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Fish Stick Friday chapter 2 . 3/22/2011
Aww! I like when Logan gets all worry wart-ish.

That reminds me of how Annie the Mermaid said she was practically born in the water. Except Kendall said he and the other three were practically born on the ice, but you know what I mean.

I liked when Logan called Kendall "Fearless Leader."

Carlos bounced impatiently. I love how Carlos is like a freaking Energizer bunny!

OH! THAT is how the quote went. I remember when I saw Big Time Crib, I never could make out what Kendall said during that quote. "A life without risk is a life _" Yeah, and I was like what goes in the blank?

"Oh my gosh, Logan is hearing voices, you guys! He's going crazy!" Oh Carlos! :D

I liked how Logan was all, "'s because I'm smart that I live."

I loved when Logan was all, "I've gotta get new friends."

OMG! This reminds me so much of all those one-shots where Logan was the hero. Like "Venom" and "Collapsing Winds" and such. Gosh! I can't even remember what they were all called, but I remember they were AWESOME!

"You killed him!" ROTFL!

Logan's right. Of course he is! The anticipation is the worst part. OMG! This reminded me of an episode of What I Like About You where Holly had a splinter, and Vince took it out while he was telling some bogus story. She was too engrossed in his story to notice that he removed the splinter.

"Dude, he's really mad this time."

"Yup. I am."

Hehe. :D

It's true. Logan always voices his reservations and warnings, but they always go unheeded.

"Guys, I rode in the back, did you see me?" Gosh! Carlos is so adorable in this!

James and Carlos were "fooling around" eh? Why does that sound so...dirty? Lol.

"She's going to kill us all." LOL!

I liked how Logan was able to put Mrs. Knight's mind at ease when he reassured her that Kendall was going to be okay.

"And you will in the future. Because I think he has more sense than the rest of you put together." I loved that!

"Carlos, the "voices" I hear...that's my conscience. I don't think you guys have one." LOL!

Then Carlos' response: "You mean Like Jiminy Cricket?" :)

I loved how James was all, "You're our conscience, Logan."

Haha, then I loved how Mrs. Knight and Logan were all skeptical at the end.

This was really good! Bromance FTW! This just had so much cuteness and adorableness in it that it outweighed the angst, I think. Whoa! Lol.
Baxxie chapter 1 . 3/16/2011
I am loving your stories. How about some Carlos angst;

either him getting hurt when he is not wearing his helmet for once OR he is suddenly very quiet and turns out to be very sick. Bug he has too much energy and pretends he is fine. So now they all have to take care of him.

Also, I love some angst in which they all get into a car crash, but Carlos is the one hurt most. Sorry, I just can't help it :P

Love, Baxxie
MalibuBarbie20 chapter 2 . 2/26/2011
Omg this is so good please update soon!
valentine142 chapter 2 . 2/26/2011
I don't have a request, I just wanted to gush over the delightful combination of fluff and Kendall Angst you just provided :')

It made my (very long) day- I've been stuck on a coach for twenty hours (school ski trip. No internet- torture. Anyhoo.) and that cheered me up no end. That is just the kind of stupid stunt they'd do. And also Doctor Logan is adorable on a giant stick of fluff and cuteness :D
oheyyitzang chapter 1 . 2/24/2011
i just have a really vague request: logan angst (:
IHearVoices chapter 2 . 2/24/2011
This was awesome. May all my wishes go to YOU! Wait- that didn't make any sinse. OH WELL! Heres my prompt: Basically, Logan and Kendall get stuck in a tight space( doesnt matter where, could be a closet) and Logan's claustrophbia takes over, and Kendall has to calm him down. Logan has some weird reason why he hates small spaces. And- OH MY GOS I JUST SAW A SQUIRELL! BYE!
SmileCauseItsWorthIt chapter 1 . 2/22/2011
So yay for late reviews/ suggestions... But better late than never! So my prompt:

the boys are at a typical, big Hollywood party. You have the music, the dancing, andbof course the alcohol. When James has a little too much "fun" that night, trouble ensues. Will one half of the Super Hollywood Party Kings of Hollywood be okay?

