Reviews for Two And A Half Gods
MadHatterzChick chapter 2 . 6/7/2013
you mispelled luna and made her cirno...
nekokuro13 chapter 4 . 5/18/2012
Wow, Sanae's kinda crazier and naughtier than I imagined. But then, guess it runs in the family.

Kogasa, cat person? Yeah, I agree with you, Kogasa! Puppies are overrated!

Oh dear... Kogasa... I'll be very very worried too, if I have to share a room with THIS Sanae...

Miss Space Invader! XD Ah, their snappy bickering are often amusing... Predator pole arm? Armpit miko? Gah, Betty Boop? And... uh oh, they start to talk dirty. And... Junpei saved the day. Poor Kogasa, the only one with any sense here.

Hmm, good job with describing Satori.

Minnie Mouse! XD (reminds me of a Youtube video, Nazrin don-donpa) XD

And nice flashback. Have to say it is intriguing.

The chapter and this story so far as a whole, is okay, albeit needing some brushing up.

And... that part about the sudden power failure... Ouch, just ouch!
nekokuro13 chapter 3 . 5/8/2012
Rie? Ah, she ended up voicing out Sakuya instead.

'Damn that little vampire was adorable!' XD '...four feet eleven inches...' XD

Wow... Suwako is a devil... And all this time I thought her as cute...

Aw, poor Kanako...

Ah, Aya was even more perverted than the narrator! Bang goes my innocence.

Lol the Eastern European "V" part... XD

Wait, what does 'run a train' means? *Googles

*nosebleeds as innocence shattered to pieces. Instant KO

Ouch, Flandre outgrowing Remi it seems...

'"URAMESHIYAAAAAAA!"' - lol, wat happened after that, was priceless XD
nekokuro13 chapter 2 . 5/7/2012
'And here I thought Murasa was the only one among us that can cuss up a storm.' - lol a sailor alright.

'"It's not over until Yuyuko sings."' - Yuyuko: (creepy smile) Ufufu... I heard that, Nazrin...

'"Yukari, Yuuka, and Shikieiki came over for a visit and Suwako-sama had them rolling on the floor with laughter."' - rofl, Yuuka and Shiki?

'Sanae instantly lifted Suwako with one hand.' - XD

'"Gyah heh heh heh..." Marisa giggled. "I'm fat!"' - :3

'"I've just got all of that on my phone,"' - ouch, worse than a crazy Marisa gif I saw recently. '"Marisa's... crying? I am so recording this!"' XD '"Okay... I practically asked for that one."' -yea right!

Lol, the three's experience with Alice... just like I would've imagined.

'Sunny milked grunted.' - um, "Milk"? Not milked? And, it's Luna, I think, not Lunar.

Ah... SDM, where the more childish they look, the more insanely powerful they are.
nekokuro13 chapter 1 . 5/7/2012
Lol, me neither.

'"Are you Kermit the Frog's friend?" ' - ROFL'd XD

Suwako is a superloli alright.

'Shikieiki may appear to be a frilly little loli with an enormous responsibility and a deep voice, but she is indeed one of the most intimidating beings in the fandom.' - lol right.

Aw, poor Eiki, tough work, eh?

Ah, the generation gap. And when your great grandma is looking like a ten year old, that sure is awkward, even when her running mouth spoke like some old biddy, but with a child's voice.

Ouch, how ignorant am I all this time not to realize that Suwako is one of the oldest being in existence in Gensokyo.

'"The people from Hell I know are surprisingly civilized." At that moment, Okuu uprooted a tree and searched the spot where it used to be. "Or not."' - lol, good comedy effect there.

Ah, I haven't researched or written much about this side of Gensokyo... yet. But your depiction does really amuse. I guess I can get inspirations from here.
WillieG.R chapter 4 . 2/6/2012
Nuehehehehe~ And so the evils of Sanae's living in the Myouren temple have begun. Nue and Kogasa DO NOT APPROVE! But I am sure some... three-on-three action will settled them down. Nue might like that too much. After all, Kyouko's words are wise-oriented (huge lie). BTW, that book must have HURT!

