Reviews for Hazel and flash
Icetail o.O chapter 1 . 12/16/2012
I iz sorry that I yelled at you… i just really likt this idea and you not dinug anything... thai and when things aren't done i get... kinda...angery... sorry if i yelled at you... i had a bad day that day. bf problums... and i want to say sorry and that i hope you use my ideas. byz.
Icetail o.O
Icetail o.0 chapter 1 . 10/19/2012
Mmmm Waaaahhhhhhaaaaaa!
But really,
i am going to be your modavator because YOU wont write and your going to write it! heh, i am in 7th grade with TONS of homework and I could still write this book! i mean you write all these 'the walking dead' stories that almost NOBODY reads (no offince)! WRITE THE D %$ BOOK ALREADY! I DONT LIKE YELLING, BUT IF YOU DONT WRITE THEN I AM GOING TO KEEP YELLING! AAAHHHHHHH! JUST WRITE THE FU-
(sorry cant go on, to much ranting)
-signing out(probaly for the last
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Icetail o.O chapter 1 . 8/3/2012
Allmost forgot! medican wolf!-
Bramble-dark brown male wolf,green eyes:woods born,is a good healer is going to take in
Scarlet when she is old enough and train her to be a medican wolf, takes rules very sericously

(pritty much the same as the clans)-
1)A she wolf must never have pups if she chooses the path of a medican wolf, for the pups would distract her from her duty
2)A wolf must never under any sercom stances attack a medican wolf unless they attack first
3)If you choose this path then you must be greatful to all creatures
4)You must be kind to all
5)Must talk with the spirts every moon at the wondering hole(a giant pit, they sit on the edge, if it dip there head,then fall into a deep sleep)
That all i make up you can make more though!
bye! :P
Icetail o.O chapter 1 . 8/3/2012
(Hazels friend)-(you decribe),(color)eyes:(woods/house) born,ran away from owners because was beaten is now in flashes pack
Maple-reddish brown female wolf,dark blue eyes: house born,was beaten befor she joined so is skiddish and understands Hazel(so you can make her like her best friend)
Mothers & Pups
Kia-light golden female wolf,amber eyes:woods born, mother to Ripper,Shade,and Scarlet
Ripper-reddish gold male wolf,redish brown eyes:woods born, is Shades and Scarlets brother
Shades-black male wolf with white muzzel,feet,and underbelly, blue eyes:woods born, Ripper and Scarlets brother
Scarlet-gold brown female wolf, purple blue eyes:woods born,Rippers and Shades sister
Renna-blueish black female wolf,blue eyes:woods born,is heaviely pregnate
Hoped it helped just ask for more tips and I will answer!
bye :P
Icetail o.O chapter 1 . 8/3/2012
Oak-reddish brown male wolf, blue eyes:woods born, Mags and Rags father
Scarlet-white female wolf with reddish stripes going down her back, olive green eyes:house born,is the mother of Rags and Mags
Jay- bluish grey male wolf,one eye is dark green the other is amber:house born, is half wolf half dog
Snow-(you decribe),(color) eyes:(house/woods) born,was neglectid by owners so ran away with family to Flashes pack
Night-(you decribe),(color)eyes:house born,was neglectid by owners so ran away to Flashes pack
Icetail o.O chapter 1 . 8/3/2012
okay i am back-
Mags-dark brown almost black female wolf with reddish tint,green eyes:woods born, Rags sister
Rags-red brown male wolf, gold eyes:woods born,Mags brother
Flash-(you decribe):(woods/house)born,leader of pack
Flick-light brown male wolf with darker stripes running down his back,amber eyes:house born,third in command
Amber-brown almost a shade of gold female wolf,yellow green eyes:woods born,second in command
Hazel-(you decribe),(color)eyes:house born,was beaten be owners and ran away to Flashes pack
Sry! gtg ill send more!
Icetail o.O chapter 1 . 8/2/2012
Light-light brown female wolf with a white sock on her back foot,amber eyes:woods born, is very sencetive
Soot-greyish black male wolf,yellow eyes:woods born, can be mean when he wants to.
sry gtg!
I'll send another one!
Icetail o.O chapter 1 . 8/2/2012
SUGGESTIONS CONTINUED!now, hem... -they keep traveling carring rocks body everyone gasps when they arrive exsplains to flash (you make up the rest)-she falls in love with flash he falls in love with her a side liner (another pack member) instanly falls in love w/ her (most likley the second in comand or a high rank to make it intristing) kills flash out of jealiousy hazel sees him kill flash runs to tell others he catches up to her threatens her then later on (im so evil!) rapes her. she has her kids she then kills him one day while they go to 'hunt'. becomes pack leader(you do rest or ask me)-she goes insaine from eating a deadly fruit but dosent it then kills self or becomes blood thirsty leader of pack then own bro challenges her kills her then becomes leader or she kills him and regrets it making her life misreable (you go on from there)-ummm...she starts to be happy then one day while hunting gets caught by owners tourchered then flash goes in and saves her or gets caught in the proses and are both caught or he gets caught and she gets free (you go from there)-well thats all i got...for now next comes names(ask for more suggestions and i will most likley to reply,and i KNOW i spell likley wrong...
Icetail o.O
Icetail o.O chapter 1 . 8/2/2012
okay so what you could do is make it to where Hazel runs into camp exsplains to flash they go to her family. then they bury rock. snow has changed (emotion wise). Night blames himself, then later on says its Hazels fault. hazel falls in love with flash or dispises him because she blames him for rocks death... hazels friend (forgot her name sry) falls in love with flash or one of the pack members. if she loves flash she starts to hate hazel cuz flash loves hazel. then someone dies. then so on... OR ...she runs toward camp but cant find it then she gose to her family but cant find them. becomes lonley. then meets a wolf that got kicked out of flashes pack. they fall in kids oorrrr she dies from going insaine from lonleyness and falls off a cliff ... while her family finds flashes pack and looks for her. they find the body or they dont and go on w/ there lives. snow goes insane loosing her mate and a child at the same time. (if you need more tips just ask)
Icetail o.O