Reviews for This Controller Is Not My Own
riverraiden chapter 1 . 6/8/2011
Now here is something that would be worthwhile to continue. I'd love to see how Sonic and everyone else comes into play, not to mention what might have happened to, say, Eggman or something. Well, I have more stories to read so all I'll say is: Good luck!
A. Daichu chapter 1 . 2/22/2011
How you amaze me with your imagination, you truly do come up with things that none else ever would.

Well, as for where this is going, I'm not all that sure, but that the great fun of reading a story, anyway. I'll just wait and see what you make of this.
Souldin chapter 1 . 2/21/2011
From having read the first chapter I can tell this is one of those 'all shall be explained over time' fanfics, a decent method of storytelling but one that can be a bit of a nuisance for starting off. I'm putting one or two things together but for the most part I will wait for these plot and setting related questions to be answered by the story itself.

Writing is decent; a penchant for characters perception and great detail is shown. The setting is actually given a look at and views are expressed with a mindset suitable for the character. In otherwords Sonic's thoughts and dialogue suit him as a character. Humour comes in two flavours, subtle and regular, from Sonic's poetry to Diddy’s bananas. The story flows smoothly, mystery ringing in my ears as of the moment, but moves at a slower pace than what you expect from a fanfic starring Sonic. The pace of writing does fit the atmosphere though and for a final word of praise; having DK as a main character is an instant approval.

The slight error is made as in all fanfics, and one case of tense confusion I found quite noticeable. Some more could have been said on the location/present situation but I'm sure these things will be revealed due time.

Thinking about it I don't really have any criticism to give, or I simply can't spot any dire errors. This fanfic intrigues me, and while the fact that Donkey Kong was a main character was the initial draw (he is underused in the smash bros section) I'm staying round to find out what happen next. Amazing job, keep up the great work!