Reviews for Permission to Castrate Please
WhistlesOfTin chapter 17 . 8/14
Ughhh, why do I love this so much! Your writing style is fantastic.
WhistlesOfTin chapter 10 . 8/14
WhistlesOfTin chapter 7 . 8/14
Ok, I don't know why the HECK I'm reading a Twilight crossover, but Sakura is hilarious.
Melodien chapter 10 . 8/8
I will love you forever for mentioning ''destruction of a cabbage stand'' amongst what they did. poor cabbage-man, not even in alternate universes will his cabbages be safe xD
kimchi759 chapter 18 . 8/5
I have to say that I took particular sadistic joy in reading Edward beat himself up about keeping Itachi's imminent death to himself. I was a bit sad that it was so brief. Also sad he came to Konoha, and didn't get a few smacks for putting a GPS tracker on her. But ah well.
Fingers crossed you continue this, and that Itachi lives. Because Itachi. And because incredibly amusing writing. Yes.
kimchi759 chapter 16 . 8/5
...the manchild put a GPS tracker on her. He...put...a tracker...on her. I just. I can't. Please. No.
kimchi759 chapter 13 . 8/5
Edward not telling Sakura about those actually her advancements is iffy for me, though I understand the secrecy regarding the powers. I loved the tidbit about why they sparkle, though - niiice touch. Oh, and I definitely ship the Sakura/Bella flirtation you have going there. At least, more than I do Sakura/Edward. I definitely like GEN the best, though, hahaha.
kimchi759 chapter 11 . 8/5
I am so against the Edward/Sakura pairing, but I like your writing...urgh. So conflicted. I find injuring his ego more entertaining than any hints fluff, and tearing apart his preconceptions more enjoyable than building romance. I'm really hoping your end goal isn't Edward/Sakura, and I'm banking on the genres tagged being Adventure and Humor. Fingers crossed.
kimchi759 chapter 9 . 8/5
This story has been incredibly amusing thus far, and I especially enjoy your characterization of Sakura, but good lord is Edward annoying. He's like a specially refined, supernatural version of the stereotpical entitled, privileged white male. Which only made Alice's visions that much more painful, as I can only assume Sakura staying would mean Itachi dying when Sakura eventually returns to Konoha and Edward somehow using jetpacks to visit the land of lots of green (Konoha) after he and Sakura hook up. Which. Uh. Yeah...please no. Pleaseeee. Nooo.
Furionknight chapter 18 . 6/6
I look forward to more :)
Sakura Lisel chapter 16 . 5/1
Wait so WHY does the Cullens need to open up negotiations with the Denalis? Is it about Laraunt? But i don't think Larant is supposed to even KNOW the Denalis at this point in the point in the story, but meets them them and becomes mate to one of the Denali sisters until sometime AFTER he split off from Victoria after James got killed in the canon series. If the Cullens had met Larant before in past associations with the Denalis, i don't think he would have caused trouble for them if he had been a FRIEND to the Cullens like the Denalis are. *lol* he was nothing more than a stranger to the Cullens when he originally showed up in the series.
1sunfun chapter 18 . 4/28
Guest chapter 16 . 4/6
Edward, you're stupid. Give her ALL the details before you spout off ridiculous things like that lol. Sakura's going to keel u.
Guest chapter 7 . 4/6
Holy... They're going to be fighting over her more viciously that a pack of rabid werewolves. There was a pun in that, I believe.
saashi samy chapter 18 . 3/31
i really like the story
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