Reviews for Harry Potter and the Children of Change
LEPS069 chapter 62 . 11/23
Do I need more chapters of this masterpiece soon, when is it most out?
mtkicks chapter 25 . 11/21
How many diaries are there?
Epicboss67 chapter 62 . 11/15
Thank you for the awesome story and while I hope you eventually come back I wish you luck in your future endeavors! Have a great day!
Epicboss67 chapter 54 . 11/15
Okay this chapter was hillarious with how much things escalated so quickly. I absolutely loved this chapter, and was very interested in all the experiments he was doing. I think this might be my new favorite chapter, not completely sure yet...
Epicboss67 chapter 52 . 11/14
Ouch that's gonna be rough for Snape to not be able to make potions anymore. I understand why he's considered evil now haha, hope he fixes that or it eventually wears off
Epicboss67 chapter 51 . 11/14
Great animagus forms! That was a pretty fun chapter to read
Epicboss67 chapter 49 . 11/14
Y'know, I've never actually seen Harry as a Beater before, or a Keeper too for that matter. Very rarely he's a Chaser either take suspicion off of him for being Harry (if it's some sort of alternate universe thing) or they do it simply because he's a Seeker in canon. Sometimes it's also for Draco's sake since if they are friends he still wants Draco to get on the team. Thanks for the originality though!
Epicboss67 chapter 44 . 11/13
Oh shit we got info from the future, that's gonna make things a whole lot more interesting. I did NOT expect to ever see that again, almost ever time travel foc throws away the old world besides every so often an OMAKE to check in on them one last time. I really like how you did that.
Epicboss67 chapter 43 . 11/12
Honestly I think this is my favorite chapter, I loved all the interactions with the Ministry and that OMAKE was great as well, thanks for always putting out bangers like this
Epicboss67 chapter 32 . 11/8
Okay that's really scummy that Hermione and Tonks threw out Luna's and Ginny's gift. I hope that Harry finds out and gets mad at them, but sadly that probably wont happen
Epicboss67 chapter 25 . 11/7
So, you all but flat out said Hannah has the diary, which makes it all the more suspicious for the others... or maybe I'm thinking too hard lol, you said not everything was going to be obvious
Epicboss67 chapter 24 . 11/7
Hmm... so based on that last line there are a few options the owner of the diary could be. Ginny and Luna are the only two incoming first years to have met Harry, but I don't think Ginny is the owner because she was in canon as well as he made sure to protect the Weasleys at the book store. This also definitely strikes me as a girl talking. Perhaps it's Tracey, Daphne, Hannah, or Susan, but I don't really have much to base that off of. Susan would be really dangerous because if Amelia noticed that could get Lucius in a while lot of trouble. So, most likely it is Luna, but that's my best guess as of right now.
JayTee789 chapter 23 . 11/5
Maybe it wasn't the book that he had detected, but his future time-turned self, who was concealed and looking for the book? Assuming it still detects the one in his scar, which I think it does if the detector was said to nearly burn his own face when he pointed at himself.
Epicboss67 chapter 20 . 11/4
Okay if people actually got offended at the religion jokes they need to chill tf out, those were some of the most mild (as in non-offensive) religion jokes I've heard. Thanks for the great story!
Epicboss67 chapter 19 . 11/4
"While he had no issued with Hermione dating, he'd hoped that she would at least wait until she was married." This line is hillarious. thank you for everyone in the room giving me weird stares now from laughing:)
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