Reviews for W&G 1 : The Scent of Sandalwood
Guest chapter 1 . 10/15/2016
W&G 1,
Was struck by the stark honesty of of this expose. It clearly is a lifestyle that needs to be addressed. All to often, the plight of women or whores in the West, is never developed. They just are, like a fact of life. Occasionally, a movie like Clint Eastwood's, "Unforgiven", will broach the subject. Or even, the mini series, "Deadwood", will show the other side of their world. But, to have the POV, come from a woman, is few and far between.
Just the acknowledgement that whores and gunfighters, " have a lot in common", is a view not usually expressed.
The question comes down to the vernacular use of the word ,whore. A woman whores out her body. The gunfighter, "whores out his gun". But in Western fiction or history, only the gunfighter is romanticized.

And while this series is meant to showcase Polly, must comment on the brilliant transformation of Johnny in two
different series.
In the "Feather" series, we see the later Johnny. A man in love. And love has him committed: mind, body and soul.
In the" W&G " series, we see the younger Johnny. He is kinder and more caring than most of Polly's clientele. But, he is still, a gunfighter. He can appreciate the physical side of a natural act. As can Polly. But both are not totally engaged, and both remain detached. What is so inspiring, is to see how Johnny is changed, when love completes his perception.
As this is meant to be a tag for the Foley episode, one
does not know, if fate will eventually be kind to Polly, as it was to Johnny.
October 15, 2016.
shsculptor chapter 1 . 3/28/2011
A lovely story! Lyrical and lilting prose that's both gritty in it's open eyed look at a unsavory way of life and so sad at the same time. This is more than just a Lancer story. It's wonderful literature.