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etatevelikol chapter 5 . 4/28/2018
again i am in awe of the sheer adorbleness of this drabble!
etatevelikol chapter 4 . 4/28/2018
this was great man!
etatevelikol chapter 1 . 4/24/2018
dude i have read some great driving fics about these three in my lifetime but this tops them all. hands down best ever.
lanalight1 chapter 15 . 2/28/2018
Lmao she noticed
lanalight1 chapter 10 . 2/28/2018
hahhahaa no! Roy is sick to! But it was so cute when he carried Dick.
lanalight1 chapter 5 . 2/28/2018
The Best Guesst chapter 26 . 1/21/2017
Yooooooo it's been a while since last update and I was wondering if you would kindly continue this because it's FREAKING AWESOME!
Guest chapter 11 . 9/28/2016
Cate chapter 11 . 9/24/2016
I would say so since I live close to there. Haven't gone on the big rides though, not a fan.
Wallylover chapter 13 . 7/30/2015
TotalAlaskan chapter 8 . 9/28/2014
I know I've seen or read (or you know something) 'Oh, what's in a name' somewhere but I just can't think of it. And the name of one if the other Bats used is Damien, the fourth Robin. Actually was he the fourth? I know I've seen that he is in some places but than in others he is the fifth and a girl Robin was the fourth. (I really hate the thought of a girl Robin by the way, just isn't right. Anyway isn't that what Batgirl is for -also hate the thought of Batgirl too by the way)
Rant aside, I love these!
Guest chapter 23 . 11/9/2013
cool arrow and great stories.
Bloodheart chapter 2 . 10/14/2013
Squeak! A big batch of bats flew out the door. “Aaaaaa! They’re biting me! Help!” screamed Wally. “Scaredy-cat,” muttered Roy. “Am Not!” denied Wally. “Aaaaaa! They’re biting me Help!” mimicked Dick, “You are so a scaredy-cat.” Wally let out a grunt, “Am not.” “Let’s just keep going. I’ve got better things to do then watch you two argue.” Said Roy. “I’ll go find a light switch,” Dick told them. “Just don’t do anything…” but Dick was already gone with his signature chuckle lingering in the air.
“I hate it when he does that,” complained Wally. As the two went to find the concession stand. They had just found it when they heard a scream they knew all too well, “Dick!” they yelled at the same time as they ran towards the source of the scream. There they found the light switch and Wally turned on the lights. When their eyes had adjusted to the light the found 2 knives stuck in the wall with a bit of blood dripping from each. On the ground in the corner was Dick quietly moaning clutching his left arm and his right leg both which were bleeding. They ran to him and tried to help him up. The main word was tried but Dick’s leg was cut badly. They laid him down and Roy toke of his under shirt, ripped it into two pieces and rapped Dick’s leg with one piece and his arm with the other.
“That will have to do for now till we get to the mansion,” said Roy, “Are you saying we should just go now?” asked Wally. Roy just nodded. “No! Just because I’m hurt doesn’t mean we should just go now. Not when it’s finally getting interesting,” replied Dick. “Dick. We…” But Dick was giving Roy the infamous bat-glare. Roy sighed. He knew better than to argue with Dick when he used the glare. If he did he usually got the wrath of Daddybats if he did and he already was going to get it with Dick being hut and he didn’t want to add to that pain that was yet to come. “Fine. Let get going.” Dick smiled but winced in pain as Roy picked him up and put Dick on his back. “But don’t think you aren’t coming with baby bird,” said Roy. Dick just laughed. He didn’t want to miss anything that was about to happen on this little adventure.
Thunder crackled outside as the boys looked around. “I’m going to go back to the concession stand and get some food.” Wally yawned. ”We’re all going together. I don’t want to find you hurt like Dickie.” Replied Roy. Dick had already fallen asleep out of boredom and Roy had to shake him awake when they when they got to the concession stand. “Cât e ora?” (What time is it?) mumbled Dick. “English dude!” joked Wally. Roy rolled his eyes and said, “One AM Dickie.” Dick looked up at the ceiling as Wally stuffed his face with stale candy and popcorn. His eyes widen in horror and he stared to poke at Roy. “You better stop poking me birdie.” Roy threatened but Dick just kept poking him. “What!” he yelled at Dick. All dick said was, “look up.” Wally looked up but Roy just questioned, “Why do I have to look up?” “That’s why,” Wally answered pointing to the ceiling. Roy’s gaze followed were Wally was pointing. There he saw the words “GET OUT!” written in what looked to be blood. Three arrows shot past them and they all let out a scream. They were ready to run out through the doors of the theater when they slammed shut and locked themselves. They tried to pry them open but it wouldn’t budge. They were locked in! “What are we going to do!” screamed Wally.
