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Dragon Lord of Shadows chapter 17 . 7/8
What happens to Annabelle? Did she make it to the Pokemon center? Who was her trainer/mates name? I must know!
luiginaryworker553 chapter 5 . 5/31
The End chapter 23 . 5/29
Just found out "Prior" means before not after... So substitute "Prior to" with "After" in my previous comment.

The End chapter 23 . 5/29
This guy isn't writing an ending, soooooo...

Prior to chapter 23, the zoroark found daron, explained who was out to kill them, and daron left all pissed off about to kill his dad. Seth didn't know he left or why and was later confronted by the liberator, who in psychological warfare, incapacitated grace causing Seth to lose his shit and kill the liberator. The liberator, in his last words, repented for his sins. Seth took grace to the pokecenter and was happy to see grace feeling better. long and emotional distraught at Seth going beast mode and brutally murdering the liberator, grace was ok since she knew he was only looking out for her. LEMONS! Still no sign of daron, seth begins to worry till a well timed visit by the zoroark leads them to Mali and a pretty beaten to shit daron (unconscious). Seth and his dad face off while everyone else is cut off from the fight due to a stubborn Alakazam. Seth pins Mali with his own revolver but grace stops him from pulling the trigger. She explained that in doing so he would be just like his dad to kill him based on a grudge. Seth shoots Mali in both knees, delivers a quip, and ties mali to his chair, Seth then calls the police. Sending a handicapped and thoughtful Mali back to a prison cell. A dark figure approaches Mali. PRISON RAPE! (Revenge, bitch!) Months later, president of the region was caught having an affair with his glacion and was forced to lift the "trainer x Pokemon ban" law. Seth and grace adopt a raltz and live happily ever after.

Boom, resolvement, and a happy ending.

You're welcome fellow fanfic fans.

(To the author, I loved your story.)
A crying fan chapter 23 . 5/28

DON'T STOP ;~; This is one of the best storys I've read so far and it's left with so many things unanswered. IF YOU CAN SEE THIS PLEASE CONTINUE.
Does liberator confront Seth? Does the zoroark find daron? If so what happens when they do?


So much unanswered. So much potential. So long since you've last updated. I fear you've given up. Please don't. This story broadened my horizon, my overall outlook on life. It shows friends can be found in enemies. It shows love can be found regardless of indifferences. There's so much more and is over all a major player in my life, with so many abrupt endings to so many great fics, please don't end this one without a conclusion.

Please... ;~;
Tiffany chapter 23 . 3/27
I simply love this story so quickly write more!
wolf09 chapter 22 . 12/4/2016
Is there a sequel? This needs a sequel. I have come across few stories so detailed that I lose 24 hours of sleep reading and contemplating characters and development. This is obviously one of those few. I read through everything in one go, and I feel as though I can relate to Seth, for I too have had many bad experiences with father - I mean degenerate abominations who deserve to live in their own filth called life.
SavageBeasttheWerewolf chapter 23 . 11/12/2016
This was the first artwork I have read on this site, and since that, my favorite.
Yet I do not read it too often because for me it is hard to bear that the outstanding author of this outstanding story is most likely dead.
Let us face that fellows, even if it is painful, nightshadowdark is not with us anymore. The profile has been inactive for more than four years, yet the latest notes do not seem to have been written by someone who intended to stop what he was doing.
He did not answer my private messages, and I could not backtrack to him.
I think that is all. Appreciate what he could give us and keep him in our hearts.
With the best regards,
Why chapter 5 . 10/1/2016
What the fuck was that last scene?
Guest chapter 23 . 9/28/2016
I really hope you continue with this story very good I love to read your work and it's nice to see that you enjoy writing this I'll keep an eye out for anymore of your stories and will support you in any verbal not monetary(because I don't have much money) way I can have a nice day Sincerely_Dragon
EvilShrub chapter 12 . 4/13/2016
The story is going well so far..., I'll wait for the rest to conclude.
James chapter 23 . 4/6/2016
Lovely fic! I really enjoyed reading it and I hope you continue it one day.. It's kinda sad to see that it was updated back in 2012 but anyway, I'm looking forward to the rest of the story. You've done an awesome job!
Jantul153 chapter 20 . 3/5/2016
Please come back, please give us an answer. Please...

Look, you might now be a successful writer as you said you one day would in your bio. You might now be writing bestselling books or making music. But please, look back to where you started, one day you just left us without warning, and we hoped you would one day come back.

Its been more than a year since you left, why? Why would you leave a small community of people that loves your stories, why would you forget about where you started as a writer? Why?

If you're reading this, mr. nightshadowdark, please take your time to remember about us, about your stories, about the whole FF community, and please give us an answer why you left and forgotten about your masterpieces here. Please sir author, continue your stories and give them definite endings, or you could hand your account over to someone else worthy enough to have it

Just please, dont leave us hanging
Guest chapter 23 . 1/6/2016
continue the story. too big of a cliff hanger
Vixal chapter 23 . 9/8/2015
Can we please have more chapters?
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