Reviews for Holiday Bonus
skywiseskychan chapter 59 . 7/22
a bit late on the review but good fun nonetheless. Stupid is as stupid does, but still its loads of fun.
erbkaiser chapter 59 . 7/7
Crazy people both in and out of costume! Hope noone tried that for real...
TheRagingRussian chapter 59 . 7/4
I really liked this chapter. I now really wanna try this verion of capture the flag. Know anywhere i can get roman candles? lol
JMCracer chapter 59 . 7/4
this was fun to read. Nice job and happy fourth
The Dark Eccentric chapter 59 . 7/4
Hah, nice. Sounds like a fun "training excercise".
That was a cute and amusing chapter. Nice job. I did notice a slight typo on 'players' after "Shit I'm out". Aside from that, flawlesss work.
jeasterl chapter 59 . 7/4
done that
shaqfu chapter 59 . 7/3
I can see Mindy falling in love with the guy who called his friend a pussy for reacting the way he did when he got hit. Hopefully soon, you'll have Dave and Mindy run into a legging ring.
Joce chapter 59 . 7/3
The review about the potty mouth was me. I'm mad it didn't show my name. Anyway,

A little short. Makes me want a bunch of roman candles tho. Lol how old is she here? I'm gonna assume shes still pretty young with the whole hand holding thing.
shaqfu chapter 58 . 6/24
You might be running out of ideas, but horror stories of Mindy's cooking never get old.
erbkaiser chapter 58 . 6/23
Funny and cute.
skywiseskychan chapter 58 . 6/23
Heh, well yes, eventually you will shoot yourself in the foot with writing holiday specials every holiday. Yes they are still special, but the reasons why don't really change.
The Dark Eccentric chapter 58 . 6/23
Great chapter. That was adorable. Also amusing you said you couldn't come up with anything to say, then said something anyways.
Heh, and Dave managed to stay up long enough to make Breakfast but Mindy passed out and din't get back up. You're falling behind Mindy!
I will note that in a couple placed I got confused on who was sleeping momentarily due to lack of things saying as much. Also you had 'Amanda smiled' in between teo things her grandfather said. Generally you shouldn't change the subject like that in one,paragraph, especially between two things someone else is saying.
Guest chapter 58 . 6/23
This was a pleasant surprise.

I love family moments. I also like Mindy's childish stubborn steak despite her age... and I see they got their mom's potty mouth. Lol

Anyway, glad to read any of your work. It's the only reason I get on FFN anymore.
skywiseskychan chapter 57 . 6/11
I don't know why but I had a completely irreverent thought, and that is that the tartan skirt should be made up in kilts for the Lizewski family. Of course it IS purple.
Marx810 chapter 57 . 6/1
Aww, I think that's as happy an ending as any...well...with Dave being dead, anyway. I like that Mindy retired on her own terms(more or less, I suppose she could have tried to be stubborn with the leg), but that she's forced to live her life as a normal person and still know that the streets are safe. And the statue idea is pretty cool, as well as Kim saying a few words about it. Totally loved the bait and switch of who was dead and who wasn't.
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