“First things first. Sop screaming your blowing my eardrums out! Second we have to find something to open this doors. Third Dick loosen up your grip your practically choking me to #%*$!”answered Roy. Dick loosen his grip on Roy and Wally took some deep breaths. “Good. Now if we can find some oil and a film projector we can blow open the door. If we can find a crowbar maybe we can pry open the door. Dick do you have your utility belt?” said Roy. “Of course!” Dick answered. Dick went to grab of his belt only to find it gone. ”It’s gone!” Dick whispered. “Oh # $%*,” Roy grumbled “Ok. Wally go look around the west side of the theater. We’ll take the east.” “Wait. Why do I have to go alone?” Wally complained. Roy face palmed himself. “Because you have super speed and we don’t.” Dick answered. Wally sighed but left to search his side.
Twenty minutes later. “Aaaaaa!” screamed Wally. “Wally!” Dick yelled. Roy was already run towards the scream. “Please tell me you’re not injured!” yelled Roy when the found Wally. “There … there was a giant spider web with a giant spider it…” “Was that why you screamed like a little girl?!” laughed Dick. “What no! Yes? I don’t scream like a little girl!” shouted Wally. “Stop the yelling and screaming!” Roy barked “Now is that the reason you screamed?” Roy glared at Wally. “Yes,” Wally answered. Dick started to crake up again. “Dick,” Roy warned. Dick quieted down. Then they felt a rush of wind. Wally screamed again. The movie screen turned on and the projector started to play clips of horror movies on the screen. The doors behind them shut and thunder roared outside making them all scream.
Right after the thunder had quieted down the screen played a man with a bloody knife in his hand saying, “Your all dead.” Then he through the knife a knife came flying towards them past between them and landed on the door behind them. The room went dark and they screamed. They ran out of the movie screening room and to the doors. Dick clutched Roy tightly ignoring the pain in his arm and leg and the throbbing in his head. As they ran they found they were being chased by a ghost with a maniacal laugh that could bet Joker’s any day. They screamed and ran faster towards the door. They pounded on it trying to get it open but it still wouldn’t budge. They turned around and saw the ghost getting closer. Roy help set Dick down and stood in front of his younger “brothers” when the door opened they turn around to see each of their legal guardians laughing, all but Bruce who was just smirking. “You did this!?” yelled Roy. “Yeah and it was hilarious!” laughed Oliver, Roy’s legal guardian. That got Roy anger. He walk up to Oliver and kicked him were the sun doesn’t shine.
Oliver fell on his knees but just kept laughing, “Worth it.” Roy walked back towards his “brothers”. Everybody just ignored what just happened knowing that was normal. “How?” asked Wally. “Simple mechanics and Halloween decor,” Barry answered, Wally legal guardian. “Why tăti?” wondered Dick. “We did this because you three left without permission. Now who’s idea was it to do this and without permission?” replied Bruce, Dick’s legal guardian.
Bruce glared at them waiting for his answer. Dick sighed, “It was my idea tăti. I thought Wally was too much of a scaredy-cat and dared him that he couldn’t handle 5 minutes in this place. Sorry.” Bruce sighed but then smirked replying, “Its ok pui de pasăre. You all got your punishment. With that said why is Dick hurt.” Bruce gave Roy the daddybats-glare. Roy gulped. “He was cut by two knives that were thrown at him. You guys didn’t know?” replied Wally. “No. that wasn’t part of the plan,” answered Barry. Bruce just growled. Nobody hurts his pui de pasăre. “Do any of you have any idea who through the knives?” Bruce questioned. They look at each other eyes wide and answered, “The ghost.” Barry and Oliver started to laugh uncontrollably and Bruce just shook his head saying, “I’ll take that as a no. let get back to the mansion.” The boys nodded in agreement and Bruce picked Dick up put him on his back. The boys took one look back at the theater as they were walking away and their eyes widen as they saw a boy outside the theater door wave good bye with a devilish smile and then disappear into thin air as the theater door closed.
Pui de pasăre- Baby bird

This is just a little story I made. would like to show it to the public but I have no fanfiction place for my self. feel free to edit or anything.
miss-meowness chapter 24 . 9/28/2013
LOL Super bass xD Oh the laughter...cough cough...okay. I'm-wait. Okay done laughing. That was hilarious. :'D
yumi2482 chapter 26 . 9/22/2013
I really hope I don't get this wrong, but is the title in reference to the song from the Vengaboys, Boom, Boom, Boom, Boom? This has been very amusing and I feel a bit bad for Dick, but I guess this finally gives Tim some solid blackmail.
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