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marcus nightfire chapter 37 . 7/26
Amazing story
Guest chapter 38 . 7/23
This story effectively solidified this pairing as my OTP, hehe. Thanks for sharing, reread this so much. Love this fanfic.
Temporal Knight chapter 37 . 7/6
Well it was nice to see them still getting the cup even if was just on a hunch and without Griphook. I also liked how you slipped in the Aberforth thing without needing to delve into the entire convoluted history of Dumbledore and Grindlewald and the family legacy.

Still super sad that Fred and Lupin were lost. Though I honestly started to expect with how closely things have been to canon despite the changes. The major stations have been struck sadly. In respect to this I must again thank you for sparing Dobby.

Tonks' grieving scenes were extraordinarily well done.

I was slightly expecting Tonks to end up being the one to kill Nagini with all the build up to how much she hated snakes and I've very glad that you didn't end up changing that section. Neville totally deserves that moment of sheer utter badassitude that gives him GAR status.

Okay so the Harry vs. Voldemort fight is now my head canon. Simple one shot, one kill book version was dumb; the movie way was good; this was the best.

Did I detect a small Princess Bride reference there with the kiss after the fight? It sure felt like one ;)

Okay so I like making McGonagall and Kingsley the spokesmen but with Harry and company being a bit smarter than canon...why are they still taking the Elder Wand in one piece? Why is it not broken in half and burned? He's entering a job where best case he gets disarmed a few times, worst case he gets killed. Yes, he's good but he's not good enough to never ever for the rest of his life not be beaten once. Break the stupid wand! The movie got that part right. That thing is a larger doom magnet than the freaking Horcrux's and has been throughout all history. Even if people think he left it in the tomb they'll still come after him to gain mastery and then go steal it. If he's going to be an idiot and keep the stupid thing than he should at least pretend that he broke it not left it lying around!

I actually like the inclusion of the final twist. I generally hate that man so much and I extremely hate how Harry named a kid after him. Sure he ended up being on the right side but it doesn't change the fact that he was a right asshole. I like how you acknowledged that but also kept them accepting each other. That made for a much better end to the character arc than canon brought about I think. Also hopefully that final interchange prevents the awful naming. Or that Tonks prevents it. It's rather blatantly obvious that Ginny never got any say in the names of her kids...

Speaking as one who came upon this long after publishing, I am grateful for the opportunity to move on to the epilogue. It was a very sweet look at a day in the life and it was cute getting to see what they decided for the names of the kids plus seeing Harry as a dad and Tonks as a mom. I would've liked a sequel too but I see that never ended up happening. I plan on moving onto the Half-Blood Auror however so when I reach the end of that one's posted updates expect a PM either begging for an eventual finish or begging for a quick and dirty summary so I can finish the head canon!

Most excellent work overall and I am so very happy to have found this in my archive binge! Bravo on nearly all accounts!
Temporal Knight chapter 33 . 7/5
Ooooh so Harry realizes he's a Horcrux eh? Eh? Sweet! This should lead to some interesting repercussions! Or just angst cause let's face it, that's pretty much Harry's default mode after his Saving People Thing.

They were soooo close though when on the Voldemort gave a Horcrux to his favorite Death Eater! Come on, follow that thread people! So few chapters left and we still have to get realization of the Cup. I am officially worried now. The diadem is easy once someone points out that Ravenclaw had one but the Cup isn't even on the radar yet...

I'm also a bit disappointed that Tonks seems to have read the letter but we the readers are left hanging. Oh well, benefits of coming into the story after completion is I can just keep reading to find out I guess.

By the by: thank you sooooooooooo much for not killing Dobby! He was the first time I've ever cried when reading a book.
Temporal Knight chapter 32 . 7/5
Well things are growing increasingly far from the original path as we progress further into the seventh year. I am liking this version and must admit I am impressed with how good the twosome did without Hermione tagging along to actually provide direction, insight and purpose. It's also interesting how some of the major stations of canon are being met but not all. Kreacher is nice but not slobberingly devoted, they still have no clue about the Cup (though I do wonder how we are going to get back to that now that the Malfoy manor is left behind...), the diadem was found but not in nearly the same fashion (honestly though if you feel the exact same reaction as a known Horcrux people...take the damn thing to be destroyed just in case...), and Griphook was not in the manor. Of course biggest of all is that there is still no involvement of the Hallows. I'm not opposed to the lack of Hallows focus mind you, I always felt Harry was a tad too obsessive in that regard but there are few chapters left now and they really have to show up at one point if we are still going to get the explanation on the wand, the snitch and the cloak in universe.

