Reviews for For the Good of Gondor
The Lauderdale chapter 15 . 4/18/2010
I am literally angry with rage.
glanda-cindy chapter 15 . 5/9/2005
I like this chapter very much! who can help me to translate into Chinese?
jo4 chapter 15 . 2/12/2005
oh. my. gawd.

he's going to STAY like THAT.


i convey my deepest condolences... still, it makes for great entertainment..

i'm so evil
J chapter 15 . 10/29/2002
NOOOOO! You can't leave it there. Is there some hope of Legolas being restored left? Come ON! He cannot be forced to love Aragorn, it's too sick. Your story is twisted, sick but nevertheless very good. The idea of Legolas being female does kind of disgust me though. ARGHHHHH! Think will die.
aliaself chapter 15 . 10/27/2002
Ah! I'm going nuts here! How long must poor Legolas nurse this child before we find out what happens?

I understand you're in a bit of a stall. Just know that this is one reader who will enjoy this story no matter what Legolas' future holds. We've all ready had 15 fantastic chapters, so whether it's a "live happily ever after" or a "oh poor Legolas" ending I'm right there reading and enjoying.
Rikkali chapter 15 . 10/24/2002
ahh! poor legolas! thats so cruel! i think that you should kill of aragon, cause legola soooooo does not deserve to be stuck in that body. and aragons a jerk to legolas in this fic anyways, so im sure noone will miss him. PLLLZZZZZ dont make it so that legoals comes to terms with being female and forgives aragon a stuff. that would be so...wrong. plzplzpzlpzlpzlzplz let legolas get returned to his former self!
me chapter 15 . 10/22/2002
NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! EVIL! please. please tell me there is another way. or just damn straight kill aragorn. either free him or kill him. no more betrayal. no more lies. no more just for SHITTY gondor. not from people he has finally learn to trust no matter how little...

he gave birth... he really is on the brink of insanity. plase just kill him. i can't bear the thought of him being trapped there any longer. i have to kiss your feet for using that mirror again. wonderful. brilliant. that's my fave part in this fic. did i say i love it yet?

argh.. no matter what you're planning though, i won't be able to stop reading anyway. resistance is truly futile...

anyway. so far, so few good things had happened. dont you think it's time for something good to happen? does this little precious fic has anykind of good ending AT ALL?

ow... i'll sink into a depression if you make a terrible ending. for legolas only. screw the rest. the gondor can be destroyed but not legolas. you could throw them to hell for all i care

please continue. did i tell that i love this fic?
reafre chapter 15 . 10/17/2002
ah...finally they have a make this even exciting for Davyn is died!Please write more soon I love this story so much!
Ngia chapter 15 . 10/17/2002
Ack! 260 reveiwer dammit! I can't read _ LOL! Wow! Great chapter! O.O Luthiel is just precious, bu the emotion involving her birth is even more precious, poor Legolas! Your use of the 'birthing chair', history and turmoil is wonderful!
littlegreenleaf chapter 15 . 10/16/2002
I really love your story...I think I've told you that once or twice before. The only problem I'm having with it is updates! I need to know just what Legolas plans to do now that he's seen this baby and given that it's a girl and that he seems to be stuck in this new body of his forever...well, so many questions! Update soon?
di chapter 15 . 10/7/2002
oh god! I wanna kill someone! poor legolas, this sucks for him, my god how is he going to live with himself? With a daughter and Aragorn is a total BASTARD! write more, please u have to write MORE!
littlegreenleaf chapter 15 . 10/5/2002
I never thought I'd like a story with Legolas as a female, but I have to admit that this is a good one! I've been reading since the first chapter was posted and have done nothing but enjoy it more and more. I have to admit, I was quite surprised when Davyn died...along with all hope of Legolas ever getting his male body back. But it's so clear to me that Aragorn loves him (her?) that I wonder if maybe Legolas may try for a male heir? He's going to have to lighten up a little bit with Aragorn since he's seen the baby and will undoubtedly fall in love with her. Please keep updating. It seems so long since you've given us anything new. Any chance of an update soon?
Katharine Faith chapter 15 . 10/5/2002
Oh. My. Holy. Bloody. Eru.




