Reviews for Forging Destiny
Monster King chapter 38 . 10/5
Great story.
Redwing1co chapter 38 . 9/20
Great story and character development hope to read more of this story
Ame's world chapter 38 . 9/19
Superb fanfic ! ! !
Thanks a lot !
joliet536 chapter 38 . 9/16
This was so amazing about to start reading the sequel too bad I have school tomorrow. Though remember that you are an amazing writer and please never stop writing cheers mate
dreamymew1 chapter 29 . 9/16
I really enjoy your story. I'm rereading it now for the nth time :D
While reading the chapter where they are in Cyprus I just realized. In winter Cyprus has about 14/15 degrees celcius. The story is still fantastic even if the real Cyprus doesn't have the warm and sunny weather you hoped it to have. :D
Guest chapter 37 . 9/12
Excellent story. I can';t wait to read the sequel.
Thanks for sharing.
Jim Red Hawk chapter 26 . 8/29
Funny she ignored the portraits while speaking with the hat. They report to Dumblebore.

Matt chapter 22 . 8/10
I'm kind of enjoying this story but, your English is horrible! Wrong words used, bad grammar, it's really terrible. You need a Beta to go over this story and fix the problems.
Matt chapter 6 . 8/9
"Innocent until proven guilty" may be a saying, but that's all it is. It's not actually true. Just look at the facts - every country, if someone is accused of a crime, arrests that person and puts them in jail. They are held in jail until they have a trial; sometimes for long periods of time. This does not signify "innocence". The truth of the world's justice systems is "Guilty when accused." Even when someone is found innocent at trial, many people still believe they are guilty because the system is so corrupt and screwed up. What happened to Sirius Black is indicative of the whole judicial system. People are constantly being found innocent when they were convicted and have been in jail for years.
mumphie chapter 37 . 8/5
Truly liked your story, and will search for the next chapter of fourth year.
mumphie chapter 32 . 8/5
Hhhmm, sounds like Percy wants 'Trivial Pursuit'.
mumphie chapter 25 . 8/5
Huh - didn't know the difference between jumping jags and jumping jacks. The latter has more extension of the arms. who knew, eh?
mumphie chapter 14 . 8/4
I like pater instead pf pa.
mumphie chapter 13 . 8/4
What about harry's metamorphic ability?
mumphie chapter 11 . 8/4
Did they do the blood adoption? Not sure by ch. 11
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