Reviews for Lifelike Shadows
Frindy chapter 14 . 4/23
I love the purse dog and shirt monsters!
Guest chapter 16 . 10/8/2017
I have to say, I am a bit put off by Hermione's eating disorder. Having known people with that, it's hard to read. It is just written too casual (IMO) for something that serious. Like it is normal to skip most meals and just eat sugar instead.
I'm also a bit puzzled about Draco in this fic. First he is his normal acid personality and then bam (- without any real transistion time) he is DraDra. Remember WonWon and LavLav. You get the picture... It is too abrupt. It's like he has a personality disorder.
As always with your fics, I am impressed with how well-written they are. You are one of my favorite ff authors!
Guest chapter 16 . 5/15/2017
What kind of fucked up story is this? Why will HG debase herself by falling for DM who hasn't changed a bit in this fic? There is no redemption on his part, he doesn't make up for his actions, his words, his blood purity thinking & his overall behaviour. He is just bossing her around and telling her to be ok with whatever he has done. That restro scene was too disgusting to just move on from. You made HG a slave to her feelings & stripped her off her self-respect. You didnt even provide any reasons, any talk, any action which led them to have feelings for eachother if u can call it that.
I am a hard-core dramione fan and this depiction of a degraded relation between them just grossed me out and angered me a lot.
Soon17 chapter 16 . 3/4/2017
I really love this oneļ¼
vigorouslydenyingeverything chapter 16 . 1/25/2017
This was hilarious! I believe the shirt monster was the best thing ever
And I love how Draco being frustrated. I think I've turned into a bit of a sadist.
Also...I wanted to castrate him for shagging the waitress.
Overall, it was definitely a fun read. Thanks for this, keep writing!
Veronas chapter 15 . 1/10/2017
That was his reasoning... Any normal person, complete bastard or not, wouldn't have had sex with a waitress (during her working hours!) in a freaking fancy restaurant. Maybe some sleazy joint, but this place has to be at least five star. For a while there I thought it had actually been a misunderstanding. Maybe there could have been some kissing, but full blown sex? I admit, I was really disappointed with that. And I'm further disappointed with how Hermione, a strong-willed and independent woman, handles his shitty explanation. I understand she's in love with him, but what he did totally crossed the line. I'm shocked that you and so many of your readers can just accept this as romance.
DumBunny chapter 1 . 12/22/2016
Is it bad that I've read this twice the amount of times I actually go outside
viv-heart chapter 16 . 12/10/2016
This was really funny. The love-hate relationship was great. And Malfoy in Drugs... Amazing :D
Guest chapter 8 . 9/24/2016
This feels weird. Like, I don't understand why Hermione would be falling for Draco at all. He's still spouting pureblood elitist rhetoric at her, he tried to melt her with an acid spell, orders her around like she's there to serve him, and actually physically shoved her repeatedly into a wall with the intention of hurting/scaring her. I get the wand fights were both of their faults, but he went extreme without any thought of what it would do to her if she was hit, or he just didn't care. He's made absolutely no effort not to treat her abhorrently. Him suffering while snaps tries to fix the problem draco created or draco healing the dark bruises he caused does not make him forgivable for his behavior. I just...I don't see any kind of stable or healthy relationship building from these two. I see them fighting all the time, physical abuse, and some weird self respect issues on hermiones part. I liked your other series that started out with draco and Hermione being turned into bunnies, but there it didn't feel like they were malevolent towards each other. Here it feels like a weird deep hatred mixed with Hermione having no self worth since draco still insults everything she is. Just...maybe way too soon for her to start having feelings for him without me questioning her sanity or self respect. Cuddling with someone the same night he caused you dark bruises is also extremely weird. Maybe I'm sensitive because I grew up in an abusive home, but I'm extremely uncomfortable with that being brushed off like it was a joke or draco still has an excuse like he's young and in school. Just...yeah, he'd be out of my house and I definitely would not snuggle up to him like him physically harming me wasn't a big deal.
Guest chapter 8 . 5/24/2016
This story is giving me a whole new feeling/perspective on Peter Pan's shadow. I don't know if I should be frightened or not.
ksouza3 chapter 16 . 5/16/2016
Great story! And I loved all the cuddling scenes of Hermione and Draco. Thanks for writing!
nk01 chapter 16 . 4/23/2016
I absolutely love this story. Its so sweet and romantic.
cottonwoolspots chapter 12 . 4/16/2016
Really enjoying your story so far.

I realise you're unlikely to change anything since it's been 5 years since you've written this... But some more random brit-picking knowledgefor your future pics.

"jell-o" - jelly in the UK. Hence why I've come across a couple British folks who wonder why Americans like to eat peanut butter sandwiches with flavoured gelatine. I have to explain that peanut butter and jelly is actually strawberry jam!

I had to suspend my disbelief at the medical care given. Opioid-like potions might make Draco sleepy and drowsy but not start acting like a toddler and saying words like 'yucky'! It weirded me out. Also, Hermione shouldn't so easily deprive patients of their liberty by sticking them to beds.
cottonwoolspots chapter 10 . 4/16/2016
I'm guessing Draco was realising that he was attracted to her at dinner and he tried to distract himself with the waitress?
cottonwoolspots chapter 8 . 4/16/2016
Brilliant! I love all their snuggly-times.

PS I think hermione would call the lollipop a 'sweet' rather than candy :)
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