Oh. My. Holy. Bloody. FREAKING. Eru.




(Katharine grasps vainly at words.)




(Katharine frantically grabs for a Thesaurus, sees absolutely NOTHING that will adequately describe the magnificence of Irena, and flings the useless book across the room in disgust.)

Irena, you are pure, unfettered, unadulterated GENIUS!

(Katharine shakes her head in frustration.)

I simply don't have the words to express myself properly! *Sigh* For your sake, though, I'll try.

This is a masterful piece. Plot, characterization, progression, setting, description...all are exactly spot on.

Davyn: an evil jerk worthy of JastaElf's Evil Jerks (TM). Bravo!

Aragorn: a teeny bit on the insubstantial side, but excellently done all the same. He wasn't as emotionally fleshed out as I would have had him, but then again, *I* didn't have the brains to come up with something this fantabulous, so that oughta tell ya something about my opinions, neh? :)

Legolas: good heavenly gracious, what can I possibly say? The transition from dude to chick was unbelievably believable-a mightily monumentous task in and of itself!-and things just got better (worse?) from there. The depiction of him as a pregnant woman was hysterical, too; throwing the vase at Aragorn and then wailing something akin to "look what you made me do!" was abso-frickin'-lutely HILARIOUS!

All of your OCs were dazzling, as well. Fleshed out, with life and spirit breathed into them by your mighty pen (keyboard, whatever)... beautiful.

The political intrigue kept me hooked all the way! Right up there with "Land of Light and Shadow" by Thundera Tiger, I kid you not! Dontcha hate politicians sometimes?

I liked your well-represented portrayal of Gondor as a sexist regime, although I'm not sure that's an entirely canonical view. *Shrug* I won't bite your head off, though, because this *is* an A/U... and I know all about A/Us... heh heh heh...

Exquisitely done, Ms. Irena, and I drown in drool awaiting your next installment! This story is definitely on my fave list from now on!

(Katharine looks back over the review, surprised she was that coherent-it's 4:05 AM, you made her stay up *that* late to finish your story!)


By the bye, give JastaElf a nudge for me and tell her to HURRY UP WITH CHAPTER THIRTEEN! People are DYING here! _

*Yawn* Must go, some people actually need sleep. (Katharine gives Irena a stern look.) But not you, my dear lady. *You* will stay up 24/7 until you present me with the next chapter of this story. *Then* you may sleep. Me entiende usted, senorita?

LOL, all of this worthless nattering has been written solely for the purpose of informing you that Katharine is now a rabid fan, and is currently drawing up plans to add an Irena shrine to her front yard, right next to the JastaElf, TreeHugger, Maggie, Thundera Tiger, Cassia, Camilla Sandman, and JRR Tolkien shrines.

Must toddle off now. Don't be long with the next chapter, or I shall send Gimli after you!


EldarWannabe chapter 15 . 10/1/2002
You sadistic freak. seriously. I mean, the plot line's good, the story is well written, but... the little sex change thing ticked me off..slightly. (K, I'm a Legolas fan, gimme a break here)and you won't give him any peace will you? first it's the whole rape, then you have Gilby out to make his life miserable, and now he's stuck. Nevertheless, it's a good story.

I feel the need to make a comment here. In Numenor (You remeber, the little island thingy that Aragorn came from?) There were three, count 'em three, female queens. Now, no offense to your vision of Gondorm but if it's good enough for Numenor,it's good enough for Gondor. At least that's my lowely opoinion. But you can ignore that, if you wish. I still love the story.

EldarWannabe chapter 15 . 10/1/2002
You sadistic freak. seriously. I mean, the plot line's good, the story is well written, but... the little sex change thing ticked me off..slightly. (K, I'm a Legolas fan, gimme a break here)and you won't give him any peace will you? first it's the whole rape, then you have Gilby out to make his life miserable, and now he's stuck. Nevertheless, it's a good story.

I feel the need to make a comment here. In Numenor (You remeber, the little island thingy that Aragorn came from?) There were three, count 'em three, female queens. Now, no offense to your vision of Gondorm but if it's good enough for Numenor,it's good enough for Gondor. At least that's my lowely opoinion. But you can ignore that, if you wish. I still love the story.