Concerning the wand itself, I find myself wondering if Harry's accidental disarming of Tonks counts as him gaining mastery since she had already taken it from Malfoy or whether she is still the true master since I think it's mostly been accepted that you have to actually mean to defeat someone for a wand to switch allegiances and while Harry obviously meant the spell to work I would think it wouldn't quite fulfill the conditions considering he doesn't want to defeat Tonks. Long rambling aside, I can see it working either way in the last battle.

I did think Tonks would be a bit more broken up there at the end though considering her earlier reactions. That said, I've always advocated that simple stunners on murders and rapists is not a good solution so I don't mind at all her actions. I'm just surprised that she doesn't mind as much anymore.
Temporal Knight chapter 26 . 7/3
Aww yet another very sweet set of moments. Good chapter and nice depiction, two thumbs up!

Hmm well we finally have a bit of a Butterfly coming on now what with Dumbledore leaving the book to Harry instead of Hermione this time. Interesting. I find myself wondering if the she is still going to end up running with the main two when the reception descends into entertaining and nice as it would be for just Harry and Tonks I honestly don't think those two would be able to finish the quest without our resident genius...
Temporal Knight chapter 25 . 7/3
Well that's an interesting move, taking Ron out of the Camping Trip of Doom. I'm not opposed to it at all. I like Ron but he's not particularly strong at anything and all he did during the trip was be a jerk anyway. The only downside is now poor Hermione is going to wind up in the awkward spot of being the third wheel while also being the brains of the operation. Poor girl just can't get any luck...

Is Hedwig alive?! Please tell me the owl made it this time!? Mad-Eye is always going to die in every story because he's too damn badass to not be knocked off before the main battle but the bird never did anything wrong to anybody!
Temporal Knight chapter 24 . 7/3
Don't call this one filler! I mean yes, I guess technically it is but it's these types of chapters that we read these fringe shipping stories for. Harry/Tonks isn't the most wide spread ship so it's delightful to read the quiet bonding/reaction chapters in the good ones!

Yay! I called Fleur and Tonks getting along better :) That was a nice speech both gave by the way I really liked Hermione's interject as well. It was great how she had been trying to get the word in during the entire speech. Wonderful little tidbits like that make things so much better. I am disappointed we didn't get to hear the full dressing down from McGonagall though.

You know I have a hard time seeing Tonks as a just doesn't quite fit the image she regularly displays. I don't mean to say I see her as promiscuous or anything, just...a bit more experienced than technical virgin I guess.

It's good to see Ginny willing to play nice. I hate when people make her into an annoying little girl just to get her out of the way of their preferred ship.
Temporal Knight chapter 23 . 7/3
Sorry for the lack of continuing reviews! I've been reading the chapters too quickly to take notes on each one...anyway I'm really loving the continuation so far! I'm still amazed at how you hit all the stations of canon with barely any changes yet still keep it incredibly grounded in a realistic romance.

It was nice to see them come out to everyone and I have to say I am not surprised that Hermione had been the first to know almost immediately or that Remus picked up on it beforehand either. Love Mad-Eye's reaction too. As well as Fleur. Those two will probably get along smashingly now ;)

I'm interested in seeing how closely you end up sticking to book 7 canon with Tonks added to the Camping Trip of Doom!
Temporal Knight chapter 13 . 7/1
Okay I take back my earlier comment. THAT was cute. It's for things like this that alcohol was invented and why it is an awesome creation of man.

Still utterly realistic depiction of an age difference relationship which is sad. Good thing Harry comes of age soon! Well...soonish...
Temporal Knight chapter 12 . 7/1
Hmm well it seems my review meant for chapter 11 wound up posting for 10...weird. Oh well, anyone reading reviews don't read my previous one until you've finished 11.

