Reviews for Whirlpool's Rebirth
Guest chapter 13 . 3/16
Good story with an interesting premise, but it has a few grammatical errors. If you're not the kind of person that is bothered by that then it's definitely a good read you should look into.
dragonfox123 chapter 1 . 2/14
Great chapter and plot
xNaruHina chapter 13 . 1/24
Okay the hell man? Three weeks of 'worshipping' Hinata just to forgive him for ending the war? That is messed up. If she became distant after that it is her problem and Naruto should have just given her the time to sort through her feelings on her own if she didn't accept his apology the first time. He lived that is what should have mattered to her.
xNaruHina chapter 9 . 1/23
You made Naruto seem very weak. He had no trouble at all fighting Kakazu and yet he struggled so much just to kill Sasuke whom he defeated before without any trouble either. He shouldn't have had nearly as much trouble in this fight especially since furthering his training.
Guest chapter 3 . 1/19
While well written it's a bit dull for my taste sorry not mention as a flame
Blaze1992 chapter 13 . 11/3/2015
Well this was interesting but it wasn't great an 7 out of 10. 1st Making it to where no RasenShuriken, no Sage Mode, and no becoming friends with Kurama was a massive letdown.
satomika chapter 13 . 11/2/2015

Although I must admit that some parts had upset me~

Oh well~
Kekeke chapter 2 . 10/31/2015
You lost me when you changed Naruto's hair color.
heavydestro chapter 13 . 8/31/2015
Orario chapter 13 . 6/28/2015
Very good fan fiction. The romance between Naruto and Hinata was one of the best I have encountered until now. I especially liked how Hinata changed as their relationship progressed.

The plot was interesting because despite following the general line of the canon, it had some twist that it gave it a whole different vibe.

I liked that you didn't drag it too long with The Fourth War and I also liked you didn't make a God out of Obito. It also liked how Naruto dealt with him, it was unexpected.

Another thing I have appreciated was that you didn't follow the canon in making Naruto strong by using Kyuubi's power but instead you gave him a bloodline. I liked how you didn't overpowered him by also giving him the Sage Mode - again, it was unexpected yet refreshing that he gave up on Toads.

Bottom line, you really did a great job! You managed to surprise me and keep me so interested that I finished reading it in one go.
You're my hero
AyaValkyrie chapter 8 . 5/1/2015
Nosebleed. Good
Guest chapter 1 . 3/4/2015
its quite obvious you dont watch the series or the manga so why should i read shit that has nothing to do with the naruto universe? pathetic really im out of here got fuck yourself and this anal ass story
marquis.shax chapter 13 . 1/29/2015
huh I never knew that to use Izanagi to it's fullest you needed Senju DNA I just assumed you needed a Sharingan and that was it lol. I'm curious though as to why you didn't give Naruto a replacement eye? Also I like the idea of Izanagi being able to overcome even the giving of ones soul to the Shinigami that's quite ingenious and something no other author who's stories I've read has ever done before
marquis.shax chapter 3 . 1/28/2015
even though this story is finished (or at least I hope it's finished and not just marked as such due to being abandoned) I still have a question about it. I realize this is fanfiction but still how could people actually believe that Naruto is dead when he signed the toad summoning contract and if something like death were to occur to a summoner the toads would know and thus so would Jiraiya
pervyysage chapter 1 . 11/22/2014
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