EldarWannabe chapter 15 . 10/1/2002
You sadistic freak. seriously. I mean, the plot line's good, the story is well written, but... the little sex change thing ticked me off..slightly. (K, I'm a Legolas fan, gimme a break here)and you won't give him any peace will you? first it's the whole rape, then you have Gilby out to make his life miserable, and now he's stuck. Nevertheless, it's a good story.

I feel the need to make a comment here. In Numenor (You remeber, the little island thingy that Aragorn came from?) There were three, count 'em three, female queens. Now, no offense to your vision of Gondorm but if it's good enough for Numenor,it's good enough for Gondor. At least that's my lowely opoinion. But you can ignore that, if you wish. I still love the story.

KathySFF chapter 15 . 9/27/2002
This is a great story. The characters are are so well written that they take on a life of their own. Other than a standing ovation for a very well written story, I have nothing to add (probably because I cannot write half so well) except I look forward to future chapters (soon?)
Ithilien chapter 15 . 9/25/2002
I'm sorry about my tardiness in reviewing. And to think I was jumping with joy when I saw you updated too. I'll try to be better about getting here sooner.

Well, you have put our elf through the wringer this time, and I can't even imagine what you have in mind next. The baby was due to come sooner or later. Too bad Legolas skipped out on his Lamaze classes or else he might have known how his breathing could speed or slow the process. Well, it seemed he got it in the end. I love how you made your point about the difference in the way men and women react to pain and suffering. Men tend to hold it in while women let it out. In this case, the women's method proved better when it comes to dealing with childbirth.

But now what have you done. The mage is dead? I saw that coming, but it is heartbreaking all the same. The only redemption is that Gilby went with him. Thanks for the small favor.

So what's next? Will Aragorn sacrifice himself in order to keep his promise? Doubtful. Then will Legolas find a way to be content in this female form until Aragorn dies a natural death? Doubtful again. Augh! What a quandary! This story is agony! (And a joy!) Write more soon.
littlegreenleaf chapter 15 . 9/24/2002
Oh, my God, do you realized how great this story is? I have been absolutely fascinated with it since I first started reading it. This last chapter was the best! I hope you update again soon. I can hardly wait to see what happens.

I'd love to see Legolas and Aragorn together, but Legolas seems to hate Aragorn so much and has for so long, it almost seems impossible that it would ever happen. I wonder how you're going to handle that one?

Thanks for the great story!
PuterPatty chapter 15 . 9/24/2002

I forgot to mention that I loved Legolas' whole debate over the chamber pot vs. garderobe and his desire to just pee out the window. Only you could write about the act of relieving oneself in Middle-earth with such grace and tact and humor.

alliwantisanelfforchristmas chapter 15 . 9/23/2002

I have cried over and thought about this single chapter for 2 whole days now, reliving it over and over, seeing it through Legolas' eyes, feeling it as if with his body, and I have nothing intelligent that has come to mind to tell you how I feel except that...


I remember the nighttime trips to the bathroom, the cold seat on bare skin, wishing for maleness so I too could just go out of the window.

The woman in the mirror is just more than I can handle... *sobs on Tree's shoulder, fingering warrior braid on the left side of my head*... "Who are you talking to?" "No one...Just myself" *more sobbing, owes Tree a new shirt now*

No Braxton Hicks for me either Legolas. And I too thought since I had several kidney stones before, I could "endure this. I can control this pain." How wrong we both were!

Too bad Arod did not plant one of those hooves of his in Aragorn's crotch and eliminate the possibility of any further heirs from him! I think Aragorn got off lightly with the "Piss on our apologies" remark. Legolas had the bearings of a Prince to not tell him like it is!

Estra is SOOOO right about the breathing thing! Ask me sometime about needing to breathe and the power of mind over contraction. It's a great story, but Yes Dear tells it better than I do.

"Push what?" is right Legolas! I didn't get it either at first! And I went to classes! Then the mirror, OMG the mirror again! I am so glad I never looked!

The most poignant sentences in the entire realm follow; "Thus was born the child of Aragorn and Legolas. And the snow hissed against the window panes as the heavens wept."


