Reviews for Kung Fu remastered
BigT1587 chapter 20 . 1/22/2013
You were absolutely on fire at the beginning of the story. After reading other Serenity fanfics,I was genuinely elated to read one that actually had everyone in character,had a good story and presented more than a little action. Welllllllllll;that is until I got to about Chapter 9. That's when you started to flesh out Reese's character. He is probably the worse OC that I have ever read. I found him so annoying that I would have preferred just about anybody to get with River other than him. You could have killed him off in the next chapter and I wouldn't have missed him in the least.I just couldn't invest much more in the story after that;so I skipped straight through to ch.20. And after reading that, I still feel that I didn't miss much. Please don't get me wrong. I really wanted to like your story. But ,at least to me,you sacrificed your focus on the story just to build up Reese. An otherwise good story was ruined just for his sake. You're not the first. And you certainly wont be the last. Even though most Firefly/Serenity writers who do that have a tendency toward Jayne-love. Try again;but leave the OCs out of it.
GinsengH chapter 10 . 6/18/2011
I know that there are 20 chapters in this story, but after 10 I think I can leave a pretty good review. I'll break this into bullet points just to keep things organized.

-Either learn the proper pinyin for the mandarin you want the characters to say in the story or just leave everything in english and don't think twice about it. "Speaks chinese" is a poor way to narrate a story.

-Mal would not be nearly as lenient on Reese as he was on the beginning. Especially considered the attitude Reese gave him. I don't think he would have thrown him out the airlock unless he thought Reese posed a risk to the crew, but he wouldn't have made sure that Reese learned to respect him while on his ship.

-River's screaming episode while the ship was being boarded was a bit too convenient of a plot device to show off your OC. Had there actually been something worth her getting crazy over that would be one thing, but clearly there wasn't. The only thing I can guess is that you just wanted a scene where your OC could show off and look cool.

b- continuing from the previous point. How exactly was Reese able to enter the fight in the first place? There is little chance that Mal would allow a stowaway like that free access around the ship. He definitely would have been kept under lock and key.

-(concerning the scene right after the fight where Reese's jaw is hurt and he demands to eat before talking) I can believe that Mal would allow a bit of latitude when it comes to River (ie: her offering Reese the plate she set for him), but I hardly believe that leniency would extend to allowing this same stowaway to demand to eat before he would talk.
Kairan1979 chapter 1 . 2/23/2011
Murphy and Lewis? Does it have something to do with Robocop?