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RobGill chapter 54 . 3/22
Ah, a St. Patrick’s day tale without that damned leprechaun hooligan jinxing the good vibes Mindy has on this night. (Then again, the night is still young.) Beyond that, I can’t think of anything else to add.
RobGill chapter 53 . 3/22
People think they caused the crime wave in the first place? Last time I checked, crime is perfectly capable of happening on its own, without vigilantes. Oh, well.

Taking more than a few months to realize that the dating scene is missing from their relationship sounds a little clueless, but whatever.

I’m trying to visualize Mindy (or Chloe M.) with a bob cut. That *would* be different.

Observations about male vs. female statues. Wow, now that she mentions it…

Also, nice to see that Dave’s love of comics finally paid off.

And ‘I don’t f*** on the first date?’ Priceless. (Her decidedly non-erotic reply is funny, at the same time that it's a buzzkill, BTW.)
The Fallen Sky chapter 54 . 3/20
Hmm, that was...cute and sweet and short, just like Mindy.

Seriously though, it was a rather pleasant read. I very much enjoyed the father/daughter moment between Marcus and Mindy. I'll admit, I'm a little surprised he didn't put up more resistance to the idea of Mindy drinking/getting drunk. I know he can't really stop her, but I just don't see him as being a pushover either. Then again, he probably knows that Mindy isn't the party girl type and won't risk getting drunk while she's out, because she knows how dangerous it is for drunk girls at night in a big city. Either way, I enjoyed their moment.

Now, the Dandy interaction was...interesting. If I had to guess, I'd say this is set in the PC verse, well before Dave gets his head outta his ass about Mindy and all the sex they could and should be having. The shamrock stamp was cute and funny, especially since Mindy is in her Hit Girl gear with a shamrock on her cheek. Is it weird that I find that image sexy as fuck? Anyway, I think it's nice that Dave is trying to get into the spirit of the day and that he's trying to have some fun with Mindy.

And the kiss... While I love it whenever Dave kisses Mindy, I was more than a little disappointed that he didn't really kiss her. I mean, come on, Dave! Don't be such a pussy! One kiss on the lips isn't gonna hurt anything, unless he's worried that, once he kisses her for real, he won't be able to stop. Hmm, I wonder if Mindy is gonna steal a real kiss later on. I wouldn't put it past her.

The whole Irish/Scottish thing... I honestly didn't think about whether Mindy is Irish or Scottish. Makes sense, given her last name, that she's Scottish. Still, I thought everyone was a little Irish on St. Patrick's Day. Hell, I'm a little Irish every day, and, no, that is not me saying that I love booze. I'm actually part Irish.

All in all, this is a fun little St. Patrick's Day story. I'll admit, though, that after Mindy and Marcus' conversation about Mindy drinking, I really wanna see a story where Mindy gets drunk and Dave has to deal with her. I'm thinking that Dandy could be at a party, and Mindy has too much to drink, maybe doesn't even realize what she's drinking is booze or has booze in it, and Dave has to get her home safely. I imagine Mindy would be a fun/happy drunk. I also imagine that she'd get quite hands-y with Dave as he tried to get her home. Hell, I could very easily see her getting naked in Dave's car while he's trying to drive. I doubt Dave would take advantage of the situation, but it'd be one helluva ride. And the aftermath, Mindy with a hangover, and having to face Dave after what she did the night before would be priceless.

Anyway, yeah. Good Bonus Chapter.
shaqfu chapter 54 . 3/17
Something nice and fluffy to read while munching on some soda bread.
Marx810 chapter 54 . 3/17
lol This was cute. It's always nice seeing Marcus being fatherly despite the fact that there's little he can actually do to stop Mindy from doing whatever. And as always her and Dave's interactions were fun. Especially the green paint thing keeping the continuity with the other ones. I agree with your choice actually, Leprecaun wasn't really needed.
WhiteTigerLilly chapter 54 . 3/17
This was a pleasant surprise to wake up to.

We traced my last name to Irish roots... my brother holds onto that tightly lmao while the other actually has green eyes. Anyway.

Short and sweet. Love the shamrock and sneak kiss. Love me some Dandy.

I hadn't realized how long is been since I last read something till now.
joram.yatup chapter 54 . 3/17
Awesome. You updated. Dave's really mysterious. Mindy and 'Scottish'...
Miss Jackson Grayson-Barton chapter 54 . 3/17
Awww. That's just made my day :D
erbkaiser chapter 54 . 3/16
Short but nice. I don't see them as the type to get hammered but some fun is always good.
The Dark Eccentric chapter 54 . 3/16
Heh, from what i understand Scottish and Irish people hate getting mistaken for eachother. But in this case, i have a feeling it is seen as acceptable.
Also, the shamrock stamp thing was cute and hilarious. Nice work.
The Halfa Wannabe chapter 54 . 3/16
Dammit. I was looking forward to that swarf again.
skywiseskychan chapter 53 . 3/5
Hehe, I've been putting off reading this because I had to break it off strategically between New Years and Valentine's Day this year with my SO. But this, this is fun and funny. Though he still should have insisted on a 'good night kiss' at the door, and THEN given in.
The Fallen Sky chapter 53 . 2/22
That was cute and sweet and funny and so very Dandy. Ha! Dandy. XD

Seriously, I really love that Dandy have been together for months, perhaps years, and have never gone on a real date. That's so like them. After all, they already spend all their time together, so why bother with something as silly as a date? Plus, I'm sure they've already gone out to eat together or gone to the movies or done other things that would constitute a date. However, it would seem that they never talked about going on dates or even that they were dating. I bet they just went from friends to boyfriend/girlfriend without any sort of official acknowledgement of the change. And why not? They've been best friends for years, and neither of them is the type of person to make a big deal out of relationship stuff, so it seems perfectly natural that they'd just go from being friends one day, to being so much more overnight and all because they banged like bunnies.