Then the denial, the exhaustion, the infant with his own temperment, the forcing to nurse the child he does not want,...the counting of the tiny little fingers...

WatcherChild chapter 15 . 9/23/2002
I love how you emphasize Legolas's lack of knowledge in this - "Push what?" And how he didn't want to nurse the baby. I'm really enjoying this story. I'm quite afraid of what Legolas will do when he finds out that Davyn is dead.
dangermouse chapter 15 . 9/23/2002
Oh, my... Well written, i'm quite concerned for Legolas' sanity though
goldenleaf1 chapter 15 . 9/23/2002
You mean mean little girl. I hope that poor leggy finds "some" sort of loophole after this to change himself back. It is just really cruel to leave him in that body no matter how "pretty" it is. Not that being female is bad, but if I was suddenly thrust into a "male" body, I would be NONE to pleased!

I think he does need to attach himself emotionally to the child anyway. So Legolas just doesn't scaddle.

::sighs with sudden(hopeful)understanding:::: maybe this is the evil authors way to make him DO so!

DarkHunteroftheNight chapter 15 . 9/23/2002
omg! this has got to be one of the best stories I've read! very powerful... I cant wait until the next chapter! I really hope Legolas ends up as a guy in the end... some how... this is wonderful, please continue soon!
Sati Lotus chapter 15 . 9/23/2002
How close did I come to crying when I read that Legolas had a girl?

Very close. And now I like babies even less than what I did before...but I'm a teenager lol - it's expected that I dislike babies.

Now Davyn's dead. And Legolas is stuck with his much loathed female form.

Jade is NOT happy. *smiles wickedly* Do you know what happens to Legolas in my fic when I'm not happy? I think the Ulkaquendelie are gong to chase after you and play.


Awesome, mind blowing,'s been said and it will be said again. I have absolutely no idea of where you are headed with this and I love it.

You realise of course that you should be focusing your talent on stories that can be published and not just fanfiction? Your talent is by no means wasted here but I suspect you could make money using your own characters - everyone loves your OC's.

Well...except for Gilby and Davyn. Evil little buggers.

Okay. Enough rambling from me. I have to go and calm down. Wonderful as always.
ziggy3 chapter 15 . 9/23/2002

'Push what?'

Briliant. Someone with absolutely no idea about what is happening - and the way you kept that throughout made it so convincing. I have to read it again now and savour the bits Imissed the first time round.

The way you work the humour and the horror of Legolas' situation is wonderful. You make me laugh one minute and then my hand is over my mouth in horror the next. I just can't see how he's going to get out of this- I hope you have a Cunning Plan ( ).

Thank you for not making the birth too harrowing - having read plenty of nineteenth century fiction as a child, I usually skip over/ turn over these sorts of things, but this was actually compelling - the bit where he screams at them to cover the mirror is spot on - the trauma of giving birth is one thing - but the relatiuonship he has with the woman in the morrior is so cleverly thought out, it would mean he could not deny that it IS he himself- to go through a physical experience so alien to one's natural experiences and to see it happen is too much for his mind, becoming ever more desparatre. I said before that I had avoided this fic because I hated the idea, but this is just so well written and thought provoking I cannot stop reading it.

Aragorn is coming out of this better, hurray. But what will they do ?

That moment Legolas finally counts her little fingers and toes is beautiful. He isn't thinking of himself now - and that may be his downfall -

What I cannot bear is that he stays until Aragorn dies at a ripe old age, and then departs over the sea- that would be unbearably tragic. Please don't do this - I can't read the end of LOTR because it's too on, give it a happy ending !
Nancing Elf chapter 15 . 9/22/2002
Good God Irena! What have you wrought? Magnificence that's what!

Too many feelings whirling around in my mind and heart right now. Amusement over Arod's protective behavior and complete empathy over Legolas' need to urinate all the time. I am reminded of my own experience!

But then the labor pains come on (no Braxton Hicks?) with a whammy. The whole birthing scene was very REAL (as I'm sure many of your readers who are mothers themselves realize). I found myself breathing for Legolas! (Did I catch a nod to TreeHugger with "breathe in, breathe out"?) Pant through the pain!