Ah, and so, Suwako and Kanako were at it again, and this time, there was no Sanae (or baby god) to stop them. But damn, Suwako inflicted some damage there. Those bouncy mountains of faith were exposed nicely. WELL DONE MORIYA-SAMA! And speaking of Moriya-sama, I just LOVED how Satori reacted to the little goddess. It made ME want to hug HER! I'm amazed Orin didn't tackle her master to the ground. I would have. Ah, then getting so giddy like that! SO ADORABLE! Seriously, Orin, what's wrong with you?

And then there's that nice surprise at the end. I very much like how that young Kanako had poor Moreya on the ropes. Ah, but what an adorable little curse goddess came to the rescue. I wonder when did Kanako discover the truths of Moreya's words. Ahh, will have to wait to find out. Hopefully, Kyouko will have recovered from that blunt impact by then. She'll probably attack that flat-chested lesbian alien head-on. She's a proud youkai after all.
Mizu chapter 3 . 6/21/2011
Awesome story, hope you update it again soon. I especially love the dynamic between Suwako, Konaka, and Sanae (though I must confess to being slightly perplexed over how badly Suwako and Sanae took Kanako's idea to send her off to another temple for a bit to further her training).
origin of summoners chapter 3 . 6/17/2011
cool fic it really made me laugh some times can't wait to read the next chapter.
iliekmudkips chapter 3 . 3/25/2011
You know, I honestly dont care that theres a lot of fanon in here, This fic is making me damn near the point of busting a gut with laughter. Keep it up.
WillieG.R chapter 3 . 3/24/2011
I am seriously enjoying this way more than I should... No, I think I'm enjoying it just right. The Moriya shrine mess is one epic win, and comes with some fourth-wall breaking. BREAK THAT THING! Ahem, still, nice job mending it again. Hmm, Aya's a bit fresh, isn't she? Still, you did make Sanae cry... but I'll let it slide, seeing as she two-faced Kanako.

Oh dear gods, what did Kanako do to Suwako? Did they... did they have each other for a meal at night? Aya might want that scoop, unfortunate or not!

Awwwww! I wanna hug Koishi! Flandre made her cry, and now she's apologizing for something Flandre tried to do to her. Dammit, I want to hug that satori!

And, of course, Kogasa picked the WRONG target at the WORST possible time. Really, how unlucky and unfortunate can you get? So, will Sanae use the poor karakasa youkai as a punching bag, or... something else?

A few errors here and there were found, but once again, nothing to complain about. This is too much win!
WillieG.R chapter 2 . 3/17/2011
Oh yes, this is pure golden humor. Sadly, I don't really watch that much TV to get the reference. Anyway, aside from that, I am laughing hard at all these hijinks happening one after another.

Sanae playing the adult, while Suwako acts like a child? Yes, I can see this happening for real, just don't piss off the little goddess.

Nue and Nazrin going at it is just win. Those two should make a pairing for the next M1-GP. That will certainly be enjoyed.

Marisa, Suika, Yukari and Hatate. What have you done to that poor shrine maiden? Plus, stoned Marisa? I had to laugh hard at this. At least Hatate can... somewhat help... I guess. Yukari is no help at all. Another laughing fit when she just "drops" over.

And now, the three fairies failed thanks to Koishi, hot and sexy Meiling failed because of Koishi, and elegant and sexy Sakuya was mind-***d by Koishi. That little satori youkai is so much win! Gotta love her.

On another note, I found pretty, sexy and cute Byakuren to be as adorable as ever, even when punishing those two foul-mouthed girls. Oh well, will patiently wait for next chapter!
Anonymous Pyramid Head chapter 2 . 3/10/2011
And here we are greeted by the squabbling of a mouse and a nue...Despite the two arguing, they are both bark more than bite when it comes to the death threats~

I can't help but laugh at Nazrin's gangsta head-tilt though...

My, I never knew Nazrin could curse like that...

