Reviews for What's in a lie
Luna Carmesi chapter 31 . 5/29/2013
Great story. Poor Puck...
Legendary Star-Dork chapter 28 . 1/4/2013
Awesome story ;)
Really good job!
probablyawful chapter 31 . 12/22/2012
This story was beautiful, and it left me with this strange bitterness. Because even though this story is far from anything they have ever done on Glee, the little "funny until you think about it"-lines that Puck has thrown, and still throws, every other episode throughout the seasons... No one, not on the show and not in the fandom, is ever gonna recognize that. And that kills me. Brought my bitter Puck-stanning to a whole new level!

I think a thank you is in order. Such a great story!
probablyawful chapter 8 . 12/21/2012
Commenting on old fanfics, but hell... What can you do?

Poor Noah, I wanna hug him so bad. Danny just entered a whole new level of creepy, the way he acted like nothing happened...
Regann chapter 31 . 11/18/2012
Following this story since its birth, and just found the ending. Ilovedthe entire thing. I cantstressthatenough.i fing love the entire thing! Thank you so much for writing this story and sharing it with the world.
chinainyourhand chapter 31 . 9/19/2012
Just read this whole story in one go, and I don't really know what to put in this review as it's the kind of story I think you need time to process afterwards. I loved how you dealt so realistically with such a serious subject, and didn't give in to the temptation to end it with flowers, rainbows and unicorns...
I'm so glad I found this as I've been craving good, well written Puck stories, and this was definitely of those!
ShipWithFervor chapter 31 . 3/13/2012
That was really good, I think it's one of the best or the best story I've read that deals with abuse which is a nice change because I can't help but see that there're a lot of stories here in ff that use abuse as a sort of way to pity the character or to give something more to the story so I was glad to read this which to me was realistic account on abuse.

There're sometimes that I have stopped reading stories of this dark nature midway because it's really not something nice to think about but I actually read this in one sitting because I think it would've bothered me more leaving it unfinished than not.

So kudos to you for writting such a piece which portrays some really horrible circurmstances and that I could read with interest(sometimes biting my nails off) to the end and be quite pleased by the ending.
Silver Dog Demon chapter 31 . 3/8/2012
What an epically epic story . . .

Seriously. This was awesome. And I'm so glad I got to read it after it was complete. I tried really hard not to read it all in one sitting . . . but yeah, didn't take longer than a few days. I just couldn't stop myself, ha ha.

It was an emotional roller coaster and you balanced the highs and the lows of the story really well. And I'm satisfied with the ending. I think it's as happy as you're gonna get with something like this - true happy endings take YEARS when healing from the stuff Puck's dealing with.

I was a little surprised they ended up back with their mother, I expected Puck to wind up living with Schue until he came of age or something. But given social service's tendency to give parents a second chance, I don't think it's unrealistic. I'm glad Sarah's okay too, that was a scary couple of chapters. D:

And man, Danny really was a character! He wasn't just an asshole like in other fanfics, he was a damn snake - with how devious he was, able to fool people about who he was. His character was so much more complex than your typical douchebag boyfriend. Damn. That was pretty clever. I also liked that Burt caught onto it the moment he met the guy. Nice touch. Also glad Danny's dead too. I don't think Puck would be doing so well if he knew the guy was still out there.

I also really enjoyed the little bits of sibling-ness in this fic. Always have a soft spot in my heart for close siblings and protective older brothers.

I only wish I could write something as good as this fic. Mine always turn out to be so much shorter than I'd like them to be. You managed to take something I really love reading and writing about and made it 31 chapters long! I seriously applaud you for that and hopefully I can learn something from it for my own fics in the future.

Other than some polishing, I think this fic is pretty much perfect. The story's there, the characters are there (none of them came off as flat); I'd just go back and fix some dialogue issues, correct some spelling mistakes, minor issues like that.

The things that stuck out to me were 'ehm' because that seems more like a 'clearing of the throat' noise more than a 'I don't know what to say' noise. I would have used 'um' or 'uh.' And it's 'knelt' and 'kneeling' not 'kneed' and 'kneeing' - you 'knee' someone in the groin and you 'kneel' down next to someone. Those were just the things that stuck out the most for me. Nothing huge though.

Anyway, thanks so much for this story, I really did enjoy it! :D Pure awesome-ness!
hypercell chapter 31 . 1/15/2012
There is so much I want to say.

First off, I found your story because of the glee angst meme. your story is almost EXACTLY like one of my prompts, and someone was like "hey, you might be intrested in this story" and I was like *grabby hands* "gimme!"


Also, I love the ending. You just ended it so perfectly...I'm speechless...


(Did I mention I love it?)
rholou chapter 31 . 8/16/2011
I loved this story and I loved this ending, I really liked the way you ended it. Thanks for posting
Efflorescent chapter 31 . 8/14/2011
That was the perfect ending to this perfect story. I am just so happy with this story. You approached everything with an understanding about the human mind that most people can't seem to grasp just right. The fear and anxiety that comes after terrible moments like that are difficult to describe when you've experienced them yourself, but to never have experienced them and rely on empathy and understanding to write your character's emotions are the skills that separate you from average authors on this site. I fan honestly say that I'm proud I saw this through to the end and watched your work progress into the complete, fulfilling story that it is now. No trite ending, no cliche reunion or unrealistic reconciliation between Puck and his mother. You left the relationships between mother and son a question. You've established that it's a thing that may or may not develop in time and it can't be underminded with a flash forward that doesn't show the struggle people go through after the damage has been done. Anyway, I'm done talking!

Forever faithful and proud fan and friend,


(If you have FB, message me and I'll link you to my fb so we can be friends!)
B00kw0rm92 chapter 31 . 8/6/2011
Oh, man. This was so good and so sad and I still just want to hug them.
easilyerased chapter 31 . 8/6/2011
So glad Danny's dead. And I know it's not a really happy ending - but at least there's hope.
Finlee chapter 31 . 8/6/2011
Really great story. Sorry to see it end, but I really love the ending. Life doesn't always have happy endings, but it is good to see Puck trying to cope.
ChuckNorrisLeftFist chapter 31 . 8/6/2011
The ending definitely feels right. It's not a happy ending (that would be unrealistic for right now) but Puck and Sarah are heading there.

I love Finn coming up with not terribly convincing excuses to come and keep Puck company.
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