Reviews for Simplicity
Maso Neko-chan chapter 7 . 4/29
I LOVE the plot...I just think Sakura with any sexy male will be a good pairing(ofc)
Maso Neko-chan chapter 6 . 4/29
Maso Neko-chan chapter 5 . 4/29
And that will take a while
Maso Neko-chan chapter 4 . 4/29
I will review untill I can't review anymore
Maso Neko-chan chapter 3 . 4/29
This story is soooo asdfghjkl i just can't
Maso Neko-chan chapter 2 . 4/29
Maso Neko-chan chapter 1 . 4/29
Great story...I actually found this months ago but I still remember the plot...worth reading it!
WhatExistsInFalling chapter 16 . 4/25
Great story!
LilithiaRW chapter 16 . 4/19
Hahaha Itachi, King of Assholery
Countenance chapter 16 . 4/14
Good story. Plot is pretty good, but writing needs alot of improvement.
Cukiwutwut chapter 16 . 4/11

Lol great story hope you post a new chaoter
sweetchoco-chan chapter 16 . 4/6
Good god, I really like this fanfic
can't wait to see who she will fight in order to be in the akatsuki
Panneapple chapter 16 . 4/4
Hello. I just want to say I enjoy the way this story is going. I was a bit afraid at the begining that Sasori would be OOC but it seems like my fears were unfounded: I love how you depicted him, Sakura, Naruto, Sasuke and... well, pretty much everyone. It's refreshing to find stories where there's no character bashing.
Also, I can't help but fear for Sakura's life. Sasori said at the begining that she would a piece of art or something like that, so I'm kind of afraid that she will end up as a puppet. Hopefully it isn't his intention, or he decided against it after a while.
Anyway, have a nice day.
Anonymous chapter 16 . 4/3
I'm really sorry to disturb you, but there is an issue I would like to discuss with you. You see, I've recently come across a story that has, basically, the same plot that yours, as I've been able to see from their update of the first two chapters. I'm a big fan of your work and I would hate to see that someone is copying a story that you have worked so hard on. However, do feel free to correct me if I'm mistaken. I'll leave the title of the story, so you can look on it on a later date.

The story's name is Marionette, and it was written by jokergirl2001.

Again, my most sincere apologies for disturbing you.
AMMiss chapter 16 . 3/30
God damn, I was laughing so much during this last chapter.
I am in love with this story and I sincerely hope that you update it again soon.
This is totally worthy of being reread over and over and over again and again and again.
Looking forward to the next chapter.
Happy Writing!
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