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NaruDeeds chapter 1 . 2/19/2011
Good one shot! I absolutely loved the end )
wlkwos chapter 1 . 2/19/2011
Such a heartwarming little fic! Sure, there wasn't much excitement or drama, but stories don't always have to be about action, as you so clearly demonstrate here. This was a wonderful little sketch of the relationship between two very good friends who may also be slightly more than friends, even if neither of them acknowledge it openly. You flesh them out delicately and carefully, and the result is a truly satisfying read.

Being awake at two o' clock in the morning and unable to sleep is one of those problems which doesn't get any easier to solve the more it happens, so I can sympathise with Sakura's predicament. It's quite a telling indication of how much she depends on Naruto that she texts him at such an ungodly hour, and lo and behold, he replies. Which then annoys her, because she is a tsundere and therefore cannot possibly admit to any sort of affection for or dependance upon him. Why would you suggest such a stupid thing? I appreciated the way you captured the mixture of conflicting reactions Naruto inspires in her - he annoys her, he makes her smile, she reaches out to him when she feels unbearably isolated, and then feels both guilty and angry with herself for doing so. What really spoke volumes, though, was her response to the seventeen minutes where he did not reply, where she felt abandoned and so dismissed his text. That one paragraph, written sparely and carefully, says so much. It's such a true and real response to that sort of situation. In so few lines, you have not merely delineated Sakura's character and her relationship with Naruto but also given both her and said friendship substance and complexity.

The intruder makes for a brief tense interlude, and you tease out as much suspense as you can from it, though the fact that this interloper has keys suggests that it may not be as bad as Sakura thinks. It's not a detail which exactly jumps out at the reader and beats them over the head while insisting to be noticed, though. In fact, it's given just a passing mention, but when Naruto mentions that he has the spare, it becomes a rewarding moment if you've been wondering about the intruder having a set of keys to the house.

When it turns out that Naruto is in fact the one at Sakura's door, it's a heartwarming revelation. He's so very sweet and very kind, coming over to her apartment all because she can't sleep. When he climbs into her bed, Sakura is understandably taken aback, but he makes it quite clear that he's here to provide her with company of a very soporific sort, and has nothing else in mind. What a gentleman. But when she joins him under the covers and he puts an arm around her, I melted and went all marshmallowy inside, he's so gentle and so solidly reassuring. He obviously cares a great deal for her, though you never let us inside his head, and instead show us how physically aware of him Sakura is. She tenses at the contact, only to relax when she realises that "this was exactly the kind of thing she had hoped, although very subconsciously, would happen". More than a hint of attraction there, methinks - and the fact that she thinks about him as her best friend when she does raises the question of just what their relationship is. They may be nothing more than friends, but how deep do these subtle undercurrents of suppressed or denied attraction run?

Of course, the most heartwarming moment of all is the answer Naruto gives to her last question. He wins mega-Brownie points for that. It also stresses how much Sakura matters to him, and makes for a satisfyingly sweet NaruSaku story, with its solid and believable characters and their nuanced and carefully drawn relationship. It was a true pleasure to read this lovely little fic!
hatakevan chapter 1 . 2/19/2011
aawwwww so sweet! narusaku are so cute together! and naruto is so thoughtful, i love him! great story! and nicely written!
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