Legolas gives birth to a girl but they need a boy! And the baby won't nurse from a human forcing Legolas to submit once again. I hope the milk "let down" doesn't cause him too much pain. I never had anyone show me what to do when my milk came in and it was extremely painful. Where's the Middle-earth La Leche league?

Finally, sweet Elbereth, Gilby has murdered Davyn and now the only way out for Legolas is through Aragorn's death! OMEru! If that happens Luthiél will be without her mother AND her father. *choke* What will become of them all? For the Good of Gondor, what will happen?
Guest chapter 15 . 9/22/2002
I can't wait to find out what happens next. Will Luthiel get a little brother? What will happen to Legolas? Aragorn? and all the rest? please update soon...
LOTRlover chapter 15 . 9/22/2002
Overwhelming. Simply overwhelming. The woman-in-the-mirror concept taken to its perfect conclusion.

Overwhelming. And I can't go into more detail because I have to get off the computer because a large thunderstorm is coming.

I loved this chapter. So full of promise and pain
Furius chapter 15 . 9/22/2002
This is I think, one of the only fanfics with birthing in it that uses a birthing chair and have pregnant women walk in circles, much more plausible in my opinion, given the day and age.

The chapter is, well, exciting, extremely so. Wow. And poor Legolas, he would have to nurse a child while maintaining his male mind. I trust you'll do the best with the story.
Nebride chapter 15 . 9/22/2002
! You're cruel, very cruel! :D God, I love this story, but it keeps me awake at night! What's going to happen to poor Legolas now? Please, please, update soon. I'll come to your house and cook your dinner and do laundry just so you can devote all your time to writing.

What? Are you still reading this? Go write!

TreeHugger chapter 15 . 9/22/2002
You are getting this as I thought it, if this is incoherent...guess whose fault that is! You are going to get a lot of these, too! :(

Ai, Valar! How many memories did that opening sequence bring back! No position is comfortable at the end, and the bladder was too often poked and prodded. Poor Legolas! I hope I don't hate you at the end of this, too!

Arod is in love. that is sweet! :)

The part with the woman in the mirror made me tear up (more tears to come I warn you)! She always touches me. I understand Legolas' reluctance to feel anything for the child he carries, and the woman in the mirror watching him with a tender look on her face and the tears! Valar! That is genius! You are a genius, though a wicked one! :( You know how to prick at my emotions!

Clotild and Disa are great fun together, as they watch the men with the horses.

And OH NO! LABOR! I remember that too!

"It's alright, Arod. I've taken wounds that hurt worse than this. I can handle this." Almost mirrored my own thoughts in the EARLY stages! Sure, this is nothing! :(

Poor Arod is confused and in protective mod. Great Valar! Poor ARod! They caught him and tied him! :(

"Is this how you treat all that you cannot bend to your will? By binding them?" :(

"If that is what it takes to do what I must, then yes!" :(

I like Regin. He seems good and noble. And thank you for letting Aragorn free Arod. something positive anyway!

"I still say that living among the Elves has made you entirely too odd, my friend." ODD? Interesting choice of words! :) I would have laughed, but for some reason I couldn't...

I was wondering when Aragorn was going to get manly and carry Legolas. I am glad that Disa is so comforting and competent.

Gilby is such a horror! I really hate him! What is in the sack? It cannot be anything good! Oh! I hate him!

I hope Aragorn faints on the floor!

I am glad that they told Regin and Arnlagh, but WHAT IS GOING ON?

"Betrayal has become commonplace in this one's life, it seems." :(

I remember how hard it was to breathe. This is hard to read, and even the "breathe in, breathe out" didn't make me laugh! :( :(

Gilby is worse than I had thought! He is pure EVIL! He is going to kill Davyn, the other EVIL and get what he wants after all!

"Push what?" IRENA! IRENA! IRENA! :0

Gilby is a reprehensible human being! I can't believe I am agreeing with Davyn on something!

Oh, Legolas! Oh, Valar, Irena! FRY HIM! (Now who is evil? Me!) :(

Dead Gilby, Dead Davyn...but that means...NO NO NO NO NO!