Go nuts! And not too much public service stuff! Can't wait to read it!
Falling to Fly chapter 2 . 2/19/2011

Anyway. Where was I? I yes. "'You killed him!' Carlos shouted as Kendall pulled away from them." Carlos, sweetie. If Kendall is MOVING away from you then he's not dead. Sweet baby. :)

"That I should stay sitting and not looking at Kendall's knee. Because that's still kinda gross looking." Oh James. Be a man for me. Let's get down to business to defeat the Huns! (Clearly I'm on a severe angst hangover, so the rest of this review might not make any sense.)

Oh Logie. The boys SHOULD listen to you more. We should right a petition to make them listen to you so that they don't almost die and you don't have to get upset. Except all the people who like Logan angst or just angst in general definitely won't sign it. I probably wouldn't sign it haha. So never mind.

"Mrs. Knight. We never called her to tell her that her son is in the hospital." Oh dear. If the ice boarding doesn't kill them, Mrs. Knight will, am I right?

Awww. At least Kendall owned up and made sure Mrs. Knight knew that Logan was being his amazing self the entire time this was going on. He may be stupid, but you can't say he isn't loyal. And I guess brave too, because I would be afraid to tell Mrs. Knight that I was in the hospital because I was being stupid and went ice boarding. :)

"Maybe we should all start listening to the voices in our heads just like he does." Carlos, hon. Maybe you just shouldn't speak. Except it's so adorable when you do, so please, never stop. -heart-

"'Sure we do, Logie.' He said cheerfully. 'You're our conscience.'" YES CARLOS YOU FINALLY SAID SOMETHING INTELLIGENT! BUT YOU WERE STILL ADORABLE WHILE YOU DID IT! I love him so so much. -heartheartheart-

I couldn't even watch Pinocchio as a kid because the freaking whale terrified me. I'm not even sure if I've ever seen the whole thing through. I was always more of an Aladdin or The Little Mermaid girl. Still am haha. But anyway.

Love you! Please update soon!
Falling to Fly chapter 2 . 2/19/2011
CPR review time!

I love TealMoose so much. Her and her love of Kendall angst. :) You're smart to call her Moosey. When I was coming up with with a nickname I came up with Almo. Yeah, um. I've never been good with coming up with nicknames. -shot-

Oh boys. Leave it to them to go ice boarding. Haha. "Logan merely stared at him for a minute. 'James,' He said slowly. 'Did you just hear yourself? Going down this ice hill on our surfboards. What isn't stupid about it?'" Tee hee. I love when Logan points stuff like that out. You'd think that the boys would have learned to stop arguing with him by now. :)

"But Kendall, I'm beginning to doubt your sanity. Actually, this doubt has been going on for a while now. It started out as a tiny voice in the back of my head and now it's more like a big, angry, loud voice in the back of my head." Oh boy Logan. Don't ever tell Carlos something like that if you want him to think you aren't insane. He's too impressionable.

"Stupid, freak ice storm." Amen to that, Logie! ;)

"And don't be so humble, you do everything we do no matter how stupid it is. Sometimes it just takes a little time." Except for the times when Logan is psychic and warns the boys that they're going to get themselves killed. He seems to do that quite often, doesn't he? But he IS psychic, so I don't know why I'm surprised.

"'Don't faint, James.' Logan snapped his gloved fingers in front of James' white face." Tee hee. You DO realize that I was secretly hoping that he would faint, right? Okay, maybe not so secretly.

"You killed him!" Carlos shouted as Kendall pulled away from them.
BeastBoyfangirl chapter 2 . 2/19/2011
Love the chapter! Doctor Logan is always cute. I have request if you don't mind. Something like this James is sick but all the boys take it lightly and then James faints and the boys freak out call for help then it turns out he has a serious disease(you can pick the sickness) and they all fell bad. Hope you like the idea but it would probably take long to reach the request. Thanks. Can't wait for an update on your other stories!

bballgirl22 chapter 2 . 2/19/2011
Loved it! chapter 2 . 2/18/2011
Wow!i loved this .i love how they always dont listen to logan and always end up getting hurt

Ok now i know ive already given my request but can you ignore that?

