Reviews for Angel of Something Else Entirely
goldnhoney chapter 3 . 4/5/2018
I hope they read to each other. I like how Meg is super relatable and not too perfect, but still really super likeable
goldnhoney chapter 1 . 4/5/2018
I'm only three paragraphs in and know this is going to be an interesting and well written fic! so excited to continue reading
xXSilverArrowXx chapter 1 . 9/14/2016
This is absolutely lovely! Very well written. I also love your characterization of Erik and Meg. I wish there were more POTO fanfics written like this.
Evangeline Pond chapter 11 . 9/3/2016
I hope you don't mind, but you are my new best friend. I'm going to kidnap you and have you write for me, capishe? Great.
Evangeline Pond chapter 6 . 9/3/2016
AUGH! Just in reading this, you have become my favorite fan fic author! This is so well written, funny, clever, realistic! I JUST LOVE IT!
Amon Kashino chapter 3 . 1/17/2016
Don't like it or megs personality
Horseland123 chapter 3 . 9/14/2015
Wh I saw the library part, I instantly wanted to drawing what I thought. Do you have an Instagram so I can send the picture to you?
FantomPhan33 chapter 11 . 9/11/2014
awwwww, that was so nice. Erik got a job, a house a wife and now a baby!
what a wonderful ending for our wonderfully misunderstood boy. Happy days are here again...or at last in his case.
Great job!
FantomPhan33 chapter 10 . 9/11/2014
I know, I know! They can get married, she can live down with him an commute to the surface every day to dance and maybe sing and they can have a whole slew of Phantom babies! Madam Giry would love to be a grandma!
FantomPhan33 chapter 9 . 9/11/2014
Oh Erik, you dolt. Girls LIKE it when you get on your knees and beg! You so totally should have done it. And that was very big of you to tell Christine that you will always care but you can't keep her or love her any more. Now Meg on the other hand...
FantomPhan33 chapter 8 . 9/11/2014
The singing together was nice as was his apparent acceptance of the fact that he and Christine will never be a couple. Now what is Christine's presence in the lair going to do...good...or bad?
FantomPhan33 chapter 7 . 9/11/2014
Wow...way to go Meg. Good job in tending to him and soothing his broken heart. And I think Meg should stay there and make sure no nightmares come to bother him.
Sit...stay...good girl.
FantomPhan33 chapter 6 . 9/10/2014
Oh we do love a good hand kiss...why do men not do that any more? Oh right, sexual harassment charges. ha ha.

I still love how Erik blames everyone but him for his actions...yes it was ALL Meg's fault you HAD to drag her down to your lair and keep her there...All. Her. Fault.

That was nice of him to leave M. Giry a note...yet you COULD have been a bit more reassuring Erik. Sheesh.

So glad they are now properly introduced...NOW they can fall in love. It would have been terribly awkward without knowing his name.
FantomPhan33 chapter 5 . 9/7/2014
ha ha, Erik has Jimminy Cricken in his head! Quick, get the bug spray!

I like how you keep using the title of your story in your chapters...i see what you are doing there.

Oh Erik just LISTEN to her. She saw you face and touched you...LOVE HER already!
FantomPhan33 chapter 4 . 9/7/2014
Cute story about how she would listen to him. And wow, if not for Antoinette's threat, he MIGHT have fallen for Meg and none of this big catastrophe would have happened.
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