I can't believe this! I can't believe this! Yes, I am plotzing! ARGH! I don't know what to say. It is a GIRL! They need a boy! Legolas doesn't want it, but then... :( Of course he takes the baby and nurses it, counting her fingers. *sob sob* Wow! you are cruel and twisted, but I still love you. This isn't finished? Seems like a place where you would leave it. Okay. By the time you write what comes next, what I cannot imagine! I should be calmed down. I hope...

elenath sila erin le...
Luciana chapter 15 . 9/22/2002
Just promise me one thing...release Legolas...I don't care how it's done, but please, please do it or I'll be sad I even read the story since it's so upsetting otherwise. I trust that this is in your plans (no matter how much you torment us one the way). Right now I hate everyone but him...I can't help it...they all enrage me because they're still basically making him a prisoner.
PuterPatty chapter 15 . 9/22/2002
Dang it, Irena, I'm developing quite the huge bruise from where I hit myself on the forehead. Yeah, it was right after I read the line, "Thus died Mage Davyn, former servant of Sauron, and last of his kind." It still hurts, physically and psychologically. How can you do that? You are so evil! I hate you!

My heart is breaking for Legolas. As always, you have written this so beautifully. The scene where he is talking to the mirror was exceptional, especially as Disa witnessed the last part of their conversation and Legolas was forced to admit that he and the woman in the mirror are one and the same. I had tears in my eyes.

Loved that Arod was trying desperately to protect his elf. Very noble, very loyal of the beloved horse. Great part! I think it should that you put a lot of thought into Aragorn's words in that scene as well. Nice!

Legolas trying to give birth was both humorous, and heart-aching. "Push what?" Poor elf. Also, I couldn't help but chuckle at "Breathe in, Breathe out." That wasn't a little tribute to TreeHugger, was it?

So Davyn's dead, Gilby's dead, Legolas is stuck, and the baby has been born. So much happened in this chapter and yet no real resolution for Legolas in sight. I have no idea where you are headed with this now, Irena. I love it!
naltariel chapter 15 . 9/22/2002
I admit, I frowned when I found this story. But then I reallised this is not the typical "rape Legolas, bad Aragorn" fics.

I admire how you handle Legolas' pain in this chapter. I guess Serena had told you many of her feelings which I also share.

Perhaps going to Mandos and return in his own male body wasn't as bad as trapped in a body not his own forever. Serena is correct, there is a limit.

The characters's reactions, mainly Legolas is realistic. And I believe it will continue to be so.
Sally Gardens chapter 15 . 9/22/2002
Wow. Another fantastic, heart-rending chapter. That is all I can think of to say, other than I am on knife's edge watching to see which way Legolas' fate falls.
JastaElf chapter 15 . 9/22/2002



“Piss on your apologies. Just keep your promise.”

"Be grateful for your ignorance.”

“If you’re inside this body, it’s your body.”

Oh dear GOD...

“She is very beautiful, and I thought it would be fitting for a Regent to take a royal wife."


Oh GOD, Irena, this is just fricking MAGNIFICENT. It scares and delights me how well you write. And how wonderfully dark and horrific and just plain grand this is...

So, Legolas has lived through the birthing, Gilby has committed his last act of murder, and Legolas is stuck in a female form unless he can work up the anger and outrage to kill Aragorn - which I don't see happening. And the baby is a girl - LOVE the name by the way, snicker... (grin) A lovely, stubborn little Peredhil girl, who wants NANA'S breast, thankyouverymuch, and wants it NOW... Heh, Legolas has a daughter worthy of him...

And he is succumbing to what he has been forced to bring into the world, because his innate Elvish sense of fair play reminds him, it AIN'T the baby's fault...

Okay, so kudos to Aragorn for showing some real love and remorse; little girls always love their Daddy, and he has that delightful little girl, and yes, even BEFORE she can walk, little Luthiél will have marriage offers from just plain EVERYWHERE...

And I have this awful, terrible, wicked feeling that despite all Legolas has been through, rather like his recent escape from a bad place in another story I could mention(coughDarkLeafcough!) the worst is yet to come. The mage is nastily dead, though I MUST applaud at his ingenuity in taking Gilby with him, saves Aragorn or Legolas having to sully their hands tearing the man apart...and as above, short of killing Aragorn, Legolas AIN'T gonna be free... Ouch.

