Reviews for Shades of Discordia
Eris huh chapter 1 . 2/13/2011
For an OC this princess of yours doesn't sound bad. I gather she and Hermione are going to be at each other's throats, if she dares mispronounce Hermione's name as "Harmony" (aka Concordia).

Eireann means "Ireland", which would fit a HP character if one of them were to be her reincarnation. Also, Eriu, the Irish goddess that Ireland was named after, is equivalent to Badb, the Irish goddess of Strife, just like Eris is the Greek goddess of Strife. So the names fit.

What I don't get is what the name "Sincerity" has to do in the equation. Not only as part of the princess' name but, as I believe, also te name of Queen Serenity's sister, the Queen of Eris. What does "sincerity" have to do with Eris or Discordia?

If you want another option, you can always replace "Sincerity" with "Xena". XD Xena is the unofficial name that scientists used to refer to the dwarf planet Eris before it was renamed, well, Eris.

Seriously, though, I'd recommend "Aneris", if you listen to the "parody religion", "Discordianism" (no joke, you can see for yourself, if you look for Discordianism on wikipedia, that it really has its own lengthy article).

Another thing is the way Diana would address Queen Serenity as "Serenity", which is way rude given not even Luna or Artemis address er by name alone, she's always "Queen Serenity" Diana is just the guardian to Queen Serenity's niece (if I understood the hints right).