Reviews for Image of a Ghost
Vicious Pink chapter 1 . 2/26/2011
As always, your descriptions are beautiful. You've done justice to the game by depicting Lashute as such a horrible, malevolent place hidden under the veneer of wealth and opulence. That's pretty much how I envision Lashute as well.

Gwyn's possessiveness of Adan and jealousy of Kara seems overblown, especially since Gwyn and Kara were childhood friends (and she even mentions Kara being heads above the usual Adan groupies that he's managed to mostly ignore so far), but I don't know how much Lashute is affecting her judgment here. If the evil of Lashute is overpowering her thought processes, then her irrational feelings seem more plausible to me.

What I really love about this story is Gwyn's and Rulakir's interactions. The blood connection they have with each other, and more importantly their similarities as being the twin of their respective generation's hero, is perfectly played here. Though I was lukewarm while reading Gwyn's internal ranting, you hooked me when the group finally came face to face with Rulakir. I enjoyed it so much I reread those last few paragraphs several times over. It's this kind of setup, the thinly-veiled evil inside Lashute and Rulakir's ominous warning, that makes me greatly anticipate what's next for Adan and Co.
BenoitRen chapter 1 . 2/23/2011
Once more, you did a good job with the descriptions and building the atmosphere. I think the way you handled Lashute was creative. In the game, it's just a pallette swap of Skyhaven. Just a stone town in the sky. You inserted horrible stuff in it so it's actually a town of evil.

I think you portrayed Rulakir well. I'm wondering why he behaves like he does, though. But then again, the game was weird about it too if you visited him before getting Orakio's sword.

Also, Gwyn is very possessive. Oh boy (or girl).