Reviews for Coming Home
I Love Octopi chapter 1 . 4/7/2011
Ax wouldn't stop bothering me, so I put aside my coursework, and will get hell for it tomorrow, but oh well, if I'm honest I kind of wanted to read this instead... Oh god, I'm going to turn into one of those crazy curled-up-in-the-corner-of-the-room-with-a-laptop-and-snarls-at-anyone-who-touches-them people... OK, that might be a bit of a stretch at this stage.

ANYWAY. This was way awesome and really sad. I was really glad that Matt was so nice and forgiving, though. It was so touching!

By the way, don't believe anything you read on the forum about me. That Axxi is a filthy liar.

OK, shower time! Hopefully I can join the discussion tomorrow! Bye!
Obiwanlivesforever chapter 1 . 2/16/2011
YES! YOU WROTE THIS! YOU ACTUALLY DECIDED TO HAVE MERCY ON ME AND WRITE THIS! Oh, thank you so much for giving me another shot with the story request thing even though I said I didn't want one. You are my hero!

*Gestures wildly at the story* THIS IS HOW IS SHOULD HAVE ENDED! No - this is how it really ended! The epilogue is a lie, a LIIEEEEEEE I tell you! Amer never had to mentor, and the Hunger Games ended forever just because he was so awesome. But anyway, in actuality... I love how his family forgives him and they're all happy and sappy and fluffy and ... *squees with delight* Amer, you're so hard on yourself! We all love you; we don't care if you killed people! Besides, it was only Vahn- *instantly gets attacked by Vahn's fans* and Sadik. Joking, joking, joking, I'm not that cold-hearted. It was terrible that he killed them. But like Matt said, that's not who he truly is.

Funny that you should name Amer's brother Matt, as one of my other favorite HG FanFictions has a character who was reaped and determined to come home to his twin brother Matt. However, this character died (it was the boy from district 3 from Katniss' games.)

And I like how many times you said 'horrible' in this piece. Just a sly little title drop.
Socbballluvr13 chapter 1 . 2/16/2011
-sing songie voice- LOVE IT!

What is this for? I don't really care all I know is that it is epic. Yay! Canada, you're so nice. America, you're so stupid. Do you honestly think your own family wouldn't forgive you?

Is the dad... -bursts out lauging- Well, I don't think I even need to finish that question.
I'mAPC chapter 1 . 2/16/2011
THIS! THIS THIS THIS THIS THIS THIS THIS IS WHAT WE WERE TALKING ABOUT JOURNEY! THIS IS HOW YOU WRITE A HAPPY ENDING YOU SILLY GIRL! -tackle hugs- x3 AWWWWWWWW~ Amer wasn't even my favorite, but you made me happy he won now. SEE? Don't give in to pressure. Happy sappy endings are possible! -sighs happily- The angst is gone and all is well with the world again.
Lord Axxingtons chapter 1 . 2/16/2011
OHHH IT WAS SO CUTE! *cries happy tears* More! More, I say! MY LITTLE ALFIE CAME HOME!