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EquinusPrime chapter 1 . 9/17
I just found this on Deviant Art. Posted a review there, too. It needs a follow up. The tenderness with which the people of Cybertron rally for their leader... very touching.
Guest chapter 1 . 2/14/2016
Thank you, for sharing this.

I've never felt so strongly when I read a story before.

You made me love Optimus Prime today, in a non-romantic, unconditional, utterly heartbreaking way.

I think that, if he was real, he would be like this. And that his crew would thank you for writing this.

So, because I am able to say it, thank you.
Autobotgirl2234 chapter 1 . 8/9/2013
That was good.
LediShae chapter 1 . 8/11/2012
Awsome. This was great! Optimus has always been revered in many fiction, but this has put it best into words. Great work!
GrowlingPeanut chapter 1 . 8/10/2011

And sad.

But hopeful at the same time.

So many things.

I love how you conveyed so much feeling through just description, no talking.

Again, love the quote at the beginning.

Wonderful work, as usual.
Lecidre chapter 1 . 4/5/2011
There's no words to describe how beautiful this one-shot is. I was deeply moved by the solemn atmosphere while reading it. The descriptions are so vivid and detailed and full of emotion, I almost thought that I were there with these Autobots, heart-aching for their leader's selfless sacrifice and praying for his safety. Now I really wish that Michael Bay could hire you as one of his screenwriters when they were shooting ROTF... I was practically speechless for a few seconds when the US army simply dropped Optimus' body on the tarmac like that, treating the poor Autobot leader like getting rid of a giant piece of scrap metal or unwanted trash. That scene would be way better if those humans treated him more carefully like how the Autobots moved Optimus from the ship in this fic, seriously.

Another wonderful story! You always know how to depict the characters' emotions so thoroughly and lively with your amazing writing skills. I was totally touched by 'God Blood', and I was once again blown away by this awesome one-shot. Great job! :]
Zammy chapter 1 . 4/2/2011
wow just wow this really is very heart felt and spot on well done
Shadir chapter 1 . 2/28/2011
*snif* So beautiful, but so sad *snif*
Chloo chapter 1 . 2/26/2011
Hoo boy, first let me start off by saying... I seriously might have bawled my eyes out if I hadn’t been so deeply struck by the spirituality of this. It just makes me even more in awe of the relationship Optimus has with his bots and their sparks, as it’s definitely a connection unlike any other. Aside from that, it was almost too sad to cry about, if that makes any sense. Like, one of those things where you keep on thinking this can’t be the end, because it’s just too shocking. Like how it must have felt for the first time in G1 before every continuity jumped on the Prime-death-bandwagon...

With that in mind, this idea felt completely original. Obviously Optimus isn’t dead here, and given the ending it doesn’t really sound like he’s about to be, but still. If he HAD died, it wouldn’t have felt like just another Prime death. It would have been something terribly soul shattering yet darkly magical, because he holds such awe-inspiring, benevolent power over those sparks to which he gave life. Frankly I wouldn’t be surprised if some of the Decepticons were affected by it (but that might be a stretch ;) )...

What I’m trying to say is, I’m completely blown away! :3

It’s interesting, though, because it’s not necessarily the fact that he’s seriously wounded that’s sad. It’s simply the knowledge that he’s willing to sacrifice everything that he is out of certainty of his cause and love for his people, and wouldn’t take any of it back if he had the chance. That all-encompassing feeling of ilove/i was perhaps the most profound thing about this chapter, and yet... it was sad. Hopeful, but hearbreaking. (For the life of me, I still can’t figure out why that is. Wraaaagh emotions!) Anyways... there’s nothing weak or dishonorable about dying for love. :3

Speaking of love, I loved, LOVED the image of this hangar packed to the brim, dead silent except for the sounds of bots huddling together watching the skies. In a weird way it almost bordered on some kind of hive mind thing, as though their sparks were all in sync and operating completely independent of their processors. That said, they certainly weren’t zombies. That need was so powerful that all their defenses came down. The way they reached out to each other for comfort and united in support for Optimus spoke volumes about the Autobots as a whole and also, in a strange way, as individuals. They might be a mismatched group of bots with different backgrounds and opinions of everything from the war to each other, but in the end what they do have in common is a connection with their Prime that runs much, much deeper than just the mech who runs the show. (Oh I just can’t get away from this! I love the idea of that relationship too much!)

Ooh, and the way his mutilated frame is internally lit by his own spilled energon, it’s so gruesome! But just picturing it, it’s still so eerily beautiful.

Anyways, that was all fantastic. Just beautiful imagery, visually and audibly. I can literally hear that sobbing echoing in the vastness of the space, along with the sound of Prime’s struggling spark. Terrible, beautiful imagery...

Major props to Elita. Honesty, I was surprised at how calm she was. Before she showed up I was thinking man, Elita must be taking this really hard. I would have suspected she’d be doubled over in pain or something, but at this point she’s probably one of the reasons Optimus is still holding on. Never let it be said that she can’t be strong in the face of tragedy, yah?

