Reviews for Harry Potter and the Children of Change
myafroatemydog chapter 62 . 11/25
wow i just wasted two days reading this you should put up a note that said abandoned i would not have bothered to check this out. thanks for wasting my time. it was a great fic
myafroatemydog chapter 61 . 11/25
well you didn't disappoint with this chapter. i gonna go out on a limb and say harry wont have to deal with the werewolves again
myafroatemydog chapter 60 . 11/25
holy shit i wasn't expecting snape to do that.
myafroatemydog chapter 59 . 11/25
so rom is a seer? another great capter
myafroatemydog chapter 58 . 11/25
oh the shitstorms rita causes. another great chapter. obviousl tracey is trying to be a double agent
myafroatemydog chapter 57 . 11/25
cant wait to see the ministers plan back fire. i cant wait to se snaes reaction to harry being back at Hogwarts.
myafroatemydog chapter 56 . 11/25
why some people think the girls are abusive towards harry is crazy to me they are just being playful with him it happens in normal relationships. another great chapter
myafroatemydog chapter 55 . 11/25
another great chapter. tis about time they started dating
myafroatemydog chapter 54 . 11/25
luscius beaten to death. this fic keeps getting better
myafroatemydog chapter 53 . 11/25
Another great chapter well now Harry's plan for the horcrux is ruined what will he do
myafroatemydog chapter 52 . 11/25
Duels would be pretty cool. Gotta love when you give snaps shit.
myafroatemydog chapter 51 . 11/24
everything seems to be falling into place. i was wondering why tonks needed to speak with Hedwig. now that's cleared up and now harry is a god to the Australian natives
myafroatemydog chapter 50 . 11/24
seriously why were they not expelled. why is Dumbledore helping them?
myafroatemydog chapter 49 . 11/24
another great chapter
myafroatemydog chapter 48 . 11/24
did you make a Naruto reference about the far eastern people using dificult hand signs?
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