Ginny was the spiteful little girl we know she can be - she called Fleur Pleghm for goodness sake. I always thought that was particularly mean.

Some of my favourite parts...

1. Wait! They don't love you like I love you. Oh man. My friends and I used to yell this out to each other and reading it immediately made me smile. I can see Tonks singing it so clearly.

2. Six years is enough to make it interesting. Heehee. Sirius's role was great in this.

3. Harry giving Dora his sweater. Got such warm feels.

4. Harry's seventeenth birthday. It was handled in such a classy way, very romantic.

5. The last five or so lines of the epilogue. So adorable.

Thank you for such a lovely story! I'm sure I'll read it again someday.

Goose chapter 4 . 5/3
Like the Maps reference.
typous chapter 32 . 5/2
yes it war and you keep them throwing a stunner! seriously how stupid are you? maybe that's the reason this story has only few follwer! please let this good guys to kill please. this is getting ridiculous you know?
typous chapter 29 . 5/2
they are fckng at war and they only throwing some pillow while their enemy has swords?! seriously. thats the only thing i notice in this story in every fight scene.
DnBeanie chapter 2 . 4/12
Oh my God! A Harry/Tonks story that not only keeps them in practically perfect character but is also well written? Thank you, kind sir, for writing this! Fantastic!
Guest chapter 11 . 3/23
You killed Sirius in this fic and justified it by saying it's an AU and people die?

He died in canon. He died here.

This is the opposite of AU.
Runecutter chapter 38 . 3/23
Whow what an ending to this long, exhaustive, awesome, comforting, souleating rollercoaster ride of a story.

I still think that you cling too closely to canon and are a bit too cowardly when it would have good oportunities to leave the trodden paths and follow your own ideas to their logical conclusion, too often has this forced return into the book path ended up in awkward scenes and stunned development of both characters and events.

I'm also not too happy with how much you bowed down to the aspects of canon that made me despair with HBP and DH namely scenes like the joyous foursome of ghosts leading Harry happily into his death and whispering soothing words... bah what a bunch of plotdriven wankers, all the more made worse by the absolute gorgeous description of Tonkses pain and anguish only moments before. Seldom there was a quartet of characters so totally OOC in an authors work already just because it was needed for the atmosphere. If you had to go with Hermione falling for Ron, couldn't you at least have put some work into it to make it a slight tad more believable than the books? After all they had a lot of scenes where they could have shown real romance and not the "ah their clawing each others eyes out is just URST" nonsense every second teenager fangirl spouted during the time the books were originally published.

Then there is this ease with which ALL of the main characters take up the Avada Kedavra... and it's completely unnecessary, the books alone have at least thirty highly lethal spells that do not cause damage to your soul when cast...

And from a writing standpoint... a lot of the breaks could have used a bit more smoothing, that often was very abrupt and it took some time to notice that once again they had changed times to sometimes months later...

But these things out of the way... it still stands, the romance itself, the slow and steady falling for each other between Dora and Harry was incredibly well written and a great thing to watch happen. with less of a rigid framework to keep them on the clear and narrow path of canon events and a slightly greater emphasize to all other characters around them it could have worked out to be a better story and a more formidable read, not to forget one of the best Honks entries ever made here.
Runecutter chapter 24 . 3/22
Actually... this is the first chapter i'm really completely unhappy with...

First of all the Seven Potters scheme is exactly the kind of visually appealing but stunningly idiotic parlor trick JKR used so often (Where was Hagrid for 24 hours between Voldemorts downfall and the evening at Privet drive? Why were the kids faster on Hippogryphs than the adults with proper magical travel? and not to forget the camping trip from hell aka Book 7) without thinking through all the consequences. Why not use polyjuice for ALL fighters but with hairs from random muggles taken on the streets of london during the last two, three days before the evacuation? That way NO Harry would be a giant target painted on a pair of escapees. .Then they should have at least TRIED to use stealth and magic to evade detection, even if that would not succeed in all cases or for a long time it would give them an advantage and lastly... why wait to the ultimate second of the "protection" lasting?
If you think through it more there would even be other options... like laying down a trap for the waiting death eaters e.g. by activating the warning for underage magic and forcing the ministry's hand...

I can understand the appeal to keep a story close to canon to have multiple chances of showing how your basic premise changes the situations and how it might turn out differently. But that is no excuse to just take over ever single dumb idea from the books and as we're coming closer to the end they amass incrementally.

The second thing i didn't like is Andromeda's little rant here about how useless Dora is in matters of the heart. It feels like complete and utter betrayal of the character you've now shown us for 24 chapters by a person which should not just feel entitled to keep her nose in her daughters affairs but also deeply care about her. Even Molly's stubborn meddling isn't half as nauseating as Andromeda going on a crusade against Dora's inability to make adult and emotionally mature decisions. Is there no bit of trust inside her for her daughter that fought an uphill battle against awful odds all her life? That had to live with being "a Black", "that chick that can look like your dream woman" and "the clumsy little auror bird" and still came out victorious and more or less emotionally intact? For harks sake she does not even ask for details and just jumps into the conclusion "thats nothing you would know how to do or undo". A big disappointment from the girl who left her family for love.

I REALLY love the way you show and develop the relationship between Tonks and Harry. Even the ups and downs were believable, sensitive and ultimately entertaining. But this strength is also a big downside as it mostly works the best when it hangs in a vacuum with no interaction with outside influences... Like them spending the summer mostly at night on the attic with nobody there to disturb them. Bring back in the canon storyline and it somewhat turns sour and tiresome to see how it is made to fit in between the bits JKR wrote without Tonks in her mind... Honestly the story line should have diverted a long time ago not just going into the Hallows Arc.

Argh i'm probably overthinking this too much, i should just enjoy the parts i'm happy with and speed over the parts that do not make me all tingly and joyful... i should, but i can't. So sorry!
Insert Valid Author Name chapter 38 . 3/10
...I don't think I've said this before, but this is my favorite Harry/Tonks story on the site. I've read it more than once, this being the third time, and I hope that, well, you finish your other story as well. I'm still waiting (since 2013) and I shall still wait. Best love story ever.
Godogma chapter 11 . 2/22
Its war and people die... So you kill Sirius offscreen and set back whatever small progress Harry and Tonks had made in the process. Purely for drama's sake from what I can tell.

Bravo. Bravura performance... This story has all of a couple of chapters to get better or I'm closing it just like I did the last four.
Blazeb79 chapter 38 . 2/8
Absolutely loved this story ! Best story I've read of HP to date!
Guest chapter 38 . 2/1
Thanks for writing this
Guest chapter 37 . 2/1
As good as when I first read it. So bittersweet I am sad to say there aren't many good Honks out there
Guest chapter 9 . 1/29
Hahaha I love this story, the author is really was the point of mediocre in his writing style and improving fast
DylanL chapter 38 . 11/18/2014
Great story. I love how u have such a way with words that all through chaps 36&37 I was getting teary eyed. Also I thought u were going to pull a 'Catalyst' when tonks fell lifeless down the steps in chapter 10 but that thought was only for a split second as I soon realized that it was stupid as u had another 28 chapters to go. I say this about all ur stories that I have read, but I loved this one and I wish u would finish half blood auror soon and maybe write more one shots like catalyst and 'coping methods'
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