Reviews for Protector
Guest chapter 22 . 7/3
So funny Fred and George part soooooooo funny
pacifiermouth chapter 35 . 3/16
PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT IS GOOD AND PURE IN THIS CRUEL WOLRD UPDATE. PLEASE I NEED IT FOR MY SOUL. I love this so much I reread every year on my birthday. and every other week other than that, please I will be sooooo happy I beg of you
Guest chapter 35 . 2/24
Oh Snape.
Angel chapter 18 . 2/10
I know this was made years ago and is a long since completed novel, but I must say I really enjoy how you are fleshing out the holes and questions the original story left for Snape's character. Even though it's years after the fact I am just recently getting into the Harry Potter series, and right away I liked Snape's character. Even though J.K. Rowling built him to be meanacing and evil, I sensed a deep hurt and powerful emotions made him to be that way, not malice, and I'm glad I was proven right. I wish Rowling would have taken this character down the path more of being truly redeamable instead of leaving things half baked as she did. So for me fanfictions like this are refreshing and satisfy that need for this part of a deep character explored. For me personally I relate to Snape's character and quite frankly am almost identical to him in how I've lived and dealt with my life. Stuffing past hurts deep down and plowing through them by using logic, study, and carefully put on masks to keep people at bay. I know there is a big debate about if Snape has any redeaming qualities for past mistakes or evil he commited, or if he's just plain evil; as someone who is also an INTJ as he was built to be and also has similar social mannerisms and reasoning for said mannerisms... Thank you for this. I wish people would take the time to see in me what more open minded people see in this fictional character, a deep hard covering but an equally deep ability to love and care. It would just take the right person to discover.
SaiyaCat chapter 35 . 1/13
Hehehehehe ya with wall paper that bad I'm Shocked he didn't just use Magic
SaiyaCat chapter 5 . 1/12
So cute
TweakyGhostLover chapter 35 . 1/5
TweakyGhostLover chapter 33 . 1/5
TweakyGhostLover chapter 31 . 1/5
Lol Harry poke poke poke
TweakyGhostLover chapter 29 . 1/5
TweakyGhostLover chapter 28 . 1/5
Awww poor harry
TweakyGhostLover chapter 27 . 1/5
TweakyGhostLover chapter 26 . 1/5
AWWWWWWWW Harry is adorable awww sevvy he calms down immediately AWWW HE LOVES HIM SO MUCH
TweakyGhostLover chapter 22 . 1/5
FRED AND GEORGE YAAAASSSS lol George awww fred aww harry
TweakyGhostLover chapter 19 . 1/5
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