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SassyAni chapter 51 . 3/13
Hey guys - this is a truly incredible story, and I have been following along with baited breath. Is there an update somewhere in the future? It's been six months, and I have come up with so many possible scenarios - but I know that you guys will do it best. Thank you so much for writing so much amazing fanfic!
Sreya chapter 1 . 3/2
Just read this over the weekend, and I'm just DYING to find out what happens next! I'm completely enamored and just live the detail and thought that has gone into this story. And there have been several scenes that made me think this should REALLY be filmed as a movie! I read through your bio and know things have been hectic, so I know it'll be a wait for anything new, but I really hope you continue this one. I can't wait to find out what happens in the rebellion against Zod, which certainly won't be pretty. And I'm just as eager to see how Lois and Kal-El move forward, especially now that she and Connor won't be hiding anymore. (And won't Perry be over the moon with the story now that all the humans are home and Lois is back in the open!)
raeraeying chapter 51 . 2/12
Glad you back and hope your real life is great! Can't wait to see the updates :)
Blackwolf from the Shadows chapter 51 . 2/2
This story is awesome I really hope you continue it!
ErikChristineLover712 chapter 4 . 1/29
Just started this and I LOVE it. (:
Guest chapter 51 . 1/24
GAH! I just marathoner this mother in like two days and it is so marvelous WHY DID IT HAVE TO STOP RIGHT THERE?!
Marcus S. Lazarus chapter 51 . 1/16
VERY intriguing, to say the least.
AUs are something I always enjoy when written properly, and this story immediately captured my interest as a concept, inverting Clark and Lois’s usual dynamic to make Lois the outsider and progressing from there in a fascinating manner.
The initial circumstances of Earth and Krypton’s first contact are tragically plausible- too many alien invasion movies and people get jumpy and fire without thinking- to say nothing of Zod’s subsequent ultimatum, and the first meeting between Lois and the House of El is well-handled, quickly establishing Jor-El as the emotionally withdrawn scientist with good intentions and Kal-El as possessing the natural inquisitiveness that made him so good in his chosen profession as Clark when he went to Earth.
Subsequent developments as Lois and Kal-El learn more about each other’s worlds are very interesting, Kal-El’s broad knowledge of Earth from accessed information lacking the cultural context to put it together properly while Lois’s own views are coloured by her limited knowledge and understanding of the wider universe she’s found herself in. On a broader scale, it’s fascinating to see how the two cultures come together, with Kryptonians becoming intrigued at Earth’s cultural treasures while Zod shows his true colours (As well as establishing the difference between this world and the worlds we know, Jor-El going along with Zod’s plans out of desperation and practicality where he canonically chose to recognise of how stagnant Krypton had become by focusing on saving what he could right then without compromising himself morally).
Your storyline continues to intrigue as things unfold and Lois and Kal-El learn more about each other while becoming unintentionally closer, Lois’s anti-Stockholm training useless when dealing with someone who actually means her no harm and Kal-El drawn to her raw potential even if he’s reluctant to ‘commit’ to anything despite his more relaxed social barriers (On that topic, nice touch with clarifying Krypton’s limitations at this point; technologically superior to us, but suffering a lack of the resources needed to actually use those resources).
The moment when Kal-El and Lois break down the boundaries is excellently handled, introduced ‘promptly’ enough to satisfy the reader while not so suddenly that the plot feels rushed (To say nothing of you providing an effective catalyst for it to happen), and the subsequent dynamics are handled well, each of them recognising how they feel but unwilling to admit it due to the cultural barriers until circumstances demand it.
The added twist of their separation and the consequences is also superb, forcing Lois to take on even greater responsibilities in particular while Kal-El remains ignorant of the major game-changer in the war, Lois’s post-Earth life being explored in an effective manner even as Kal-El begins the path that will take him to Earth.
His arrival in Kansas is perfectly handled, and you reasoning for the amnesia works perfectly, as well as it allowing the Kents to take on their traditional role thanks to a plausible chain of events while also giving him a chance to experience life on Earth on the inside rather than as a deliberate student, to say nothing of providing an explanation for how Kal-El develops powers where no other Kryptonian had done so yet (Although you should probably clarify that it’s unfiltered exposure to sunlight AND Earth’s atmosphere that gives him his powers; his status as a solar battery really helps the development of his powers make sense, in my view) before he reunites with his family.
Hope you haven’t abandoned this story; you have FAR too much potential to leave us hanging on such a cliffhanger, ranging from how the grandparents will react to what will happen if Zod learns what Kal-El can do on Earth…
cloismycel chapter 48 . 1/11
I hope you two are doing well! I just wanted to pop in and let you know that we're eager for more. :D ;) I hope you know, too, that FF has made it so you can't comment more than once on each chapter, so that kind of hinders the ability for us to keep reviewing/leaving comments (pleas, whatever you'd like to call them). I'm sure I'm not the only one who'd love to see more of this story!
cloismycel chapter 49 . 12/13/2013
It took me forever to figure out why I couldn't review (since I thought I hadn't on this chapter), but this is for post-Chapter 51!

