Reviews for The Fear of Being Found
Zaz9-zaa0 chapter 1 . 2/15/2011
Even if I had the time to write a V-day fic, it'd probably be about ff13 or Dissidia. xD That madness aside, this fic is a most wonderful surprise and has a fantastic integration of lyrics. There were a few elements that gave me the Matchstick chills again, all in due part to the spot-on dialogue and characterization. I hope to hear more from you soon; until then, I hope you had a pretty good Valentine's day.
Distant Glory chapter 1 . 2/15/2011
There are no words that I can adequately summon at the moment to explain how much I like this fic. You've done a fantastic job of capturing Nero's interest while still keeping him clinical and detached, which is how his interest should be played. Likewise, you've done a great job of illustrating Shelke's mixed feelings about Nero. I liked how you had Shelke dissect Nero's intentions, and how he threw it back to her later - a very good demonstration of the way that they would interact. And purely from a writing perspective, you had some really wonderful lines. I was particularly fond of, 'Weiss, Rosso, Nero, and Azul were all dead. None of them could come back for her, mangled and rotten, to drag her to the other side with them.' You really do have a gift for imagery. At least once a fic, you have one line that just reaches out and smacks the reader over the head with a really intense picture.

The only thing that I could find to nitpick (although admittedly it is past my bedtime and I'm possibly too tired to look fourther :P) is Nero's line, "You're shaking, you know?" That was the only line that I couldn't quite see with his character. Perhaps, "Did you know that you are shaking?" or something similar would be a better fit?

However, this doesn't detract much from the story, since his next line is so brilliantly Nero that I could just hear him saying it.

Fantastic work!