It never ceases to amaze me though the extent to which the Autobots all revere him. Well, of course they would. But as I kind of mentioned before, everything seemed to be streaming through their sparks; when they reach out to touch Optimus’s frame and found themselves unable to do so, it felt less like he was too delicate to touch and more like their sparks were simply too in awe. Yet they don’t seem to think of him as a god... I don’t know, it’s a hard thing to pinpoint. I guess it’s hard to analyze something so spiritual. But after reading this, I found myself longing for some kind of deep connection like that. Humans don’t necessarily have a means to connect with others so intimately, at least not in the way Cybertronians do. *sigh*

You, my dear, have a way with last lines. They’re either head-bashingly teasing or so all around conclusive that for a split second everything in the world just feels iright/i . Either way, though, they’re glorious. My heart aches for that last line. It was so beautiful! :3
Bluebird Soaring chapter 1 . 2/23/2011
Wow, I'm stunned by the power you wrap into this one! I'm sobbing on the inside...speechless! You weave this one so tightly I felt the breath caught in my chest as the story unfolded. Such power in so few words...*bows* WOAH!
Anodythe chapter 1 . 2/21/2011
Exceptionally moving.
Wolf Prime chapter 1 . 2/21/2011
I love your fics! God Blood were awesome! XD You describe how a Prime is, how he will sacrifices to save his people from evil even it cost his life... And now this... a little sequel from that story... You are wonderful, you describe how the cybertronians are loyal to his Prime, their King, their Protector, their mortal God... I have no words to describe my emotions when you describe how Optimus looks after the counter with his brother and how he was tortured without limits with the intention to bring him to his kness and take mercy from his enemy.

I love too the part when you described about the yelm of Optimus, how was destroy one of his antennas [to me the antennas I called horns v], like a crown from a King, that was divine and emotional.

EXCELLENT JOB, MY FRIEND! Your story are always amazing, you must keep going with that! XD.
Tatsumaki-sama chapter 1 . 2/21/2011
This was just an amazing tie-in, especially after the equally amazing God Blood. I felt like crying throughout this story as all of Optumus's injuries were listed and detailed and the rest of the Autobots could only silently watch, in pain just as much as their leader, to show just how much he suffered for his people. He is what holds them together and what gets them to the next day. And I think you captured that beautifully here.
1bloodtempest chapter 1 . 2/21/2011
With no talking between the Autobots as they waited, I could almost feel my heart sinking in dread. ;_; You really love the angst and torture, don't you? ;-;

"An attack on such precious cargo would have been devastating." When I read "precious cargo", I was reminded of Revenge of the Fallen; sure, the precious cargo in the movie was the Matrix, but the objective of protecting the Matrix was to revive Optimus. Here... the precious cargo is Optimus. He is the one precious spark to all Autobots.

Just who are the bots who brought Optimus back to Iacon? O-o The ship is unmarked, and neither one of the two bots who were handling the hovering gurney were identified either...

Primus... I could not stop myself from crying after reading how scarred Optimus was. How could Megatron do that to his own brother? Primus... If Optimus is suffering "extensive mutilations from the inside out", then did Shockwave play a servo in his torture? Oh geez, I'm not faring so well right now... *runs off to find a tissue* Optimus was willing to give himself up to Megatron to try and find peace without having to shed any more energon, and Megatron was willing to throw peace right back into his faceplates... Optimus wants to save all of the lives that he can without losing any other lives in the process, but Megatron is not willing to see to simply listen to Optimus and consider what he's saying...

Even though he was so brutally tortured, Elita One still finds him beautiful to her; the depth of their relationship is unquestionable. I cannot imagine the amount of relief Elita must have felt when she could still feel him through their bond, but also the sheer relief of knowing that she could see him too, once he came down from the ship. ;_;

Ratchet... he does so much for Optimus, Elita, and every other Autobot by being their most experienced medic. And yet, now, he refuses to allow Prime to give up and allow his spark to fade while he's working so hard to save him. His actions extend far beyond the deep loyalty the Autobots have for the Prime; for Ratchet, I think that his deep-seated friendship with Optimus is driving him to never give up on his friend. *sniffles*

Responsibility always manages to make its call heard... even the bot who wants to stand vigil in the hangar until Optimus returns from the medical bay would have to leave to attend to preordained duties. Unfortunately, the Decepticons would not hesitate to attack if the Autobots were remaining standing at vigil... and especially if they didn't know that Optimus was missing from their torture chambers, they would want to take immediate action against the Autobots, especially Megatron.

Standing up alone for the sake of peace for all of his bots, for his race, is what I think distinguishes Optimus as a leader from Megatron. I think the reason why the Autobots are so loyal to Optimus is written here in the most emotionally-charge words that you used so beautifully: because Optimus loves his Autobots, each and every bot, and he would sacrifice himself for any one of them any day, any astrosecond. He would never hesitate to protect those he loves, and because he loves them so fiercely, his Autobots love him just as fiercely. That's why they fight so determinedly, for him, because they know that he loves them all as individuals, because it pains him every time he sends them out to the field, because some of them might never come back. He is the epitome of what it means to be Prime to his people. And you have just won me over yet again, my dear~ _

Faecat chapter 1 . 2/21/2011
Wow. That was very moving! I mean, we all assume to know that everyone of the Autobots respects the Prime, but this was a whole new view on it - a dedication so fierce and understated that we may never have seen it otherwise. Thank you for sharing this vision, even if Prime had to suffer so heinously to show it.
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