Awwwwww this was a super sweet chapter! Those two are so cute together! Okay I officially like this ship now. It still seems totally weird honestly but it is just too cute not enjoy it utterly.

I was honestly rather pleasantly surprised that the angsty misunderstanding didn't last nearly as long as I had expected it to. Thumbs up! Molly is being annoying again. Honestly, the only time I ever truly seemed to full on like that woman (beyond exasperated tolerance and mild annoyance) was when she was being all epic badass with her ending scene in seven...
Temporal Knight chapter 10 . 7/1
Ah well that answers that question. *Sigh* can't say I didn't see it coming though so I shouldn't be disappointed. Besides it would be too easy for the Harry and Tonks to get together if Sirius was around playing matchmaker anyway so it's probably for the best. I still feel the irrepressible urge to preemptively beg for Dobby and Fred to survive but seeing as how the framework is still firmly canon set and the story is already finished...I don't hold out much hope.

Ah, Harry, still the same poor stupid teenager who couldn't fixed half his problems both in canon and all fanfics if he had bothered to actually talk to anyone beyond Hermione pulling his teeth for answers and feelings.
Temporal Knight chapter 9 . 7/1
I was going to review sooner but I got up to Chapter 9 before I stopped for a breather so you get one that encompasses everything instead of piecemeal comments. To start with, it's incredibly refreshing to see a Harry/Tonks story that isn't a simple one off chapter or two but a fully fleshed out and finished story! I barely ever see those two together and while I tend to prefer Hermione, it's probably tied for the second favorite ship. I love Tonks and agree that any fic that ends with her still breathing is a vast improvement over canon.

The good points: I am amazed at how well you're handling the romance aspect. The existing issues were brought up, dealt with and are still in the process of being resolved. It's a realistic progression stemming mostly from a want of a nail aspect that began ballooning while still remaining mostly canon compliant! Which is very cool. (This does make me extremely worried though that Sirius, Dobby and Fred are all still going to end up dead because too much of the story is unaffected in the slightest so far. This is not a bad thing and as I said, I'm impressed by that but I hate those three dying as much as I hated Tonks dying. Mad-Eye I always kinda expected, same with Remus sadly.) The characterizations all seem mostly spot on too which is a great big thumbs up.

The bad points: I have very few of these to bring up actually. The only one really worth mentioning is that at least Chapter 8/9 (possibly from the beginning) should probably have a warning in the disclaimer that it would be difficult to follow without having read the fifth book. I totally understand and appreciate the time jumps (rather than retreading the whole year especially when not much would change) but it does make for a disjointed feel for someone not actually familiar with the full storyline of the novel beyond a general sense.
CharmedArtist chapter 38 . 6/16
This was wonderful. I love the way you wrote this - the plot, the characters, the way you believably carried over the emotions - and your romance was truly a joy to read. You made even regular canon interesting with the small twists you added, and the change to the Horcrux hunt was a welcome one! Fantastic job, really. Thank you for sharing!
camillablue chapter 38 . 5/15

I just wanted to say that I sincerely enjoyed reading this. Your character development was amazing, and the romance was so intimate and adorable, I found myself rooting for Harry and Tonks almost instantly, despite never having read any Harry/Tonks stuff before. I loved how you handled their interactions with their canon pairings - Remus acted exactly how I would have expected, and Ginny was the spiteful little girl we know she can be - she called Fleur Pleghm for goodness sake. I always thought that was particularly mean.

Some of my favourite parts...

1. Wait! They don't love you like I love you. Oh man. My friends and I used to yell this out to each other and reading it immediately made me smile. I can see Tonks singing it so clearly.

2. Six years is enough to make it interesting. Heehee. Sirius's role was great in this.

3. Harry giving Dora his sweater. Got such warm feels.

4. Harry's seventeenth birthday. It was handled in such a classy way, very romantic.

5. The last five or so lines of the epilogue. So adorable.

Thank you for such a lovely story! I'm sure I'll read it again someday.

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