Reviews for Adopted Love
Lunari Sakana chapter 9 . 3/12/2011
Wow Zetsu being adventurous is kinda cute, i think Pein should just give in but thats just me. Love this story to bits cant wait for the next chapter.
Lunari Sakana chapter 8 . 3/5/2011
awe, so cute Zetsu is(lol Yoda :P) and Tobi too, yeah he finally told, Madara...oh I just want to kick him in the balls. This keeps getting better and better, can't wait for the next one.
DupesClause chapter 7 . 2/28/2011
Baby Tobi is so cute! :3's nice Zetsu likes Pein and all but isn't he a bit young? And what about Konan? D:

Can't wait for more!
Lunari Sakana chapter 7 . 2/28/2011, lol this was a cute chapter, I loved the 'talk' part, oh I hope Pein feels the same! I can't wait to read the next chapter!
Lunari Sakana chapter 6 . 2/28/2011
Awwe baby Tobi is so cute! Poor Pein geeze Madara is so cruel I just want beat the crap out of him, I have already come up with a few ways to do so! This is getting good and it is very exciting to read a new chapter! keep up the good work!
SlowMovingTime chapter 6 . 2/27/2011
This story is sad and awesome at the same time. I love Zetsu and Tobi so much! And Pein is being really awesome, as is Konan. Hopefully Madara will get what's coming to him soon.
Lunari Sakana chapter 5 . 2/26/2011
aw baby Tobi! how cute, I want to hug him too! can't wait for the next chapter! This is getting good.
DupesClause chapter 2 . 2/16/2011
NOOOOOOOOOOO! D: If Pein knew Madara was bad, THEN WHY LEAVE POOR ZETSU WITH HIM! PEIN YOU IDIOT! D: -cuddles Zetsu-
DupesClause chapter 1 . 2/14/2011
You have to continue this! It is so adorable so far and want to see where it goes!
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