Reviews for The Best I Ever Had
KiaraRaj chapter 3 . 2/24/2011
I squeed when I saw this update in my inbox. omagah the pinkie stroking!
zeridin chapter 3 . 2/24/2011
This has become my favorite new story. I smile each time there's an alert in my inbox and I really look forward to the rest. It's just so cute and fluffy and I love the banter. It just puts a smile on my face. Thanks for sharing :)
Twiggalina chapter 3 . 2/24/2011
I really love this story! This Edward seems like a really nice guy and I wish I had friends like this lot.
luckyirishtart chapter 3 . 2/24/2011
I love this Edward, I can see how he feels and how she can't see it. I love their dynamic too. Can't wait for more...
Angelesfog chapter 3 . 2/24/2011
Oooohhh, Great story! Edward and Bella together are fun! I love it when they have fun and get "snarky" with each other!
Hadley Hemingway chapter 3 . 2/24/2011
I have been in this situation but we never saw it through - we're both married to the RIGHT people (definitely not each other) but there's still a teeny "what if..." that runs through my mind sometimes...

Loving this story, particularly because the humor is snarky, fun, and original but also appreciate the insights into life and friendship - well-thought out and beautifully written. This chapter was done so well, but I'm not surprised as it came from you...Please carry on, oh creative one!
FFpassion chapter 3 . 2/24/2011
Thank you for the update, I'm really enjoying reading it.

Bella is really trying hard to analyse what's going on between herself and Edward but isn't getting anywhere.

I loved how she tried to find out if Edward had gone home with someone last night, sneaky Edward never really answered her.

Looking forward to reading more.


Sunshinemommy chapter 3 . 2/24/2011
I don't really know what to say. Except that I love this story! Edward's memory (the whole I hoped for sex and "No sex in my cab!") was fun and sweet. And yet, his longing and desire are so strong every word is dripping with them.

As for Bella, she needs to stop wasting time thinking and spend more time feeling! Get out of your head, girl!

I love your stories. You're a master at conveying feelings. By the time I finish reading your chapters, my stomach is in knots, my heart is pounding, and my head is racing - just like your character's. Great job!
juberish chapter 3 . 2/24/2011
I freakin' love this Edward! How hot was that finger stroke? Made me want to go find someone to stroke me. My finger I mean... Lol! I really love this story so far.
Hcm126 chapter 1 . 2/24/2011
I'm really liking this so far! Though I do feel kinda bad that everyone was pestering Bella so much about who it was, poor thing.
musicdaydreams chapter 3 . 2/24/2011
Here's how you know someone grew up in a different time period:

When Emmett says: "I'll be good this time. Better. Stronger.", you and Bella think of Daft Punk; I think of The Six Million Dollar Man TV show, LOL.

Anyway, I'm really enjoying this fic. I love Edward's inner monologue of that night - he's a doll - I love his wonder and excitement. And actually, I love that he seems pretty open to more with Bella. I think she'd be open to it, too, she's just terrified of what it will mean - so cute, though.
itsanewday chapter 3 . 2/24/2011
OMG! This is brilliant! The first part of the chapter in italics is incredible. Honestly, it's the chapter the most well written I ever read for a fanfiction. I'm totally serious. Amazing job.
annniej13 chapter 3 . 2/24/2011
Hmmmm. What do I think about this Edward? I want to dry hump him, amongst other things.

Loved the chap! You are so clever with their teasing. I'm in the post-reading state of perma-smile. It'll last a cou
charlyfarly3 chapter 3 . 2/24/2011
I've been following you since the first time you posted this fic (I REMEMBER TELLING YOU I WAS LOCKED IN ON ADF) and i'm loving this so much. And it's only 3 chapters in! Keep up the good work gal, can't wait for the upcoming chapters.

Btw, Edward stroking Bellas pinky finger was so adorable.
ss77 chapter 3 . 2/24/2011
I totally get where Bella is coming from, as I found myself in similar situations pre husband. It's so tricky. At the same time, I really want to kick her and tell her to be open to possibility, but I guess that means you are also open to hurt.

Edward us great, and I love the back and forth between him and Bella. The bits where we get to see inside his head are helpful to understanding his side better. He seems playfully sneaky and I can't wait to see how he surprises Bella.

Friends is AWESOME. :)
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