Reviews for Manipulations
mirxu chapter 59 . 8/22
This chapter was so full of emotion from pain to tears (mine) to hope to happiness even. And I too love that Kaidans love letter has footnotes.
mirxu chapter 56 . 8/21
When you first mentioned Arashu in chapter 15 you painted a strong interesting picture and now Thanes story really opens it up and gives meaning to it. Well done.
mirxu chapter 52 . 8/21
Interesting to have Jacob scold Shepard. And flashback with Williams was sweet as it showed well what Shepard nd Alenko had.
mirxu chapter 41 . 8/17
Miranda kind of does come out as the very annoying but kind of lovable little sister in this chapter. Nice touch.
mirxu chapter 37 . 8/11
Never thought Dragon Age would turn in to a heaving bosom type novel, but it does it well indeed.
Now I'm wondering if lady Alessandra is also originating from some game and if so where can I find it?
Also loved who Garrus is trying to understand humans.
mirxu chapter 34 . 8/10
Whoa, Miranda paints quite a picture here.

BTW, I think that the way you show through the story how both Shepard and Alenko think about the same situations or reach conclusions is great. Just wanted you to know.
mirxu chapter 33 . 8/9
Shepard's insight of her team members is spot on and also shows that she truly cares for them to be able to see who they are. And Thanes insight on Shepard is also spot on and shows that he truly cares too.
mirxu chapter 30 . 8/9
Ah, Garrus and his trebuchet. It's so priceless. I love it.
mirxu chapter 21 . 8/2
Trust Anderson to be the one to get straight to the point and make Alenko see things in different light. And the picture you draw of the holo-moment on citadel is truly priceworthy as is Alenko trying to confess his feelings.
mirxu chapter 11 . 7/28
There really is no Shepard without Vakarian. And that's good. Also, I just love the fact that Garrus is into romance novels, somehow him trying to hide the book is always making my day better.
mirxu chapter 10 . 7/28
Poor Anderson. But on the other hand, he obviously was the better man for the job
mirxu chapter 8 . 7/27
There's something quite endearing in a way Alenko and Miranda fight over who's op it is. And it's hilarious too.
mirxu chapter 1 . 7/24
I found myself once again at start of this story even though I know it's not complete but I don't care as I will have so good time getting to where it ends.
I like these two first chapters really, as they give the tune for the story and also Shepard's and Alenko's personalities. And now I will curl up at corner of my sofa and enjoy.
Guest chapter 87 . 10/5/2019
This remains quite possibly my favorite Mass Effect fic of all time.
Ambaire chapter 1 . 6/1/2019
'Sue her'? How does that even make sense? What a dumb phrase to use.
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