Reviews for Harry Potter and the Children of Change
Ghgffee chapter 5 . 11/20
Is Harry a retard I mean honestly
lonewolf420 chapter 53 . 11/20
Love the story so far but wanted to point out while I don't know the limitation law either, your in the magical world and harry is not only a lord but in your story has a lot of pull. If he says the statuit isn't up then I'm sure enough people would agree it wasn't up.
Guest chapter 2 . 11/17
you just fucking took a shit right in front of my nose jesus fucking christ you are stinking it the fuck up my eyes are bleeding I cant take it anymore
HermioneandHarryRiddle chapter 15 . 11/16
I kind of love you. Please accept my proposal for marriage.
Guest chapter 62 . 11/13
good sor
idabridgetselenerose chapter 61 . 11/12
Abandoned stories on this site are seriously getting frustrating. And it always seems to be the best ones or ones that feature hermione prominently that seem Abandoned. This story the author said something early on about harry being evil in this story and it revealed in 5th year and seemed to imply whole or most of story written or planned at least that far, only to abandon it during 3rd year. Also frustrated that hermione and nymphadora learned occlumency but never had the conversation with harry about his secrets he promised them after 61 chapters later it still didn't happen. Still good story just sucks it is Abandoned.
Fyrebird85 chapter 4 . 10/26
I may have earned some hufflepoints.

Hufflepoints are now in my personal vocabulary! (And really, now that you mention it, I'm amazed I've never seen this joke before. True genius is seeing what should be obvious before anybody else does.)
Fyrebird85 chapter 1 . 10/26
Every student of the Mind Arts learns first thing, or several years later in a dusty old tome if your instructions initially came from Snape...

I loved this line!
TheForgottenHollow chapter 54 . 10/13
y 4nn 3
im1 chapter 20 . 10/6
Mormon's very much don't have a true history of themselves lol
Tomthecrafter46 chapter 15 . 9/3
After reading your argument for why harry is evil I just had to write a review. I know it is honestly pointless seeing as this story was abandoned long before I got here but I just need to get this out here.
Your harry is not evil. In fact out of the many stories I have read I would say he is in the more good aligned side of it all. That isn't to say that he is Good but He definitely isn't evil. And you can see that in his reactions. When he accidentally got five of his house elves killed he felt sick and remorseful about it. His actions when dealing with Draco and Nott are just prudent, not evil. In the canon James commits worse pranks on Snape and Snape does and says worse things to Harry. But at the end of the day those couple of instances do not capture the entirety of their character. Harry is helping people, he is making sure to take the path that hurts the least amount of people while still getting things done. When he sent Draco to gryffindor and Draco was being bullied, he sent Crabbe and Goyle to be his friends and comfort him. There is never any deed he has done that he has done with malicious intent that has harmed anyone irredeemably. A bit of shame or embarrassment happens as kids. One way or another. But Harry used that opportunity to also warn him off and worked around the rules to make sure he didn't get in trouble. Honestly I would put him as a Chaotic neutral to a Chaotic Good person because at the end of the day he is still doing good and sometimes to his detriment.
Guy chapter 2 . 8/25
I want to fucking strangle every white cuck who doesn't have the balls to say nigger in even a descriptive way. Get a fucking clue. Blacks aren't royalty, they aren't special. You don't apply the same standard to any other insult or slur, so why the fuck is "nigger" Haram? Whenever people like you say "the n word" you sound just as retarded as the characters in Harry Potter saying "You know who".
Amber Eyed Dragon chapter 22 . 8/24
soooo... is this complete or on hiatus?
Mad Mav chapter 6 . 8/19
Doing great until you made the final step into making him a fucking wimp for Tonks and granger. I’m done
Mad Mav chapter 1 . 8/19
If his aunt and uncle can not physically hurt him anymore, why does Harry agree to do the chores? What are they going to do to him?
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