Reviews for Metal Slug Operation First Date
Mang Kanor chapter 2 . 7/6/2016
Instead of Walter and Tyra, it should have been Trevor and Nadia since the former are only still kids at the time.
Vennda-Chan chapter 3 . 3/1/2016
Type your review here."I love this Chapter!XD
Lt Colonel Summers chapter 3 . 11/17/2014
Judging by how he used "kangaroo" and "koala" in place of swear words, you seemed to have made Walter an Australian. Why?
Guest chapter 2 . 2/9/2014
Tarma's a champ
nightsky44 chapter 1 . 3/29/2013
iI love this story sooo much! I read this like 4 times but I never get tired of it.. Eri is my favorite character in the series and I really think you did justice to her character, and Tarma is my first ever video game crush because I think he's really cool and I never imagined him to be this funny! But, kudos to you for making him cool AND funny! I absolutely love them and your fic! :D
nightsky44 chapter 3 . 1/16/2013
OMG! Tarma is my first crush and Eri is one of my fav characters so this is just AWESOME! I LOVE THIS FIC SO MUCH! :D Keep up the good work!
Soldier of the Future chapter 3 . 4/7/2011
If there's one thing the MS team does a good job at, it's blowing up stuff. A barricade of garbage in your way? BLAST IT WITH A SUPER GRENADE! Bloodthirsty man-dinos with battle axes? MOW THEM DOWN WITH AN M60 EQUIPPED WITH AP AMMO! Mutant aliens the size of the Empire State Building? BRING IN THE METAL SLUGS! Messy closet that you don't feel like cleaning? FLAMETHROWERS! Or...NUKE THE UGLY BASTARD FROM ORBIT! D

...yeah. Ok, I'm done. I just had to. XD

Alright, this was a fine and dandy story with a hilarious load of comedy. So has the wars she's been through really changed of how Eri sees the world? Or is she just a tad too shy to admit the previous events of the day ever happened? Either way...yeah. We'll never get an answer out of her lest we get blown to pieces by a Super Grenade. But hey, we all know one thing for sure. She's got a thing for Tarma but will not ever admit it even if Armageddon was knocking at our doors!

So if I'm right...Tarma placed the blame on her for all the damages, and that her next fat paycheck is going to pay for all of that? Yep, despite they are brothers/sisters in arms, they'll never get along the casual way. P

That's it for now. Mission success rate: uh, can't be determined. A tactical failure or an unsuccessful victory? No idea. I'll let the geniuses figure THAT out. XD! SOTF out.

-Soldier of the Future
Jihyun P chapter 1 . 3/11/2011
When will it updated next chapter?

I just can't wait to see the next chapter~!
Dodo chapter 1 . 2/28/2011
I like it
Jihyun P chapter 1 . 2/27/2011
Very exciting fanfiction! XD

I REALLY REALLY like your fanfictions!

Tarma x Eri FOREVER
Soldier of the Future chapter 2 . 2/26/2011
Haha, nice addition as always. I'll bet Marco would be rather sitting in his office and (ahem) doing assignments instead! Bleh, who cares about assignments, let's fire up a game instead! XD

But damn, he was literally scarred for life when Fio just HAD to drag herself and his fat behind into that theater...and the reviews were anything but lame. You had nightmares in your nightmares? P But yes, is the horror flick a reference to the Ring? Because in the Japanese release of the Ring, people were literally scarred and required medical attention, with paramedics on sight at the theaters that released it. No joke. Now that's what I call gambling your life! o_o

LOL, good job breaking the fourth wall with the...erm...suggestive scene. XD

One thing's for sure. How does the team pull guns out of thin air? P I'd go batcrap crazy if someone brought an M60 to a shooting gallery!

As for the Ferris Wheel ride...well...yeah, I'll say it was very interesting. That's it.

Me: Well, I got proof that you were drunk beyond belief! It's all recorded here in this camera!

Eri: *points a grenade launcher at me*

Me: Never mind. *tosses camera into waste dump disposal and whistles* Wait, why am I here again? Oh look at the time, I gotta go! *runs through a wall*

Yep, I can't wait for the final chapter!
BlackRiver chapter 1 . 2/23/2011
When it will be updated?

I really want to see the next chapter!
Jihyun P chapter 1 . 2/20/2011
Very interesting :)

What a cute Eri is!

I'm expecting next chapter!

ps)I really like Tarma x Eri
SlugSLinger chapter 1 . 2/20/2011
I have to say, like your other metal slug fanfics, you did a good job on this one.
Soldier of the Future chapter 1 . 2/18/2011
Poor Eri. She must've gotten more than she bargained for rampaging through a man's passion and creations. The fact Tarma barely even has a bank account to begin with is bad enough already, but having a fangirl on your back destroying your favorite inventions is living hell. But I'd understand why she can't handle a date since...well...she's killed more men compared to those she has held hands with (which is zero). XD P

And I laughed my head off when I saw Eri's wardrobe. From a Satanic to a propaganda t-shirt? AND then a porn shirt picked up from the bargain bin? LOL! No wonder no one likes her!

But Fio isn't helping much either, I wonder how the boys will think of her. I mean, packing a thousand article worth of clothes into the warzone with a bag that can barely hold 200 rounds of M16 ammo?

Hmm...whatever the reason is, I can't picture Eri in the outfit she's in. But at least she doesn't look like an anime clown, thank god! (I hope)

Hurry! Bunker up before she gets here and starts going medieval on us with grenades and molotovs! (runs into a foxhole and arms everyone inside) P

Well, nice fic, and despite small amounts of errors here and there, I'll forgive ya since English isn't your first language. I'm not a strict Grammar Nazi anyways. XD