Speaking of squabbling, it looks like the Moriya Shrine has it's own bickering duo...In the form of Sanae and Suwako~

The moment Suwako said this:

"Does Cirno shit icicles?"

I can't help but laugh since I actually DO have that picture of Cirno taking a dump (as well as hundreds of other Touhou girls taking a dump/piss...If you are interested, hehehe)~

And I also notice that Suwako is cursing like a sailor as well as behaving childishly more than usual now that our futanari hell-raven is being buddy-buddy with her waki-miko~

Hehe, I have to congratulate you on your dialogue with Sanae and Suwako on this one...The look on Suwako's face must be priceless every time Sanae makes a Grandmother comment~

Scheming and cunning little thing, isn't she..? If her and Kanko aren't f*cking Sanae in her sleep with their cocks, they are f*cking each other...

Now moving on to Marisa's crib...

Man oh man...She is having a bloody, good old-fashioned Smoke & Booze session~

I knew there was something going on with Marisa and those Magic Shrooms she always looks for everyday...

And now we move on to the SDM~

Do my eyes decieve me..? Or do I get the vaguely implied hint that Star Sapphire (or is it Koishi) is checking out Meiling's assets..?

Hehe, I would (Hell, anyone would)...Out of the Three Mischievous Fairies, Sunny Milk is always the one depicted with a cock though...While the other two suck and f*ck her (i.e. rape)~

Judging by the conclusion of this chapter, looks like Koishi "The Loving Gourmet" Komeiji will be the guest of the SDM for the Italian dinner~

Hehe, If you've read those doujins about her, you know she loves to eat different food to sate her curiosity~

I am looking forward to chapter 3 of this lovely story...

(Say, are you planning on making some crack-pairings/yuri couples..? Just asking~)
WillieG.R chapter 1 . 3/9/2011
Oh, this is golden stuff. Made me laugh often, and I love that. That was a marvelous description of Byakuren there.

Now, I definitely like how Suwako acts here. She is one awesome goddess (to me), and you just made her even more awesome. What with her putting the children in the spotlight without much effort. And I hope Komachi can beat Contra 4 on hard mode soon. Another thing I'm liking is how you made Gensokyo modern. But maaaan, poor Sanae there. Hope she's conscious on the next chapter. Will definitely read it when it comes.
pf-joseph chapter 1 . 2/18/2011
Ha ha! I enjoyed this tale very much - an edgier yet funny feel to Gensokyo, with elements of the world beyond the border. The personalities of some of the characters, Suwako's especially, were very well explored. Much attention was also given to their chests P

Mm, I like the way you weave the scenes together, Nue and Nazrin fighting and then the comical depiction of the fistfight in a cloud. Characters know each other well, and behave accordingly.

Shou's description was something new to me - I didn't think anyone in the games would look more masculine than Wriggle.

And drifting between locales was also very well done - enough attention was given to the times in each scene so I didn't feel disorientated. It puts an ominous feeling together, that something might happen in these two places in future instalments?

I'm looking forward to your next chapter! Keep up the good work )
Anonymous Pyramid Head chapter 1 . 2/15/2011
This has got to be one of the most freshest and original Touhou stories that I have read, along with that familiar atmosphere of Gensokyo and it's maidens...

The way you portrayed their very, very homely atmosphere made me feel almost like I was standing (a very safe distance) there, listening in on the conversation~

The personalities fit very well, from Nue and Nazrin's bickering to the MILF-ish Byakuren and Kanako, even to Shou's neutral view of the first two's squabbling...

You also made Gensokyo very modernized as evidenced by Suwako mentioning the 'Family Guy DVD collection' and the TV in the Moriya Shrine, which is a very good setting~

Lastly, I can't tell you that your summary does this story no justice, because this is more than HUMOR...This is a nice slice-of-life and look at the lives of the denizens of not just the Moriya Shrine, but certain places and people in Gensokyo...

I'm looking forward to the next chapter of this fledgling masterpiece...And the hi-jinks and lulziness that ensues~
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