Reviews for What if?
jalna chapter 3 . 4/2/2015
I m so sorry you didn't continue, I always was unhappy with the end, susannah was as much strong and passionate than tristan. She love him, fight for him even with all what happens her fiance who lost her the first time she see tristan, they recognize each other but it was too soon, they were too young, she had accepted to marry tristan's brother and in a way loved him a lot but tristan it was fate destiny. and as for tristan he was fascinated, enthralled by his brother fiancee, the one he cherished so much. Life choose for her but in a way, I think they both know that no matter what, they will have been together even if it break heart around them. And maybe it was why tristan (and with war obviously) lost himself and hurt her so much when he was with her and when he left her. they live in hell when separate (I always though maybe if susannah will have been pregnant when tristan left, they will have a chance when he return because susannah needed life, fun , love and they was nothing for her except her love for the land a hope who lessened with the years. she wanted a family, she wanted laugh, love but when she marry alfred she understand too much that money, party and a man devoted to her can not make her happy because she was only complete with one man ... tristan. they were too wild, too passionate,to be content with good life, tristan marry isabel, had children but never forget about her. I though sometimes he dream of her, her passionate lovemaking, her cleverness, her elegance, her beauty, her love so similar to him for the ludlow land, for the nature, the river, the sun, life and he dream of a life with her as the mother of his child. I think he love isabel beacause she was peace and tenderness but he was not hers because his heart was with the fiery woman he met one day when meeting his brother fiancee... In a dream life, they will have been reunited when she choose to divorce alfred and maybe return to england. Tristan will go after her to make her take her rightfull place at his side and they will have a son and a daughter more greater than all the isabel children...continue it will be such a pleasure to read a happy story about them
jalna chapter 3 . 8/4/2012
please continue i always loved this movie and the tristan susanah interaction. they were both passionate so it was inevitable and unstoppable they fall in love. they like the land pssionately, the freedom and life furiously. in a way i think susannah was just infatued with samuel, it was first crush, she was young, terribly beautiful and surounded by wealthy gentleman who fall in love with her but she was bored with them, she needed a free life just to live out the upper society, to be free of the convention and mondanity even if she like the civilized and cultured life, she wanted more and samuel was there , speaking of a new life, a great country, sauvage life and it was a dream coming into reality. But in the movie , we see she fall in love with the first view of tristan like he was totaly taken with her since the first time he see her. they fight it because both of them care deeply for samuel but it was there between them, their nature, their soul recognizing and meeting each other. and albert see it like tristan's father. they were made for each other and no weeding stop their feeling. when he come back to find she wed albert, he was devasted but he was not a man to lose himself , he take a new wife who was madly in love with him and never asking him what his feeling were for susanah, she was too simple, the exact contrary to susanah who was tortured, she wait a long time but not enough and it was breathtaking to see her so devastated, so beautiful when she see him and he see her in her garden. i always thing they will have had an affait together because they cant separate, they need each other to breathe, he always think of her when he was away. she was fiery, they fight, they cry when they were together but the fire never stop.i always think what if, what if he go to her because he see something in her when he meet her in the city and was worried. what if after they spoke, she divorced albert and go away and he chase after her because he was ready to commit completly to her and only her and they will run the ranch together and maybe have children. continue it's good to see fanfic about both of them
DGfleetfox chapter 3 . 12/22/2011
Are you intending to continue this? I'd like to see what you do with your story :)
MaddieWithAnE chapter 3 . 7/20/2011
Please don't stop writing this! I loved the movie, but I thought the ending was so devastatingly depressing. It's good to see that someone is making the ending a little happier.
MsFloridaGirl1993 chapter 3 . 6/30/2011
please keep writing this. i have seen the movie twice and agree that the ending is absolutely devastating and came on here to see if anyone had written a better ending and yours is the only one i liked among the three so please keep it going lol. thanks!
Dan Sickles chapter 2 . 2/23/2011
I am so glad someone is finally doing LEGENDS OF THE FALL! It is one of my favorite movies! Hope you will write more soon - try to show the evil O'Banyon Brothers, and maybe Susannah can help Tristan do battle with them - and maybe Alfred could get killed by them and Susannah would be a widow!