Reviews for Valentine's Kisses
Brian G chapter 1 . 5/19/2014
Battle of the Bunker
Chapter 1 Meeting in the Fuhrer Bunker
(In Berlin Germany the mad dictator named Downfall Hitler his Nazi Generals and his henchman Slender Man
to meeting villains and monsters to capture Brian G and they Argument and he shouted)
Downfall Hitler:Attention!
All:Yes Sir!
Downfall Hitler:All right everyone I have a plan.
Sky Ghost:Hitler What's your plan?
Downfall Hitler:My plan to capture Brian G those editor & gamer bastard who editing on YouTube.
Ape Creature:Why to capture Brian G?
Downfall Hitler:To everybody and Slender Man flight to Las Vegas Nevada to his house.
Thera:That's good idea. Hitler shell send to The Collector & Michael Myers?
Downfall Hitler:Sure. Well send to The Collector & Michael Myers.
Alfred Jodl:I'm object Mein Fuhrer everyone cannot to capture Brian G!
Downfall Hitler:Jodl shut up you bald head dummy!
Alfred Jodl:But he's a good editor!
Downfall Hitler:Of course he's a good editor you bald fuck! Now shut up or I will throw your shiny-head with my pencil of doom!
(The Collector & Michael Myers open door to see Downfall Hitler)
Downfall Hitler:Uhh. Collector & Michael Myers your early.
The Collector:Yes Hitler.
Michael Myers:Yes Hitler.
Downfall Hitler:I want to do you Michael,Slender & everybody to Berlin Airport to flight Las Vegas Nevada to Brian G house & capture him.
The Collector:Yes Hitler!
Michael Myers:I agree!
Slender Man:Okay!
All:Yes Hitler!
Downfall Hitler:Good & do not fail.
(Michael Myers Slender Man The Collector & Fangface Villains & Monsters into the Berlin Airport)
Slender Man:Alright everybody to capture Brian G Michael Myers you in male side & Collector you in female side
Michael Myers:Okay.
The Collector:Sure.
(Heap,Mummy of Molezuma,Energy Creature,Spider Creature,Ape Creature,Tyrannosaurus Rex,Mysto,Space Monster,Sky Ghost,One-Horned Monster,Zorak,Scorpion,Gargoyle,Neptune,Shark,Werewolf,Giant Spider,
Molten Monster,Mist Monster,Lagoon Monster,Skullman,Ironmask, ,Lizard Man,Count Basil,Cyclops,Vampire,Ghoul,Dragon Man,Vulture Man,Giant Vulture,Alien,Abdul,Disastro,Filpino Caveman & Zeno to meet Michael Myers to say hi)
All Males:Hi Michael Myers!
Michael Myers:Hi everybody!
(Mysto's Henchwomen,Thera,Crula,Cobra Queen,Giant Cobra,Medusa,Countess Zarla,She-Wolf Robot & Spider Lady to meet The Collector to say hi)
All Females:Hi Collector!
The Collector:Hi everybody!
(To flight to Las Vegas Nevada)
Wherever Girl chapter 1 . 2/15/2011
Aww... -