I got a new idea

Can you do one about logan meetin his mom in a dream and they have the mother/son bonding they never got to have
OMWG chapter 2 . 2/18/2011
Can my request be Logan exploding and then the boys have to hose him off the walls? Is that legit?

Naww that's not my real request.

So I guess I'm not gonna be a Kames whore this time. But I am gonna be a Jamesangst whore, because honestly, there's not a time where I'm NOT a Jamesangst whore. Right?

Um anyway I was thinking James is walkin' along, all like, "herp derp," and well, he should be a dunce or something and see an alleyway and be like, "Shortcut to de Palm Woods!" So he goes down there, and then it's like, "BAM MUGGER GIVE ME YOUR MONEYS." and James is like, "I hav no moneys I'm just a poor boy nobody loves me" and then in the backgrounds it's like, "HE'S JUST A POOR BOY FROM A POOR FAMILY" and then the mugger's like, "DUDE I NO CARE GIVE ME YER MONEYS!" And James is like, "LET ME GO!" and the mugger goes, "BISMILAH! NO! I WILL NOT LET YOU GO!" And James goes, "Mama mia mama mia mama mia let me goooo" and lol no. Anyway. Just have him get mugged and beat up right.

So then he's not coming home and dem boys are like, "Oh noes James is not home" and Kendall's like, "Lettuce investigate" so they're all like, "herp derp," down the same street James was herp derping down and Logan's like, "Lol we shuld call hiym" and Carlos is like, "Derp herp derp that's a good idea!" And then they call him and wait for a second RIGHT BY THE ALLEY THAT JAMES IS LIKE, DRYING IN (LOL I MEAN DYING BUT IT LOOKS FUNNY LIKE THAT) AND THEN ALL THE SUDDEN THEY HEAR HIS RINGTONE. And you have to make it be like, "GO AND SHAKE IT UP WHAT YOU GOTTA LOSE" so everyone's like, "JAMES YOU CONCIETED LITTLE HO HAVING YOUR OWN SONG AS YOUR RINGTONE" (cause that'd be funny and also I have that ringtone) and then they're like, "JAMEZ!" And find him and he's like, "Simbaaaa...remember...who you are..." and they're like, "NO MUFASA DON'T GOOOO" no but he's like, "Sob help sob me sob sob sob" and Kendall's like, "Fish on a stick CALL AN AMBULANANANANANANANCEEEE" and so they do and then James goes to the hospital and they're like, "WHORE DON'T WORRY US." and he's like, "O srry I'll try not to get mugged nxt tyme" and they brohug. Yeah.

Oh I liked this chapter by the way. Kendall was herp derpin' and being dumb and I like that he hurt his knee cause it reminded me of Logan and Disabled and that's always a good time and I also like how they went down the hill on their surfboards. Does this take place in Minnesota or California? I can't remember if you specified. Cause I don't think ice storms would happen in California but I have no idea why they would have surf boards living in Minnesota. Cause they don't have beaches in Minnesota. Right? I have no idea. LAURA I'M CONFUSED. Anyway other than that this was beautiful and perfect and joy and rainbows as usual and yeah. OH I HATE PINOCCHIO TOO. FUCK THAT MOVIE. I LOVE YOU

I lied I didn't lose the review. YAY!
TealMoose chapter 2 . 2/18/2011
Darling, if you keep making stories as awesome as you are now, you can call me Moosey as much as you want XD


Seriously, I barely gave you anything and you turned it into a wonderful one-shot.

GAH. It's official. I'm going to kidnap you and lock you in my garage so that you can write me more stories :D

And your permission is not neeeeded!

SOOOO, In my attempt to make this review as long as possible (which probably wont be that long...) I'm going to take my favorite lines from this one-shot, and then write ALLLL about why I loved them so much... Of course, I won't use every single line, cause that would be copy and pasting the story all over again, and that would take up TOO much space... heh. Let's begin!

