Reviews for After Our Ending
Dornesque chapter 1 . 3/3/2012
This deserves more reviews, seriously.

I love Aqua, she had one tragic fate, and I like how this is dealing with her in the Realm of Darkness and how she must feel. You just portrayed the despair and, also, all her feelings so well.

The dialogs you gave to Vanitas are amazing. That's a great idea to having him included this way.

Very great job, really! :)
Nova9ine chapter 1 . 9/3/2011
I don't know why there aren't more reviews for this, as this is without a doubt one of the most well-written KH pieces I've ever read.

First off, the words you use and the way you structure language is just... beautiful. I don't know how else to really explain it. It was poetic and just- flowed. There were no awkward spots, no stumbling moments. Everything just fit together really well. And not only that, but the language you used conveyed so much yet did it so concisely; there were no sentences that felt dragged on, no words that seemed out of place. I actually read it out loud (lol, I like to do that sometimes) and it literally sounded aesthetically pleasing to my ears, so you definitely did a good job in that sense. :)

Secondly, I am IN LOVE with your characterizations! I think you portrayed Aqua's inner conflict- the whole girl vs. warrior, heart vs. blade thing- perfectly, and that was really nice to see because, in a way, the way that the game presented it, I feel like Aqua sort of got the short end of the stick in terms of having her /personal/ story focused on. Not that she wasn't a kickass character anyway- it was just that her story seemed less her own and more of her being integrated into the context of the other plot lines, which is a shame because she had a crazy amount of potential. (Tbh, I think BBS as a whole didn't utilize it's potential as well as it could have, though that's a discussion for another time and place.) :D

As I was saying, though, I love that you focused on this aspect of Aqua's character and that you did it so eloquently- and who better to bring her struggle to light than Vanitas. AMAZING characterization. I can honestly say that I loved him in this, just because of how wonderfully /evil/ he is. He was snarky, spiteful, and completely unapologetic in terms of voicing his (sometimes) shockingly insightful opinions, which made him, I think, just as good of a juxtaposing antagonist for Aqua as he is for Ven. I don't know if you intended it or not, but my interpretation at the end was that he'd become a figment of Aqua's imagination- as sort of the embodiment of her own fears and doubts- so I thought that was really clever how you had that dialogue set up there.

The training scene with Eraqus was great, and I adore the way you wrote him... Your take on the Terra-Aqua interaction and on Aqua's feelings towards Terra, especially, are pretty much identical to the impressions I got from the game- before reading any BBS fanfics- so I really enjoyed reading this in that sense.

Long story short, I loved this to pieces and just wanted to say thank you for sharing such an incredible piece of fanfiction. It's rare to come across a oneshot as moving- and as stylistically beautiful- as this, so really, amazing, amazing job... You're very talented. I really don't read or review much, so this might be one big, giant rambling mess- and in that case, I apologize- but I just wanted to let you know why I enjoyed it. Definitely adding this to my favorites... Thanks again! :)
NoireInTokyo chapter 1 . 3/6/2011
I just have to let you know that this is a brilliant piece of writing. I haven't read many Birth By Sleep fics, mainly because they tend to skip ahead to the future of Kingdom Hearts or just don't deal with the ideas of the game itself, I don't think. But this is amazing; just the sort of thing I love to read. The game had a really unique atmosphere, and you've kept to it really well. The characterisation is spot-on - I especially love the dialogue of Eraqus and Vanitas. Your writing style is beautiful on top of all this; phrases like "felt the wind of a missed death"... this truly was a joy to read. Sorry to ramble on, but you deserve the praise. Thank you for such a great fic!
abcdefg chapter 1 . 2/22/2011
okay, this is ridiculously amazing. i love the non linear style of it and everything and just. wow.

not even lying, i think this is probably the best depiction of the terra-aqua dynamic i've ever seen. and i'm in love with your vanitas.

the imagery in this was awesome and the thing flowed with this beautiful rhythm that made it feel like i was halfway in a dream or something. everything about this was stunning. i actually don't really review all that much but i wanted to tell you how much i enjoyed reading this. hope you do more BBS stuff in the future! :)
Amulet Misty chapter 1 . 2/22/2011
Wow, now that was one epic fic. You wrote it really well and the storyline was so godo!
azurelegance chapter 1 . 2/21/2011
woah, woah, woah!

This is a different kh fic.

Like, no joke. I really like this. I don't even like Aqua that much either! You just made Kingdom Hearts darker in my mind. lol

Never thought Aqua would see Vanitas in the same way as Terra haha :)