Reviews for Bella's Sun
sarahmicaela88 chapter 37 . 1/16/2016
Ok Sam dying? What the hell is up with that?! Why did u have him die?
sarah88 chapter 36 . 11/29/2015
Ok I'm trying to understand where this child is coming from. I sincerely am but it's like she's trying 2 have her cake and eat it 2. How long does she plan 2 keep both of them around?
sarah88 chapter 34 . 11/21/2015
I love ur lemons. They're mu guilty pleasures. LOL I just wish they were more detailed
sarah88 chapter 32 . 11/20/2015
Thank u soooo much 4 bringing her memory back so quickly that must have been torture 4 Jake 2 watch that. And the car? Oh the car that Ted got them. He couldn't just give them a simple Jeep Wrangler or Range Rover?
sarah88 chapter 31 . 11/19/2015
There are sooo many things I could ragg on and complain about it's like Sophie's Choice seriously.
1: seriously going with amnesia. No offense and mean no disrespect seriously but almost every single soap opera fron the beginning of time has bought that plot and premise. It's been done and again no disrespect kinda tired and predictable
2: Having her memory back to the time when she was hurt with James. For real that means taking Jake out of the picture entirely. She won't knw who and what he is to her.
3: Basically giving Teddy boy a get out jail free card. I'm sorry but that is soooo not fair 2 Jake. Especially through all the heartache that poor boy has been through. Finding out the truth behind why Bea even came to him and how she almost lost her v card 2 Ted. I mean seriously the boy is a fucking masochist 2 still be there. But he loves her. And if I wanted 2 play devils advocate. Jake loves her more than Ted.
4: Jacob having to witness his girl kiss another guy and be all lovey dovey with him. I wouldn't be able to watch that it would be too painful. I could probably feel my heart literally breaking.
I hope the plot that you created here leads somewhere cuz it made me physically ill having 2 read about Ted kissing Bea. It just seems wrong.
sarah88 chapter 26 . 11/19/2015
Ok I for real don't understand how they have not had sex yet seriously. I don't get that. Having a guy who looks like him and is as yummy as him, how the hell could u not want those sweet luscious lips and mouth sucking, biting, and licking every curve, crevice, and dip on ur body. And those hands oh those hot hands running them anywhere and everywhere. Damn that would be amazing! I understand her being nervous being a virgen and all but come on the boy is a fine piece of ass make him a man already! And if it's him that's nervous then put the pack mind 2 good use. I'm sure Paul could share some dirty and naughty tid bits about how 2 make a girl scream ur name in orgasm.
sarah88 chapter 23 . 11/18/2015
Ok here are my concerns and comments. Bea had love all her life but not tje kind of love that she was used 2 when she got in a relationship with Ted. She had more of a mother daughter or even best friend relationship. She really didn't even see what a married or dating lifestyle was supposed 2 look like until later in life. So when Teddy boy came he made her feel loved and accepted, she liked it and thought it would be forever cuz well that's what he told her. She allowed herself 2 believe this. So when he left the feeling of inadequacy appeared. She believed she wasn't good enough. So when Jake appeared, the same feeling came over her of love and acceptance, but here's the kicker she didn't allow herself 2 embrace fully. The scars that Ted left remained. Yes she has abandonment issues, and yea they're Ted's fault. But she also believes she isn't good enough, and the imprint possibility doesn't help either. If anything it only makes what she feels stronger that Jake will indeed leave her because she isn't good enough. If she was he would have imprinted on her, but because he didn't that feeling of inadequacy will remain intact
sarah88 chapter 12 . 11/11/2015
I hope he doesn't imprint on anyone
sarah88 chapter 11 . 11/11/2015
OMG I would have killed Quil 4 daring Embry 2 kiss Bea. The only complaint is u could have come up with more imaginative t's and d's. Seriously me and my friends in high school used 2 come up with some gangster t's and d's. Also kind of a ugh way 2 end a chapter, I would have wanted 2 wake her also 2 find out more
sarah88 chapter 10 . 11/11/2015
Oh this could very well turn into a huge disaster. And somehow I think it will
sarah88 chapter 9 . 11/11/2015
Oh shit is gonna hit the fan now that Chief Swan knws he stayed there. Surprised that he's allowed him 2 stay alive this long. Normally I would say yes 2 the whole Jake and Jackie thing, but this a JakeXBea story right? So how's that gonna happen if Jackie is Jake's girl
sarah88 chapter 8 . 11/11/2015
Well good luck digging urself out of this one Isa Marie Swan
sarah88 chapter 7 . 11/11/2015
Ok this isn't good at all. Ted needs 2 stay away 4rm her. Him coming around is actually mentally regressing her, which makes me think the bastard is much more selfish than I originally gave him credit for. He needs 2 learn 2 stay away 4rm her 4 her sake. Otherwise who knows what's gonna happen
sarah88 chapter 5 . 11/10/2015
Yeah something is definitely up. She normally isn't so panic induced u knw. I mean she gets worked up because she worried about others and their saftey. Not really about her own, which is always kinda worrisome
sarah88 chapter 4 . 11/10/2015
Yeah I understand wanting out of Cullen Compund what surprises me is that he actually let her go. Usually Ted is more persuasive than a anal salesman. Also kinda idiotic of him wanting 2 enter La Push cuz that would be breaking the treaty
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