What strikes me is that either of them would even want to bring up the whole dating thing. I mean, what they have is working pretty damn well. Then again, maybe Dave is realizing that he wants to take things to another level with Mindy in the not too distant future, meaning marriage, and there's a part of him that feels like he should at least try to do something normal with her before he proposes, and taking her on a real date is very normal. Either way, I love that Dave took it so seriously, even going so far as to limit their time together leading up to the date so as to make it more special. Of course, Mindy wasn't too happy with that, and I can understand why. I mean, Dave was withholding sex!

Anyway, I really loved the part where they both got 'dolled' up for each other. From your description of Mindy, I'm wondering if you didn't borrow her new look from the movie Hugo. For some reason, what you described of Mindy's look reminded me very much of Chloe's look in that movie. Either way, I thought it was a cute look. However, I think I agree with Dave about liking her normal Mindy look. Change is nice once in a while, but it's not always necessary. In other words, if it ain't broke, don't fix it, and Mindy's look ain't broke. Oh, and Dave cleaned up nice, but he's a guy, so who really cares? Mindy certainly didn't, because she fell for the dork with the glasses and the wild hair.

The actual date was unexpected. A museum? Doesn't seem like the kinda place you'd take Mindy. Then again, that's probably why Dave chose it, because it was different. I did enjoy Mindy's comment about those statues of nudes, though. I think she had a point, too. The male statues always have tiny dicks, and the female statues always look like they've just been ravished. Don't know what that says about the sculptors, but it's an interesting observation.

The dinner portion of the date was interesting, as well. I like that Mindy just figured they could eat in the museum cafeteria. And why not? That's what they'd do on any of their other outings. However, as Dave pointed out, this is their first real date, and Mindy's first ever date, cafeteria food just won't do. I have no idea if the restaurant they went to is a real place or just a summation of some of the restaurants in New York. Either way, Mindy was so right about the descriptions of dishes in the menu. It should be short and to the point. If you can't manage that, you should just have a picture. After all, a picture is worth a thousand words.

I thought Dave's choice of Valentine's gift was unique and fitting given that the gift was for Mindy, and she's not your typical girl. However, I was hoping he'd also have something more traditional to give her, too, like chocolates or flowers or something. I would've loved to have seen Mindy's reaction to getting a heart-shaped box of chocolates or a bunch of roses. Anyway, I thought it was a bit odd that Mindy was upset that she didn't have a gift for Dave. Since when do girls give guys gifts for Valentine's Day? I thought VD was all about the guy wooing the girl. I mean, for a girl to woo a guy, all she has to do is show some skin or look at him, and if she wants to give a guy a gift, give him a blowjob or let him fuck her in the ass or something involving sex.

Anyway, Mindy's reaction to the comic was very real. Of course she'd be disappointed at first. After all, the entire night was supposed to be special, and Dave has probably gotten her comics as gifts in the past. However, since the comic was one of a kind and about her, I can see why she'd change her tune. Although, I can't help but wonder what was in the comic that changed Mindy's attitude, because whatever it was got her in the mood to fuck, which means that Dave did something very right by giving her that comic. Any chance you'll let me know what was in the comic?

Ah, the end of the date, specifically saying goodnight at the girl's door. I get why Dave would want to do the traditional thing and not go in and have sex with Mindy, but he's probably already fucked her more times than he can count, so he was being kinda silly. Mindy's lines were the absolute best, though.

"Don't you want to come you can come inside?"

Shit, if that really was their first date, and if they had never had sex before, I bet Dave would've blown a load in his pants right there. That line is so Mindy and so fucking AWESOME!

"You've had your dick in me more than the urinals at school."

Gotta love Mindy and her way with words. Seriously, she paints such a vivid visual, and she makes her point crystal clear. Hell, even Dave couldn't argue with her logic, and why would he even want to? I mean, it's Valentine's Day, and his super hot girlfriend wants him to have sex with her, so why would he say no?

Loved this! Once again, you've captured Dave and Mindy and their relationship perfectly. And, I think you've done a marvelous job of showing us what a first date between Dandy would be like. I'm kinda curious to see what kind of date Mindy might plan for them. I mean, I'm pretty sure they'll be going on more 'real' dates in the future, and it seems kinda unfair that Dave would have to plan them all. Hmm, maybe you could write a story where Mindy plans a date for them on Dave's birthday or something?
The Dark Eccentric chapter 53 . 2/17
Hah. Mindy is always so blunt and raunchy. It's hilarious
WhiteTigerLilly chapter 53 . 2/17
I'm actually really glad I didn't get to read any of this until just now.

Firstly, a BOB? Maybe I'm just hating because I kept my hair short for so many years and now I can't imagine cutting it.

I... just deleted that whole last paragraph. On purpose. :x

Come inside, hehe. That was a good first date. I like how you kept the details of their entire relationship simple. No numbers or time, just eventually and then bam: all niiight long, all niiight. Lol

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