Reviews for Bittersweet
PkmnTrainer chapter 1 . 11/19/2014
Oh my arceus, that was beautiful. I am legit crying right now
TazmaniaLizard chapter 1 . 9/16/2013
Every time I read this I cry T-T, It's so touching even though Mewtwo died his spirit stayed inside her mind 3. It's cute that they adopted kids, the whole thing is just so cute. I hope that you will do more of these two together. I would love to see Sabrina try to keep Mewtwo out of her mind trying to hide a secret from him, but unable to keep him out making her flustered and mad. I bet it will be so cute. You are a brilliant writer I hope you never stop. Peace
GoldenFoxAngel chapter 1 . 6/11/2011
WiseAbsol chapter 1 . 2/22/2011
First, Kaya, you're awesome for actually writing a one-shot for this couple, when most other people I nudge to do so just kind of laugh and go, "Um, no, not right now! [Translation: Never, you weirdo!]" Second, this is such a wonderful fic! Not what I was expecting, and definitely bittersweet, as the title connotes, but that didn't make it any less beautiful! Again, thank you!

In a vague way, I am reminded of "The Notebook" by Nicolas Sparks at the opening, though the stories are nothing alike, except in the respect that one of the lovers in looking back on their life with their partner while in a nursing home. It's of interest to me that Mewtwo seems to talk with Sabrina from the grave - considering they would let their minds merge, perhaps a part of him was left behind in her. Then again, it could be her memory of him speaking. There's a myth somewhere in Africa that we go through two deaths: our bodily death, and then our spiritual death when the last person who remembers us dies. Now obviously many people remember Mewtwo, so this doesn't quite apply here, but the device used in this is reminiscent of that concept.

I did enjoy the reference to a school for psychic children, the little story about the roses, and about their children. Brendan is a nod to your own work, I'm sure, and it amuses me - you would add that (smiles)! I love the way you describe their relationship, and the make-up sex after arguments. Their not being able to have children makes sense, though I know we both bend the rules to that at times. Still, a good choice for this fic, and adoption obviously worked out well for them!

I loved this part most of all:

"He was, after all, one of a kind. Literally. He had been born alone, and once, during a moment of weakness, he had confided his greatest fear; that he would die, alone and forgotten.

She had fallen in love with him then. Of course, then, she had worried and stalled. What if he didn't feel the same? What if- what if he was disgusted? He wasn't human after all. There was no reason he should find a human female desirable. What if they tried, and it didn't work, and it ruined their friendship? She hadn't thought she could survive without him, even as a friend, and so she had kept quiet.

Of course, he wasn't the most powerful psychic for nothing. She was strong, but he was so far beyond her, her shields were nothing. (Not that I tried to, love, but... You do tend to shout when you fuss at something. And they don't say 'curious as a cat' for nothing, after all.) She had been upset, a little, but in the end it was what she had wanted.

And she had been able to promise him, in a ceremony only they attended, that he would not be alone for the rest of her life."

Very romantic and beautiful. The firebird analogy later was a brilliant addition, I think, and her grief after his death was quite sad, but not overpowering. Isabelle sounds like a sweetheart, and then we reach the part about the stroke, which crippled Sabrina's psychic powers. Again, this is a brilliant addition. Oh, and how old is Carla, by the way? I have a friend named Carla, so I was somewhat inappropriately amused at that spot.

Mewtwo's ghostly that whole passage almost makes me want to cry with happiness for them. Sabrina being self-conscious makes me grin, and you add these little things, like about the fact that she thinks she should've drank more milk - quite funny! Then there's the cinnamon...the bit about her not getting to see Elaine grow up was somewhat sad, but just the way they talk to each other makes me happy. Oh, and I laughed at this bit:

"He grinned, and drew her into a kiss. Passion and memory mixed with taste and touch, and when they separated she was quite ready to go wherever he led, so long as it led somewhere flat and somewhat comfortable.

(Insatiable,) he murmured, and laughed, a deep rumble in his chest, like thunder.

"You love it," she replied."

Very cute and saucy! And then the sweet ending...d'awwwwwww! So much squeeing on my part over this! It's just so romantic! And yeah, the end notes are spot on. Again, thank you, Kaya! You rock! (Huggles.)

Looking forward to reading more from you! Good luck with Brenda!

With love,

RKC chapter 1 . 2/22/2011
You know, I was thinking about at least half of Wise Absol's stories while reading it. I was sad when I realized it was a one-shot, but it might be better this way (Although you can damn well bet I'd love to see their life together). Sabrina probably describes this one-shot best:

"Dream, hallucination, whatever it was she didn't want it to end"

And neither did I.
Moriko no Hikari chapter 1 . 2/22/2011
And now I am crying. But yet, I smile, too. Well written, as always.