It's been ages since I reviewed! Now that the school semester is winding down, I finally have more time. First, I'm sorry for both of your loss and I hope that you have felt consoled and renewed by each other (and the world's) love. Hopefully things aren't too crazy at work (although, I'm sure it is, given our consumer culture around Christmas) and that the looking into/move has gone okay. Of course I would love more and more of your story, but knowing you're committed is enough for me, and I'd rather you took a break to recuperate.

Now... about this story! Shoot. Could you have ended on a more tense note? I LOVED Kal-El's response to Sam. It was absolutely perfect. I love how his Kryptonian diction came back and his contractions disappeared (I also loved how Lois noticed all of them!). I'm really looking forward to seeing how General Lane handles this situation now that he doesn't have the upper hand (and, of course, I'm curious to see Lois' response to these quirks!).

I really enjoyed Kal-El's reaction to Connor and his pseudo-proposal. I love his awe and complete distraction by Connor. It seems completely fitting for him. I wonder when he's also realize that not only should he and Lois be married if they have a kid, but the actual act of *making a baby* is kind of frowned upon among his people. As you can see, I'm really curious to see more thoughts and reactions of everyone! I'm also really curious about what Lana is thinking when Kal-El appears, given her knowledge of Kryptonians and Kal-El (as Lois muses); it would be really neat to see. I'm looking forward to seeing the next "phase" and figuring out what's going on on New Krypton!
clarkfan325 chapter 51 . 10/10/2013
Great chapter. I can't wait to see what happens next with everyone.
A.Pevensie chapter 51 . 10/4/2013
I can't believe I've only just found this story! I love it :) - the AU, the characterizations, the way you've kept up the action, and set up the plot ... amazing. I love political intrigue, and this is wonderful - particularly because we still don't know how much everyone knows. And now that Kal-El is on Earth, the plot thickens! :) I am definitely looking forward to seeing where this goes next!
Guest chapter 51 . 9/28/2013
I hope that you and your family are able to hang in there.
This was an excellent come back. I know it must have been an effort to continue writing during your time of loss.

Thank you so much for bringing a bit of joy and excitement to my life. My work week has been pretty hectic!
fairyk86 chapter 51 . 9/25/2013
Glad u r back. The chapter was so awesome. Can't wait for what is to come. I also had a loss this year as well. Take one day at a time and push forward. Know they r smiling down. Prayers r with u.
V-rcingetorix chapter 51 . 9/25/2013
A little heavy on the emotional side, but definitely plausible, especially for a reunion.

Good work on the "meet-the-son-in-law" encounter. You managed to balance between an overbearing blaze of superpowers, and an overly-wrought denial. In other words, an excellent, simple situation that closely follows the personality of the established Superman canon.

Very well done.
reeven chapter 51 . 9/23/2013
I loooooooved it!
Omg this was one of the best chapters! thank you, thank you, thank you.
And again, im in love with your Kal-El
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