"That's an exaggeration O Fearless Leader. Anyway, this is a dumb idea anyway. Skating rinks are flat. This hill is practically at a ninety degree angle of sheer ice. It's too dangerous." Oh dear garsh. If only the guys actually attempted to listen to poor Logan, their lives would be so much easier and pain free... but then again, where's the fun in that? Lol. I love how Logan was all, Uh uh, I don't THINK so! And the rest of them were insisting it was going to be fun... LOGAN KNOWS ALLLL! He's not just called a genius for no reason!

"But what makes it stupid?" James butted into the conversation. "What's so stupid about trying to go down this hill on our surfboards?" Pfffft. James. How I do love that boy. This line was hilarious, and I love how it was James's entrance into the story. Just perfect :)

"But seriously, Logan. You worry way too much. What's life without a little risk?" A LIFE WHERE YOU DON'T GO TUMBLING DOWN A HILL TO YOUR POSSIBLE DEATH, BUT INSTEAD END UP WITH A MESSED UP KNEE AND WRIST.

"The surfboards, those stupid boards, were laying discarded around James and Carlos who were kneeling by a very still Kendall." You wouldn't even begin to understand how much this line freaked me out... I was all jolly and reading like, "wow! this is actually a pretty funny story- PWWWAAAAT? KENDALLLLL!" You just HAD to go and make him seem like he was dead or something, didn't you... DIDN'T YOU? Well, I loved it. So much suspenseeeee!

"Kendall was hurt, he could tell." Cause Logan's just flippin awesome like that.

"I. Can. Fix. Your-" Hahahaha, second funniest line. I love how he assumed talking slower would help. Silly Logan. Tricks are for kids. (sorry, couldn't help myself. XD)

"Can you count to ten?" Kendall asked. "Or maybe to one hundred. Maybe you could count backwards from one thousand to- Ow!" Kendall yelped as with a quick motion, Logan "fixed his wrist". "Logan!"

"You killed him!" Carlos shouted as Kendall pulled away from them." First of all, the whole Kendall being afraid was just heartbreaking. Cause you allowed us to see another side of his character that you don't get to see very often. Yay for Logan being awesome with his tough doctor skillsssss! I loved seeing Logan being all protective and mother hen-y. And then Carlos. Garsh, that boy is just TOO precious. He's so innocent and cute and and and... I don't even know. I just love him. I love how you WROTE him ;D You definitely stayed in character for all of them.

"Mrs. Knight. We never called her to tell her that her son is in the hospital." -Dun dun dunnnnnnnn! Mrs. Knight is gonna be mad at them. Of course she will XD Y'know I don't usually say this, but I actually LIKE Mrs. Knight's character. She's the only TV MOm who actually is nice and trusting towards her children and has a good relationship with them -.- Not to mention, he whole fascination with Fabio was sweet XD

Eh hem. Enough about the Mrs.! Onto the story...

"Yeah," Carlos nodded. "Maybe we should all start listening to the voices in our heads just like he does."

Logan raised his eyebrows. "Carlos, the "voices" I hear. . . that's my conscience. I don't think you guys have one."

"A conscience." Carlos repeated. "You mean like Jiminy Cricket?" AHAHAHAHAHA, CARLOS! You're KILLING me here! XD He's too cute! I love it!


So much so, that I felt obligied to write my love in caps. Hah. I loved it. YOu did an amazing job, and I am HONORED to have been the first one to have a story written. Wahoo for speedy fingers.


Oh, and good luck! From what I've seen, you've got a lot of requests to write about XD

Thank you muchly! -heartheartheart-

And update as soon as you can ;D
Masquerading with the Arts chapter 2 . 2/18/2011
Okay. I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say that you are one of the most loved authors in the history of the fandom that is BTR. And you deserve it.

anyway here is my request :)

a drabble split into four seperate parts, when carlos gets his helmet, kendall his first hockey stick, james's his lucky comb, and logan his first something related to him (sorry can't think of anything).

keep up the writiing

you rock!
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