But among so many wonderful moments of darkness, there were some wonderful moments of bright, illustrative light, ones Aragorn could learn from: the kindness and consideration and hints of partnership between Regin and Clotild, and presumably Royd is a lot like HIS dad, and would make an equally good, caring hubby for Disa, who really does NOT need to go home to Daddy after living with and learning from the Most Independant "Woman" in All Gondor... (wry grin)

I think those two girls, AND Lanelese and her guy, AND Valda and Arnlaug, are all gonna be way, way happy - and Aragorn needs to observe and get a fricking CLUE. He also needs to remember that warrior MALE who stood by his side and defended his back, and parse that warrior with the little Queen on whom he now must break those promises he swore... and stop patronizing, and Legolas needs to -

Oh GOD, Legolas needs to cope... the poor baby! (SOB!) God, I hope little Luthiél is just as much Nana's little girl as she is Ada's... (sob, sob, sob...)

Well done. Well worth staying up til 4 AM; I blush for shame at having gone to bed at ten. (grin) I worship at your feet, O Goddess!

And I live in fear of the next chapter, when Legolas learns the truth...
Serena57 chapter 15 . 9/22/2002

I don't have words. At this moment my hands are trembling on the keyboard and I'm not sure if I can write much of anything... I'm trembling... in fear, in awe, in despair, sharing the pain of one who, indeed, has been betrayed in more ways than one and is close to loose everything, even hope. This chapter is the most emotional and frightening chapter yet in this story and I do not know whether to cry, to scream, to strangle you or to hug for having written it. I don't know how this will end, and even if you say this is far from over, I cannot find in myself the will to believe this will end well... for any of them. The only thing I am happy at this point is that Gilby is no more, but even the pleasure one would derive from Davyn's death is shadowed by the consequences of his demise. What happens now? What happens now when Legolas, who is in the brink of loosing everything that makes him _him_ is faced with yet another betrayal, unjust and unexpected as it may be?

The birth of a child should be the happiest day on someone's life. It should be something to be celebrated. Luthiél's birth, instead of being an occasion of bliss, has brought only more pain to Legolas, who is unable to accept it all, as we see when you write "He was not male, he was female, he was trapped and having a child that he would be forced to leave behind. He was doing something that his mind could not accept except for the fact that he had seen in the mirror the child’s head crowning from between his legs." He is on the verge of a breakdown and still he has one more pain added to his life...

Yet, in the end, he looks upon the child and counts her fingers... (typical behavior of any mother) but will he start to accept his fate? And how far will he accept it, if he does, until he begins to loose himself? He's already on the brink... This chapter scares me immensily because of that - the lost of one's identity. And what will happen if he finds out that Davyn is dead? What then? The only possibility of him ever returning to his male body died with him, or did it not? Aragorn's death is still a possibility and as much as the thought of Legolas sheathing a sword in Aragorn's gut amuses me, I do not want either Aragorn dead nor Legolas to suffer more than he has... which is more suffering that can be asked of anyone... Well, maybe they can choke the life out of Aragorn and then do some CPR... ;) He'd be dead, for a little time anyway... but he'd live again...

*sigh* I think I'll end this here. I know you must have this whole story planned out and you will find a way (or at least I hope you do before I am forced to chase you with a pitchfork) for this to end... hum... at least somewhat well... And at this point, I don't really know how _I_ would like this to end, so I cannot say anything. I fear for everyone one of them: for Legolas, for Aragorn, for Luthiél (who is blameless in all of this)...

I won't try to re-read what I wrote because I'm afraid I have written nothing important at all, since I am still feeling the aftereffects of having read such a poignant chapter, but I can say that you are one of my favorite authors in the whole of and this story has touched me deeply, for good and for bad, and seldom have I suffered as much while reading something. So, I can only congratulate you...


Ithildin chapter 15 . 9/22/2002
I was so happy to find another hcpater on the very same day I discovered this story.

Sauron: Now continue or else I'll eat you!